Why Do Men With Salt And Pepper Beard Look More Attractive?

Believe it or not, hairstyle and beard trends may come and go, but the salt and pepper look is a classic, whether it’s for hair or beard. From George Clooney to Milind Soman, actors from all over the globe are considered extremely desirable for their salt and pepper beard.

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Don’t you agree with that? Here we did some research and came up with the actual reason why men with salt and pepper beards look more attractive.

But before we start, we should first tell you about the classic salt and pepper look and why it’s called so. Also, in this article, we will also give you a few tips to take care of your salt and pepper beard at home. So keep reading to know all about the salt and pepper look.

Why Is It Called Salt And Pepper?

Salt and pepper generally refer to the blend of a person’s natural hair color along with a few grays. There was a time when people wanted to hide their gray hair. However, in the present-day and age, it has become a trend. It’s more popular to keep it graceful and embrace the look. Salt and pepper look also has changed the perception of gray hair into a new hot and classy look for men.

5 Reasons Men With Salt And Pepper Beard Look More Attractive :

According to women, there’s something distinguished and undeniably sexy about men with a gray beard. Women consider older men, as someone who ages to look more desirable. So what is that that makes a man who embraces his salt and pepper beard, attractive?? Here are the 5 reasons men with salt and pepper beard look more attractive.

1. You Feel Less Self-conscious About Ageing : 

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As common as women tend to hide their age, men don’t. A man rather prefers that he tells his age as it is. A man who embraces his age and the physical changes that come with age, like early grays, is considered to be a focused and confident man. Especially the salt and pepper beard look is currently big in trend. A man with a salt and beard implies he is not conscious about aging and rather embraces it with confidence and grace. 

2. You Look More Sophisticated And Confident : 

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Nothing attracts a woman more than a man who is confident in nature. Salt and pepper beard just adds up a little to that. Irrespective of the length or the style or the beard, gray hair can adapt, blend, and has a style of its own. Perhaps an example could help you understand that – George Clooney. Some men have grays early in their lifespan. But instead of covering it up, when you embrace it, it will make you appear rather more mature and sexy. 

3. It’s Fashionable And Trendy : 

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Gray is the new black!. That’s right, the salt and pepper look is fashionable and extremely trendy. From movies to tv shows, catwalks to billboards the salt and pepper look is everywhere. Movie stars and celebrities have confidently carried this look in their premiers and appearances.

However, this beard style is less famous among youngsters as compared to hairstyle. But having a salt and pepper beard any day will make you the most fashionable and well-groomed one in the room. Suits best for men in the age group between 30-40!

4. Women Love That Rugged Look : 

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There’s no denying that a salt and pepper beard can be rugged and a bit messy to look at. But at the same time, this is something that is found extremely attractive by women. Women find guys with salt and pepper beard sexy. Mark Ruffalo, Ben Affleck, David Beckham, and George Clooney are a few among many charming actors who have carried this look with great attitude and style. 

5. You Become The Best Version Of Yourself : 

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Nobody can deny the fact that most men get attractive with age. From Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, Dwayne johnson you can name anyone. They are a few famous stars who have gotten old gracefully. Don’t you agree? When a man embraces his true style and hairstyle with confidence it shows. And no woman can resist herself from a man like that who loves himself and carries his flaws with style.  

How To Take Care Of Salt And Pepper Beard?

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Frankly, not everyone is blessed with the salt and pepper hair. However, some people with salt and pepper hair may not agree with us. So let’s talk about if you have a salt and pepper beard how you can take care of it. And how to confidently love and embrace the look. But if it’s not taken care of properly, it can rather look unkempt and messy. Here are a few tips you need to consider while taking care of your salt and pepper look. 

  • Let It Grow Naturally: Be patient! Salt & pepper beard comes naturally. So the best way is to let nature take its course and turn gray naturally. Getting grey hair depends on how your lifestyle is and secondly and most importantly depends on each individual’s hereditary. However, premature graying is a different situation that is not common for most men. 
  • Maintain Your Beard Regularly: Once your hair starts to turn gray on your face, you need to take care of them. Gray hair needs as much maintenance as your black hair. First, you need to wash your beard regularly with an alcohol-free and sulfate-free beard wash. After that, comb your beard nicely and apply a little amount of beard oil to give it a shine.
  • Avoid Plucking Your Gray Hair: A few people have the tendency to pluck the gray hair. Never do that. However, it is said that plucking gray hair on your head can lead to more grays on your head. But plucking grey beard hair may lead to pimples, zits, and eschars. Make sure you keep trimming the edges of the hair more often. Trimming helps you to grow your beard evenly and gives it a nice volume and shape.
  • Find The Right Beard Style: Keeping the right beard style will help you to enhance the look of your salt and pepper beard. Because a beard style with no gray hair may look different on you from that with gray hair. So how to find the right beard style for your face? Here are some of the best beard styles for Men – Teen, Adult & Mid-Age.
  • Don’t Bleach Or Dye To Get A Salt And Pepper Beard Look: Anything is possible today. So is to get a salt and pepper beard. Like you bleach or dye your hair at the salon, you can do the same to your beard too. But of course, the result won’t be the same as the natural one. We would not suggest getting your beard bleached or dyed, rather be patient and let it turn gray naturally.

Does Salt And Pepper Beard Look Good On Everyone?

Frankly, the answer is ‘No’. This particular beard style certainly requires a few things, like age, confidence, maturity, personality, etc. Can you imagine a youngster with salt and pepper beard? No, right? Because this beard style is not meant for guys. Only a man can carry this look confidently. This beard suits the best for men over age 40. Doesn’t matter how fair or dark you are, if you have the right confidence you can pull this off. 

Best Salt And Pepper Beard Styles :

The Bottom Line: 

This is everything you need to know about Fashioning a salt and pepper beard look. So if you are too worried about your gray hair or grays in your beard. Then we hope that this should put rest to your mind. Because in 2020 salt and pepper look is considered a hot and extremely desirable look for men. So next time before you think about dyeing your hair, try embracing it as it is and it will become a trendy style for a confident man. 

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