What Is An eSIM And Is It Available In India?

As more & more new gadgets are coming to the market, you must have wondered at least once- What is an eSim? It is quite natural for you to raise that eyebrow, especially when you are from India, where eSim hasn’t become a thing already! But soon, it is becoming a thing, and it is becoming a thing for sure!


Okay, how many of you were sad when they started removing headphone jacks from all the new phones? Those 3.5mm earphones have so many entangled memories attached to them, and it was really, really sad when mobile companies started emitting the headphone jacks! Also, there were some adapters where one can still attach there 3.5mm jacks and tune to some music!

But, let’s think practical. Why? Why at all they had to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack? For once and for all- To Save Space! Mobile companies had nothing in mind like ‘Oh, There are having too much fun with it, let’s remove it’ kind of cruelty in their head, all they were planning on to how to give you a better smartphone! And a better smartphone needs MORE Space!

And that is why, soon, your sim cards are going to replaced with eSim.

What Is An eSim?

If you are just looking for the full form of eSim, it’s Embedded Sim! But if you actually want to understand, what exactly it is, then hang on with us!

Before eSim, let’s understand what does a Sim card does. A normal Sim card is a data chip on a plastic card that has some certain information in it, which enables you to connect to your telecom service operator.

A sim is nothing but a subscriber’s identity module, which means it has a couple of data in it saved and a special type of ‘key’ acting as a password to decrypt data from the telecom service providers. Basically, a sim is a chip, which stores some data, right? It helps your phone to connect with your carrier!

Why do we need a plastic card having a chip on it to be inserted in your smartphones when your phone can actually have an inbuilt chip, which will act the same! All you will need to do is downloading your telecom service provider’s app to be installed, put some password to verify ‘It’s you!’, and you are all set to connect with your telecom service provider! Make calls, browse the internet, it’s all normal.

That is what eSim is. An embedded chip already placed inside your smartphones which requires some data to be written on it to connect to the network! Saves space, time, and much more. Now, we are pretty sure, you have a basic idea of what is eSim. – Source

What Does A Normal Sim Card Store?

  • IMSI- International Mobile Subscriber Identity
  • Storage: Not more than a hundred contacts to be saved in it.

What does an eSim store? Nothing. It is re-writable. So each time you are traveling to a new country, there’s no hassle of finding the pin to open the sim tray! And change your sim! Because, all you need is to apply to your telecom operator, do your KYC and login with your credentials! You are actually writing your eSim with a new IMSI number and connecting to the new network! It’s easy, it’s hassle-free!

Previously Sim cards used to really big, and with time it came down to the Nano-micro era. Didn’t you actually figure out, that it would go away someday too! Come on! Nothing is permanent in the tech world. An eSim takes up really less space in comparison with a micro sim! And smartphones today, demands space!

What Is An eSim Precisely?


Okay, recap time! What is an eSim? An eSim is an embedded chip, pre-existing in the smartphones in order to save space of a plastic card and sim-tray, and which does all the normal work of a normal sim card, which is to connect you to your telecom service provider! Why are they embedded?

Because of space! The way we demand so many things from our smartphones, and in order to keep up with our unending needs, even the smartphone makers are trying their level best! But to add on new features, they will need to put in new hardware in the smartphones, which will require some physical space inside the phone! So firstly, the headphone jack paid its heed, now it is time for the old fashioned sim cards!

Why Remove Sim Card At All?

Removing a Sim card does only mean removing the sim cards! It also means removing all the peripheral hardware of a sim card! Which is first the sim card tray which takes a lot of space on a phone! Come on, you can’t deny it! When you open the tray to place your sims, don’t you think it is actually a little big? So removing the sim card means removing the sim tray too. Along with the card reader just placed below! That hardware is free to go too.

So that saves you quite a space inside your phone! You are thinking about what will you do with that extra space? Nothing. What will mobile companies do?

What Can Mobile Companies Do With The Extra Space For An eSIM?


What is an eSim is all okay, but what the hell these mobile companies do with such little extra spaces for you? Many things.

