What Is Zumba And The Benefits Of Zumba?

Before telling you what is Zumba, let us ask, do you feel working out is boring? We can not totally disagree with it, to be honest. But if you feel that those dumbbells, treadmills, push-ups are not your cup of tea but you still want to lose weight or stay in shape, most importantly stay fit, then Zumba is for you.


So in the most simple terms, Zumba is nothing but a constant dancing session cum exercise for an hour straight or more. Let’s understand what is Zumba and what are the benefits of it.

What Is Zumba?


Zumba is a fitness program that is based and inspired by Latin dance. The beats on which you will dance for hours and hours and sweat out are originally Latin American beats. Why these beats? Because they are groovy and they have an amazing continuity on which one can easily dance on and on. If you want literal meaning of the word ‘Zumba’ it means ‘Move fast and have fun’. That is it simply.

Using the Latin upbeat music in the Zumba session you can do much cardiovascular exercise than you could have in a gym. And no dumbbells or push-ups, or even hard counting while planking. Just easy to flow dance steps and discipline.

A typical Zumba session almost lasts up to an hour and it can go on more. It is a mix of cardio and resistance training. Zumba sessions last longer and burn more calories than your gym. It includes dance formats like Salsa, Reggae, mambo, rumba, flamenco and many more. But ultimately it is extremely fun.

Have you ever thought that there’s such a fun way exists to keep in shape and boost your fitness? If not, then after knowing the benefits of Zumba you will be convinced to join a class.

So considering you know what is Zumba now, let’s move onto the benefit of Zumba. Get ready to get your mind blown.

What Are The Benefits Of Doing Zumba?

1. It Is A Full Body Workout :


In the gym, you remember how you need to chalk your chest days and leg days separately? Well, no more. Zumba is a full-body workout. You will not need to separately work out each part of your body. Zumba session and its Salsa oriented moves will make you undergo a full-body workout. From your arms, shoulders to your feet, Zumba includes every body part of you in the game.

Also, there are no breaks. It is a nonstop activity. You can’t stop in between. Which makes it challenging as well as fun. As long as you are grooving to the music, you are exercising. Sounds like a disco? Just cut alcohol and a bad hangover. This means, only productive part of the disco is Zumba.

2. Burn Fat, Extra Fat :


You already know how fat is not good for your body. What Zumba does is burning your energy in a constant and good way and create a caloric deficit. Once there’s a caloric deficit, automatically your fats will be burnt to produce energy to dance further.

In a 40 minutes proper Zumba session you almost burn up to 400 calories. That is equivalent to a work out session in the gym, just without torturing your mind. You get the same high, in a better way. You actually enjoy the process of calorie burning instead of hating it. Zumba offers a 9.5 calorie-burning rate pet minute. Crazy enough?

3. You Build Endurance :


Since you need to groove to the music beats, you will build endurance in your body unknowingly. Endurance will lead to a decrease in the chances of heart attack and most of the heart-related problems. The blood pressure won’t shoot up easily if you are working a little hard since Zumba is already making you endure so much, it becomes a piece of cake to your body. So you build endurance with Zumba.

4. It’s The Best Cardio You Can Do :


In the gym or even in home work out sessions, the cardio you do include a lot of running, jumping jacks, skipping, and more. But in Zumba, you just move your body in the flow of beats. It helps you to increase your aerobic capacity in the body.

Aerobic capacity is a direct measure of your cardiovascular fitness. Since your entire body is on a wave, and each part of your body is actively burning energy, your cardiovascular health improves better than your gym session.

5. It Improves Blood Pressure :


Working out, in general, improves blood pressure. So while you are doing Zumba, you automatically improve your blood pressure. Since your body is mot overweight, and there are not many bad elements in your body to affect your blood pressure, it settles into the normal zone.

A study has effectively proved that people who do Zumba has improved blood pressure than others. Since you are maintaining a good cardiovascular activity, your blood pressure automatically gets better.

6. Improve The Quality Of Life :


People who are into depression or mental health issues will also get help from Zumba. Firstly, one-hour nonstop dancing is no less than meditating. Your mind is focused and your body is in a rhythm.

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Secondly, when you enter the Zumba session you are not alone. You do it with more people who will likely to become your friends. And hence, friends will improve your social life.

Already your health is getting benefitted, that is no new story to tell.

It is a group workout, so you will be enjoying it thoroughly, and enjoyment will lead to the feel of fulfillment and happiness.

7. Improve The Pain Bearing Capacity :

If you indulge in Zumba, high chances you will improve your pain bearing capacity. Simply means, your resistance towards pain will improve a lot. Pain severity will decrease and it is definitely pointing to add to the benefits of Zumba.

8. Socialize :


If you ever thought you are not capable of socializing, join a Zumba class and you will not regret. It is a great way to make friends.

Of course, a first few days will be harassing as you will bump into peo3and you won’t like it. But slowly you will get comfortable, and you will make so many, friends.

These were the major benefits of Zumba. They all will help you to shape your body and improve your fitness level. So if you thought gym and workout is not your cup of tea, you should definitely try Zumba. Move fast & have fun.

Do Men Do Zumba?

Of course, they do. It should be admitted that men prefer working out in a gym more and Zumba is a women-dominated zone, but definitely a man can do Zumba and in fact loads of men actually Zumba to stay fit. You will not need a trainer always. Just learn it from the trainer and later you will be able to do a session at home.

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