What Is Loungewear? 7 Loungewear Ideas For Indian Men

Accept it or not, recently we have adopted a lot of changes in our lifestyle due to the Covid-19 pandemic. And one of the major changes in our lifestyle is We Stay At Home more than ever before. Due to which we are often opting for Loungewear(what we wear at home) as opposed to our outdoorsy clothes. But staying at home doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear boring old worn-out clothes every day. Here are the 7 best loungewear ideas for Indian men.


Before we get into it, first let’s understand what Loungewear is and how it’s different from sleepwear.

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What Is Loungewear?


Loungewear is defined as comfortable, loose-fitted casual clothes that are suitable for relaxing and laying around at home or any cozy setting. Basically, it falls somewhere between athleisure and sleepwear. It is meant to be the middle ground that many seek to escape the regular tight fit clothes like office wear or jeans and what one would go to bed in (whether pajamas or even just a boxer). 

Some of us may make the mistake of confusing it with ‘Sleepwear’, but loungewear is not something that we wear while going to bed.

5 Fashionable Loungewear Ideas For Indian Men :

1. Shorts With T-shirt :

Due to the warm weather in most parts, shorts are considered to be the most worn Loungewear in India. And when it comes down to fabric, cotton or linen ones are the best of all. As they are very comfortable, breathable, and don’t make you sweat, especially during summers. You can pair up your shorts with a basic half-sleeve or full-sleeve(in winter) t-shirt.

But make sure the t-shirt has a comfort-fit as it will give your body enough room to move freely. In case you don’t find a comfortable fit, go for a larger size. But this is probably the best option of loungewear ideas for Indian men.

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There are different types, materials, and prints of shorts and t-shirts available on the market. But we would recommend you to keep it simple and basic as much as possible as you are going to wear them daily.

2. Shorts With Comfy Tank Tops :

Well, if you have already made your mind for shorts, let us tell you one more way you can pair up your shorts. They are the comfy tank tops. When it comes to loungewear ideas for Indian men, we must consider the weather type. Opting for something airy is the right way to go. However, instead of a tank, you can also wear a sleeveless t-shirt. Either of them works the same way. They don’t sweat you up at all. As there’s plenty of open spaces for air. 

Today you get a lot of variations of tanks available in the stores. And all of them are super cool and trendy. Either you can go for some neutral colors or vivid colors with cool graphic prints. It’s totally up to you.

3. Pyjamas Or Pajamas :

Have something a little more sophisticated in mind? Long sleeves, piping detail, pure cotton, and collared button-up top. When we think of pajamas, these are a few things that pop into our heads. Pajamas are very comfortable and are considered to be the best sleepwear. Especially for men and not youngsters. However, they preferred loungewear too. 

Today we have different variations that look quite different from the classic “pajamas”. But still, they do the same that the traditional ones do. It’s a classy option of loungewear ideas for Indian men. We’re talking about less collars, more crew necks, an absence of buttons, in favor of overhead designs, and more stretch for increased comfort.

4. Athleisure Co-ords :

The concept of athleisure is further broken down as merging two types of clothing, loungewear and casual wear. This means you can go out wearing the same clothes you slept in last night. And no one would give you a weird look! That’s because this look is the most outdoorsy look of all the above loungewear ideas for Indian men. These co-ords usually consist of a classic hoodie and joggers.

However, you can pair up your joggers with a sweatshirt or a woolen hoodie jacket during winters. For summer you can buy cotton joggers and hoodies so it’s not as hot. They would look perfectly comfortable and fashionable at the same time. 

Also, there are a lot of ways you can accessorize your athleisure look. While you are going out wear a pair of cool sneakers, a fanny pack, and put your shades on. That’s it. It can easily pass as a casual outfit. 

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5. Boxer Shorts :

Probably the most comfortable one you can wear at home. These are made of cotton and have a rather loose fit that helps you to stay relaxed and sweat-free all day. It’s the most preferable option among the loungewear ideas for Indian men. You can wear a basic cotton t-shirt or a tank with it. While going out just put your trousers or jeans over it. And you are good to go out. 

Usually, boxers come in different prints and checks but if you wanna go for a clean look buy a pair of solid, neutral boxers and pair it with solid tees.

6. Dressing Gown :

Not a typical option for loungewear ideas for Indian men. Dressing gowns are the perfect post-shower clothing to put on and are a comfortable loungewear option. However, it’s not very common among Indian men but if you are willing to try something new, then it’s a good option. Most quality gowns come with pockets and a belt for secure fastening and giving back shape, as well as a definitive shawl collar. They are airy and hasslefree!

Cotton jersey is the most versatile one giving more comfort and quality, while a flannel-cotton blend will give some extra warmth in winter. 

7. Slippers :


Last but definitely not least is a pair of nice slippers. Your loungewear won’t be complete without the perfect slippers. From woven leather, faux leather to cotton slippers, there are a whole variety of slip-ons available on the market. But make sure, whatever you are picking has a cushion or soft soal base that you can wear them without hurting your feet.

These are a few of our recommended loungewear that every man could opt for, rather than wearing nightwear all day! Got some important calls to take? Throw on a good looking loungewear set and you are good to go. They are sophisticated, comfortable, and airy for loungewear ideas for Indian men.

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