What Kind Of Earrings Men Should Wear

Whether you like it or not, men’s earrings are about to become a serious fashion trend. From the runaway to celebrities, earrings have become a trend that most stylish men and adorning. Trends like these are going to come down the catwalk to influence your style. So here are a few earrings men should wear. 


Wearing earrings, might not sound like the manliest thing to many. But despite the taboo, earrings are now more acceptable for men’s accessories. Earrings are among the practical piercings among men’s jewelry. Most men try to avoid accessories as they misjudged them for being feminine. However, a stylish man must never fear from accessorizing. There are few types of earrings which are predominantly for men, like tie-bars and cufflinks.

When You Should And Shouldn’t Wear Earrings?


Before understanding the earrings men should wear, first, let’s begin with when to wear earrings as an accessory and when you should not. This also depends on the style. For example, a stud is the easiest choice for earrings men should wear, and they look good with most outfits. Then can act as a statement piece and enhance the entire outfit.

However, something like a hoop might not suit every situation. It is more suitable for casual occasions that can be teamed along with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Small studs can be worn even for formal occasions. 

Earrings are an accessory, and like other accessories, there are some times that it is best to avoid them. For instance, it’s not appropriate to fashion a pair of earrings for an interview, or during prayer, as it may come across as too casual. Earrings in gold or silver also may attract unwanted attention.

The same way as a loud and exaggerated belt buckle can make your whole outfit look less formal. No matter how sharp your outfit may look, the wrong accessory can spoil it. So here’s the guide for different earrings men should wear according to their skin tone and face shape. 

Matching Earrings For Men With Different Skintone And Face Shape :

If you don’t wear the right earrings men should wear, then rather than showing personality, you can come across like a teenage rebel. If you are a man who wants to be on style and follow trends, then here are a few tips to wear men’s earrings that complement your look without stealing the focus from your attire. 

1. For Different Skintone :

Not just for women, even earrings men should wear should match your skin tone. Your skin tone might not complement a few colors, it can clash and draw unnecessary attention to you. 

  • Fair Skin Tone: If you have fair skin tone, then silver or while gold can look great on your skin. Avoid colors like rose gold as it can come across as feminine, and brings out the pink in your skin.
  • Pale Skin Tone: Is your skin fair but pale, then stay away from yellow golds and stick to white or silver. 
  • Olive Skin Tone: If you have olive skin, then consider yourself lucky. As pretty much any color looks good on olive skin tone. 
  • Dark Skin Tone: White and silvers don’t look great on dark skin tone. However yellow gold looks vibrant and eye-catching on dark skin tones. However, you can stick to dark stones too. 

2. For Different Face Shape :

Now that you know earrings men should wear according to their skin tone. Your face shape has an important role in earring selection for men. Let’s briefly understand the best suitable earrings for these face shapes. 

  • Round Face: When you already have a round face, then round earrings can exaggerate it more. So opt for square earrings.
  • Oblong Face: If you have an oblong face, then you can opt for round earrings as it goes perfectly with the face shape.
  • Square Face: Having a square face can make it complicated to find the perfect earrings men should wear. You can opt for round or curved earrings.
  • Heart-Shaped Face: Do you have a heart-shaped face? Then you can go for straight earrings with fewer curves to accentuate your face shape 

3. Other Factors :

Apart from the other mentioned factors here are some other things that need to be considered before going for the piercing itself, like the location, how to get it done, age and personal style.

  • Personal Style: Before getting a piercing for earring done, think about it. Is it really your style? We all have different styles, only if you have the confidence to be able to carry it well, you should get your ears pierced. 
  • Men’s Ear Piercing: Considering the piercing itself, don’t go down to a shady back-alley tattoo parlor. As it can get infected if the tools are not properly cleaned. Always go for recommendations and places with good reviews. 
  • Age: For most people age can be a determining factor. However, if you have the style and confidence to carry the studs, then age doesn’t matter. 

Best 7 Types Of Earrings For Men :

So let’s dive right into earrings men should wear. This will help you understand the options better before finding the right pair of earrings for your personality. While these styles can be mixed and matched based on the occasion. You can still keep an eye out for some stylish earrings. 


1. Stud Earrings: The basic type of earrings men should wear, starts with Stud earrings. When you just started wearing earrings, studs are the best way to go. A simple stud is what you’ll get pierced when you are getting a gunshot piercing.


2. Hoop Earrings: After studs, the more adventurous option for earrings men should wear, are hoops. As opposed to a simple stud, but they’re also the comfortable option. And can come across as very stylish.


3. Magnetic Earrings: If you just want to experiment without having to actually get your ears pierced. Then Magnetic earrings are perfect for you. They can be taken off easily as they are put on and leave no visible marks. 


4. Clip-on Earrings: As the name suggests, clip-on earrings can be simply put on your earlobe. Clip-on provides a perfect way to try out the look without a piercing.


5. Novelty: Novelty earrings are for those who want to go wild with their earrings. With elaborate designs, these earrings are available in most designs. From studs to magnetic it’s available in all styles and designs.


6. Barbells: This type of earrings tend to be curved or horseshoe shape, however, they’re straight for other body parts. Barbells are definitely a more bold choice compared to a stud. 


7. Gems And Pearls: Pearls and colored gemstones are more elaborate designs. They can look too decorative and are not suggested to be worn to the workplace as they can be quite eye-catching 

What Are The Best Materials For Men’s Earrings?


If you are wearing earrings for men, then there are many options, from metal accessories to silver, gold, and others too. The material can determine the style and finish of the earrings men should wear. So here are a few popular materials of earrings every man should own.

  • Silver: If according to your skin tone and face shape we have suggested silver or white gold. Then make sure to invest in some silver earrings, as they tend to look sleek, punky and even give you a hippy-like vibe! 
  • Gold: If you want to play more traditional with a vintage vibe, and gold earring is your choice. While choosing you should go for either a neutral gold or yellow gold according to your skin tone.
  • Diamond: Is diamond your style? Then you should know that it can also give you a rich and glamorous aesthetic. Diamond studs are best with formal looks and give a serious look. Avoid it for casual gatherings as it may look too dressy. 
  • Other Materials: A few other materials for earrings men should wear are plastic, silicone, acrylic, etc. These are cheaper than other metals and are lesser in quality, therefore, they can break easily. If you opt for this one make sure you don’t have any allergic reactions to it. 

Few Tips To Style Up Your Earrings :


Styling your earring is not as complicated as it may sound. You can always refer to some fashion influencers or celebrities who wear earrings that can help you style it. Men don’t have to carefully search women’s earrings for one they want to wear. Because these days, earrings for men can be easily found in a wide range of styles that match your outfit and look.

The style of your earring can dictate how your outfit can look. For instance, a dark-colored earring can look great if you’re out for a drink, for a stylish look. However, a gold hoop is generally enough as it can make a statement. Lastly, a diamond stud can be worn for a wedding or a dinner date with your partner. A casual black stud is a good option and goes with everything. It can be worn on an everyday basis as it goes with almost every look. Make sure that the material is hypoallergenic.

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That’s all about your complete guide to earrings men should wear. If you haven’t gotten a piercing done yet, we hope this article will help you go for it. As nowadays men’s earrings have become a big trend. You may have to take extra care if you have hypoallergenic ears and recommendations from an expert. Otherwise, there’s nothing to worry about earrings. For starting, a good first earring is something that you don’t mind wearing for 6+ weeks as the piercing heals in time. So choose something that matches most of your other accessories – like a classic silver watch – and will look great with most of your wardrobe. 

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