1. Another Depth Sensor?

The way our smartphones are adding up the number of the camera, it is pretty evident that phones with less than three cameras are not at all ‘Pro’! Is not it? Even iPhone 11 Pro has three freaking cameras behind! And the way this competition is getting all higher and higher, we are pretty sure iPhone 12 Pro will have at least a quad-camera set up to keep up with the market. Forget Apple, Normal Android phones which are mid-range are also dashing their phones up with quad-camera setups! How they are supposed to add that extra depth sensor if at all they can not make some space for it! Here you go.

2. NFC :

NFC is a beautiful technology, mostly available on Samsung high end and mid-end phones where you can link up your debit and credit cards within your phone. And at the time of checking out in a shop, instead of searching for your cards in your wallet just hand over the phone after selecting the card from multiple cards of yours stored in the app, and pay securely with your plastic money without even touching your debit or credit card! Well, NFC is still not normalized in loads of phones. Is it too pricy? No. Does it require a little extra space? Yes! So maybe this beautiful tech piece will be having a place in most of the phones due to eSim!

3. Extra Battery!

Yes, you can actually have extra battery life too! Considering the size of a Sim card and a sim tray, a phone with eSim in it can easily have a couple of hundred mAh extra for sure! If they are worked well, it can go up to a thousand mAh battery extra! Anyway, people are complaining about more battery life! Here you go, there’s a whole bunch of possibility of you having a thousand milliampere battery extra in your next smartphone! What is an eSim without some high-end benefits!

4. Almost Any Other Hardware!

Phone companies can fit in almost any other new hardware or resize old ones while empowering them, all because of the eSim adaptation! Anything can be fit in within an empty space! An empty space brings thousands of new opportunities. And thousands of new opportunities with innovation bring revolution. Indeed, eSim is revolutionary!

What Is The Best Benefit Of eSim?


What is an eSim without some benefit! The best benefits of an eSim would be seen in much more smaller gadgets than smartphones! Say, an Apple watch! An Apple watch is coming with eSim technology in it! It required very little space, and now your iWatch can individually be an independent device to play with!

Why only Apple Watches, there are normal smartwatches too with eSim technology in it which also gives them enough power of connectivity! And with connectivity in your smartwatches, you will soon look at only carrying your smartwatches without smartphones! Technology is becoming more compact each passing day.

What Are The Devices That Support eSim?

Well, all the iPhones from iPhone X launch and after supports eSim more or less! Google Pixel 3 supports eSim. Apple smartwatch supports eSim. In fact, Google Pixel 2 US variant also had eSim tech in it. Samsung Smartwatches has eSim in them. There are basically plenty of gadgets that are already using eSim technology.

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What Are The eSim Friendly Networks In India?


Well, to be honest, there are not many telecom service providers left in India! There Jio, Airtel, Vodafone-Idea, and BSNL. Reliance Jio and Airtel are the only two network providers which already provide eSim services in India. But Vodafone and BSNL will also buckle up soon, as soon as eSim smartphones are kicking in the Indian Smartphone Market!

What Is An i-SIM?

It’s okay, we understand. You all went like ‘what is eSim’ for the past few minutes and finally when all started to make sense, what i-Sim now? Well, it’s Integrated SIM! The same thing as an eSim, a little smaller (Yes! Those space-hungry monsters!).

The eSim would still take up some space on the phone, right? Be it however little percentage in regards to your micro or nano sim cards! Why not integrating the chip in the motherboard only? That is the concept of i-Sim! It’s still not widely produced, and we believe it is something that is going to take over completely once the eSim takes over completely.


So no more you will need to remember at which part of your wallet you kept which sim! When you are traveling in multiple cities, all you need is an App to login with your credentials to change your sim cards!

Also, if someone steals your phone, there’s no way to throw the sim card away to detach the phone from the connectivity! Because there’s no sim card to throw away! – Source

Be it however you look at it, eSim is revolutionary! It brings all the positive techs with it! Because come on you can not be sad because it is not your beloved 3.5mm headphone jacks! Though, it’s an era of wireless in all true sense.

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