What Are Smart Shoes And How Do They Work?

In recent years our wearables have turned really smart. If you look just a decade back, a phone with a decent camera was a big deal, and now phones do have quad-cameras, hence tech world is evolving rapidly. Now, we have smart-watches which is capable of accessing and controlling your smartphone from the wrist, pretty much. But, here comes the smart-shoes, which makes it one step ahead. What are smart shoes?


The concept of smart shoes started with very limited objectives, to track the fitness peripheral stuff (Steps, calorie burn). But, the actual concept behind a smart shoe is pretty massive and revolutionary. We will unveil that part in the latter half of this article. Let’s understand, what are smart shoes at first.

What Are Smart Shoes?

A few years back did you ever think of a shoe that can efficiently track your movements, and also evaluate the footsteps? As well as a shoe is evaluating your walking patterns and loads of other health metrics just while you are wearing it and performing your day to day activities?

Well, smart shoes are here, and these all are happening very much normally and efficiently. Smart Shoes came with the sole agenda of giving you a better grip over your health monitoring process.

A smart shoe has a tracker in it which helps you to evaluate how many steps you have taken, which one is the most touched-down area in your feet, how many calories did you burn, how much more you should burn in a day. Also, a smart shoe has features like changing its color with LED strip lights, auto-tightening the shoelaces and more.

A smart shoe is pretty much capable of providing you all the needful health metrics so that you can keep a tab and improve your health. It’s very impressive how technology is actually helping the mass to improve their health, in a world where it is debatable whether this rapid evolution of technology is beneficial or not.

If you ever wondered what are smart shoes? They are the new age wearable smart gadgets that you can wear as a shoe and keep a track of all the major health metrics in today’s time. Remember we mentioned ‘today’s time’ because it has a broader purpose to serve.

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How Do Smart Shoes Work?


After you have a clear idea about what are smart shoes, let’s dig into how exactly do they work.

Smart Shoes has loads of sensors inbuilt, including gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, ambient environmental sensors, atmospheric pressure sensors, and much more.

All these sensors together provide you a detailed evaluation of:

  • How many steps you are taking
  • At how many intervals
  • For how long
  • How much calories you have burnt
  • And how much is left
  • What is the temperature in the shoes
  • What are your pressure points in feet
  • What is the status of your fatigue
  • What is your location on the map
  • What is your pace
  • What about the stride
  • Are you following your correct posture?
  • What is your weight?

The list is pretty huge. And so are the benefits. A smart shoe works with all the sensors, its storage, and transmitting system so that you can see a detailed analysis of your smartphone. And that is revolutionary, as it is just the first step. Yes, the smart shoes we are having currently are just the first wave of the gadget. It has a lot more noble causes to serve. With a more advanced version of these smart gadgets.

As of now,


The smart-shoes work in such way:

  • Internal magnetic measurement units are combined with accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer does the most important job of evaluating the step patterns and posture-related stuff.
  • Global Positioning System is used to locate your steps on the map, also measure the distances, and keep a track record.
  • There are dedicated pressure sensors which will tell you if your body weight is well distributed, or not.
  • The atmospheric pressure sensors will tell you the environment within the shoes. What is the fatigue level, and What the temperature inside.
  • Also, there are sensors to tell you about the battery percentage and memory status.

This is how a current smart shoe generally work. Before we move on to the mission and vision of this revolutionary gadget, let’s get to know about the top 5 smart shoes available in the market in 2020.

Best 5 Smart Shoes Available In 2020 :

There are leading brands like Nike as well as tech-pioneers like Xiaomi. We have chalked out the top 5 in the market now.

1. Nike Hyper-adapt 1.0


Nike is very well known for its superb shoes, and even in the ‘smart shoes’ section, they have embarked on the journey. Nike Hyperactive 1.0 is a self-lacing shoe, which makes it cooler immediately. It serves the purpose of auto-lacing up by using algorithmic pressure equation tech. And that is all it is capable of.

2. HOVR Phantom


HOVR has a proper smart shoe that helps you to figure out your pace, step tracker, and other essentials that are required to monitor your fitness, unlike Nike. The app which it runs on is named Map My Run is compatible with both iOS and Android.

3. Digitsole


This shoe also has auto-lacing and temperature control along with all the other features a current smart shoe should possess. It is a much better buy than Nike. It runs on Bluetooth 4.0 and it is capable of sending precise data to your smartphone.

4. Altra Torin IQ


This one serves uniquely. While all the other shoes in the list depend on either left foot or right, this one sends you precise data of both the feet, separately. So this one provides with many accurate data, you can say. It runs on the iFit app on smartphones.

5. Xiaomi MiJia Smart Shoes


Xiaomi smart shoes are very popular, because they are way more convenient than the others, and priced very much aggressively. Xiaomi MiJia smart shoe comes with a box packing where the shoes and the tracker come separately. You need to open one sole and slide the tracker in after connecting it with the app. This will tell you about your steps, pace, and much more.

These were the top 5 smart shoes available in the market. Now before we talk about the future of smart shoes, let’s discuss one more important point- how much do they cost?

How Much Do Smart Shoes Cost?

Well, Nike costs you around $350 just to provide you with an auto-lacing and LED light strip on the shoe, whereas a Xiaomi MiJia cost you less than 3K. So it really depends on which one you would like to pick.

Now, when we are done with the current smart shoe scenario, let’s talk about the future of smart shoes and what are the noble causes it can serve in the very recent future?

Future Of Smart Shoes :


Smart Shoes can have GPS and Haptic feedback system, along with sensors which will sense obstacles at all directions and notify the person with haptic feedback.

If you are walking somewhere, and you don’t want to keep a check on your phone’s screen or smartwatch as it distracts you from the road, these types of smart shoes can really help you. Suppose you need to turn right, and your right foot vibrates and informs you that you need to take a right, same for the left.

For visually impaired persons, it can sense obstacles in front, or in multi-direction and inform the person. It will be revolutionary.

Smart Shoes are just in phase one. And in the recent future, they all are going to be superbly amazing serving a lot of purpose in our day to day lives.

Also, you can track your loved one, your kids who are wearing these shoes with the help of GPS. There are a lot of smart things are smart shoes can do, it is just a matter of time.

So now you have a detailed idea about what are smart shoes, how are they priced, what are their features and most importantly, how they are going to help so much in the near future. Tech world changes rapidly, fasten your seat belts! (Until that becomes automatic too!)


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