What Is Pornstache & Reasons You Must Try It In 2022

If you are wondering what exactly is a “Pornstache”, then we’re here to tell you. If someone has a mustache that is more sleazy and predatory to look at, it is called a pornstache. You can find many forms and styles, however, a thick heavy mustache with elongated ends is the most common type. As the name suggests, the term “pornstache”, is the combination of two words, ‘porn’ and ‘stache’

Pornstache – A Brief History

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One of the hottest sensations from the 1970s and 80s is this style of beard, Pornstache later fell out of fashion. However, it was still strongly favored by some peers in the porn industry. They strongly believed that the pornstache reinforced masculinity, and was known to be a symbol of sexual verve.

This style also indicates that the wearer is not in current fashion and is making a statement. When young men sport this mustache, it also becomes an ironic statement. The term was also used in a slightly derogatory manner. As it is not a popular term and can quite often be seen used in a mocking way. 

Pornstache Resonates A Dapper Quality

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Back in 2013, pornstache was a pop-culture term! That came from the then-popular Netflix show “ Orange Is The New Black”. In the show the pornstache was sported by Pablo Schreiber. The pornstache is typically a handlebar mustache, that has a spiral twist on either side.

You can easily give off the vibe of an “angry young man” If done right, the pornstache can add a fashionable vibe to your persona. It can instantly add a lot of character to your look. And if you want to redefine your Fashion statement then we suggest you do it right away!

Q. How Do You Grow A Pornstache?

Are you dreaming of twirling the ends of your perfect pornstache but not sure how to achieve it? The answer is – just let it grow; until your strands come down below your lip as you eat. This is the ideal length for you. However, make sure to keep a mustache comb handy.

Use the comb at least once a day and invest in a beard wax to maintain your beard hygiene. Post shower, when the mooch is still a little damp, apply a fingertip-amount of wax to either of the edges. Later follow up with the help of a comb, to spread it across like wildfire.

10 Reasons Why You Should Try The Pornstache :

1. It Makes A Fashionable Statement

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If you want to rethink your fashion game, you should definitely try the pornstache, even if it’s just one time. Hollywood celebrities like Henry Cavill, James Franco, Brad Pitt, and Chris Evans have tried and flaunted this particular style. The Pornstache has a contemporary hint along with a note of traditional sensibility. If you are heading towards a party, the pornstache is a unique style of beard that can give you a voguish appearance that goes with your stylish outfit.

2. It Looks Great With Salt & Pepper look

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Men with beards look dapper. And add a salt and pepper look to the Pornstache and you will amp up your game even more. Flaunt your greys in a pornstache and steal all the limelight. Ever since the mid ’80s, men in the entertainment industry used to keep moustaches like these. It quickly became a rage among men and was quite popular. However the latest twist with the salt & pepper look is the new way to style this trend. 

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3. It is More Versatile Style Of Beard

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While the trend was then taken over by clean shaved men and then fuller beards back in the day. The pornstache has become a trend that keeps coming back every few years. And looks like it’s now back again and is here to stay. And if you are considering a new beard style, we recommend you give this a go. Your pornstache beard will add a statement to your dapper style as it can be a versatile beard that goes with any outfit. 

4. This May Become Your Signature Beard Style

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Most men try to find a signature style for their facial hair that suits them the best. If you are unsure of which beard will fit best for your face shape then try the pornstache. Once you try this beard style you will see how it suits you well. One reason why you might not have your signature beard style yet, is because you haven’t tried many styles. If you are bold enough you could try the Pornstache and see if it suits you. If it doesn’t you can always trim off the edges.

5. It’s Easy To Maintain

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Pornstache does not require all that effort as one may think. In fact, it is rather easy to grow and maintain. Besides, while most men may choose a handlebar, you can polish your look through this style. The best part is that if you don’t like the way it looks on your face, you can always shave it off.

6. Gives A Formal Look

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Be it a luncheon or a date night, it will surely add to your fashion quotient. Along with a classy blazer or a suit, feature this beard style and it is sure to grab all the attention. Opt for versatile styling and keep it more dandy that can complement your pornstache beard style. .

7. It Can Be A Conversation Starter

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If you want to speak a style language that resonates masculine and classy, you must try flaunting the pornstache. It will act as a perfect conversation starter and will let people applaud you for your unique choice of grooming. The pornstache will flatter your appearance and radiate some trendy vibes. Your pornstache will become popular among your group. So flaunt your style with modish vibes that adds a distinct look to your personality.

8. It Has A Manly Appearance

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The pornstache, contrary to it’s popular belief, can have a warm and welcoming vibe. As it is a popular choice of moustache among older men it can resonate a more manly look. When done right, with absence of other facial hair, the pornstache can complement your facial features. It has a thick and heavy style with more elongated ends, due to this it can give your jaw a more broad shape. 

9. It’s A Celebrity Favorite

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As mentioned above, a lot of celebrities have tried the Pornstache. Whether it’s just for a movie role, or for an ad campaign, many male celebrities have sported the pornstache. And since influencers and celebrities are trend setters, we look upto them for style direction. If you think a certain celebrity has facial features similar to yours, then you can presume how the pornstache will look on you. 

10. It’s A Clear Style Statement

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If you are not much of a Fashion enthusiast, you can do something interesting by having a statement moustache. The pornstache has a distinct style and will grab all the attention. Even by dressing in a simple and plain manner you can look fashionable in an effortless manner. This is just the style of beard for those who don’t fancy wearing too many layers or experimenting with their looks. 

Q. How Do You Maintain Your Pornstache?

The right pair of tools can determine how your pornstache looks. If you fail to groom it in the right way it can just end up looking messy. The pornstache requires proper care, just as any beard or moustache style does. Let’s get right onto how to maintain your Pornstache, along with a few things you need. 

  • Trim & Shape Regularly: Grooming your beard & mustache is mandatory to maintain your pornstache. Similar to any other beard, without proper grooming it can look messy. Men’s beard grooming has become popular over the past few years. Maintaining the pornstache is like revisiting your craft class at school. Maintain consistency with a frequent trim using a trimmer and turn to occasional shaping with a multi-blade razor. Don’t skip the neckline.
  • Wash Your Moustache: Apart from the regular trims, it’s important to wash your beard. You can look for a beard shampoo or even a natural men’s shampoo for your beard. Wash your beard regularly as it can get unhygienic without proper care. Ensure to dedicate your time to beard wash & care at least 2-3 times a week.
  • Keep It Hydrated: Another important way to maintain your beard is by keeping it soft and shiny. To keep it soft you can condition it regularly or use a beard oil. You can find many products in the market that are dedicated to beard care. Look for the one that best suits your needs and make it a part of your everyday routine. 

In An Age Of Trends Go For The Classic Style Of Beard 

With so many ongoing trends all around, why not go for something more classic? Trying something new will not only give you confidence but help you venture into new things and experiment more with your appearances. Grooming oneself has become an important task nowadays. As we groom every day, grooming your beard is also another thing to add to your daily routine. So don’t shy away from trying something new and experiment with this bold style of beard and add some character to your facial hair. 

Styling a pornstache may seem to be a strenuous task, but it is easier than you may assume. All you need is the right pair of tools to groom it right and you can sit back and relax as the compliments flow in. Flaunt the pornstache today and we guarantee you will grab all the eyeballs in the room. 

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