Why Monsoon Is Considered As Season Of Romance

Monsoons are around the corner, rainy days, long hours in the bed, the smell of fresh grass, it’s definitely the time to fall in love! Every other romantic movie that was made had a romantic rain scene. Despite the mess after rain, the muddy water and humidity one can always look forward to the romantic season of monsoons. Talking about monsoon in India, all the couples look forward to spending some romantic time with their partners along with a cup of hot chai and pakoras by their side.


Here are a few ideas to do some romantic gestures for your bae. Surprise your girlfriend and plan some romantic outings during the rainy season. So here are a few fun and loving things you can do with your partner during monsoon in India.


  • Take A Long Stroll, Share One Umbrella :



Nothing is cozier than sharing an umbrella with the woman you love. Go for a walk with your bae, and carry only one umbrella! Sharing 2 straws in a drink, and one umbrella with someone, may sound too cheesy, but it can bring back the spark in your relationship and make you feel like you are back in your teens! Especially if it is with a woman you desire, you can spark up the chemistry between you two! So when it’s a monsoon in India, seize the opportunity to walk with your darling, hand in hand, sharing an umbrella.


  • Sleep In And Cuddle With Your Bae :



Stay back from work for a day, and instead sleep in and cuddle with your bae. When it’s Monsoon in India, it’s the perfect time to snuggle under the blanket with your partner. Hold her, hug her, and let her know how much you love her. You can even make breakfast in bed for her, to surprise her before she wakes up. You can spend all morning in your pajamas and snuggling into the blankets with cuddles and tickles.


  • Go On A Long Road Trip Together :



Walks are great! But so are long drives when it’s drizzling! Monsoon in India is the best time to take a quick road trip along with your bae. Play your favorite music on the car music systems, hum along. You can hold her hand at stop signs and even grab a quick peck on her cheek when you are not driving. Imagine driving slowly with raindrops on your windshield. You can stop somewhere and even watch the view with your love by your side.


  • Kiss, Hug, Netflix, and Chill :



Someone said that the “best kisses happen in Monsoons”. The monsoon is the best time to hold her hand in yours and kiss her. You can watch the movies together, or even better, Netflix and chill at home. Monsoons in India are the time to fall in love and be in love! If you want a romantic booster in your relationship, then you should plan some romantic dates at home for your bae. Studies reveal that women love being kissed in the rain, so make sure that during this monsoon, you find moments to pull her aside and give her a gentle kiss.


  • Plan An Intimate Candlelight Dinner :



It’s never a bad idea to plan an intimate dinner date with your girlfriend. Especially when it is a monsoon in India, you can do a romantic gesture to improve your relationship. When it’s raining heavily outside, you cannot plan many outdoor activities, so you can plan something indoors. Cook something delicious for her, and arrange for some wine. You can play dress up, and make it look like a formal date too. Dim the lights and put on some jazz music, you will see how the mood lights up!


  • Don’t Forget That Best Kisses Are In Monsoons :



Kissing the love of your life is good in every season, but there’s something extra special about kissing in the rain. Think about it, it’s pouring outside and you are making out with your girlfriend, or you are kissing her under the umbrella. Something about kissing during monsoon in India, that can bring you and your significant other close together. So next time it’s raining, don’t forget to grab the chance to get a romantic kiss with your bae.


  • Fool Around In the Rain With Her :



What better than a naughty rainy evening tucked in the sheets with your girlfriend? This monsoon in India is the perfect time to enjoy some hanky panky with the girl you love! Tickle her, joke around with her, and spend some time doing naughty things! While you are lazing back at home on a rainy monsoon day. It’s the season of love! So what else would you need other than the beautiful weather and a beautiful girl with you?


There are many things you can plan together to do with your bae during the monsoon in India. Don’t miss out the opportunity to bring her close to you and grab every chance to give her a hug and a kiss. It’s true that monsoons are the most romantic time to be with someone, but you can only make it possible if you plan something with your bae. It is considered the season of love, truly said, so make the most of it and let your relationship bloom with romance in this monsoon.


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