What Is An Influencer And All About Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is all the big buzz in today’s day and age. When you see specific products used by a greater audience on social media or brands promoted with subtle references, that is influencer marketing for you! Influencers and influencer marketing as an industry has vastly grown over the recent years. If you are wondering what is an influencer, then keep reading!

What Is An Influencer?


Thanks to a number of Instagram models, bloggers, photographers, and YouTubers, that you come across on a regular basis, you must be aware of who an Influencer is. An influencer is someone that a brand uses, to curate a series of content that caters to the message they are trying to convey.

He/She is someone with the power to impact the purchasing decision of their followers built on their authority, knowledge, and position. Influencers have a great relationship with their audience in their particular niche, therefore brands reach out to them to promote their products to the niche that they actively engage with. 

With the authority, knowledge, and insight into specific niche markets, influencers are able to sway people in the niche, the industry has now begun to target influencers for their marketing.

So if you are still confused about what is an influencer? And what do they do? They build brand authority with their influence and reputation. About 85% of marketers have engaged in influencer marketing in the year 2017, and about 90% have confirmed that the results were positive. 

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Types Of Influencers :

You must have understood by now what is an influencer. But an influencer is not just someone with influence over a demographic of people, there’s much more to just being famous. Here are a few different types of influencers who are just the right fit when it comes to marketing strategy for influencers. 

1. Film Industry: Actors And Actresses :

Let’s start with the biggest influencers there is. We are talking about famous celebrities, etc. There are reasons why movie stars or actors are famous, mostly fame comes with their job description. You can often find famous celebrities as brand ambassadors for certain brands. Or become the face of brands. Having the biggest influence most actors are approached by fashion beauty and other lifestyle labels to promote their brand. Most brands also tend to use actors and actresses in their marketing to attract media attention.

2. Sports Stars And Athletes :

After Actors, the next most sort after influencers is sports stars. If you wonder what is an influencer, he/she can be anyone from any field with a strong, dedicated following. Sports stars are often brought in to become the face of a brand or even for a product range as a brand ambassador. Brands ensure that sports stars’ style, fitness, and health along with lifestyle aligns with that of the brand. 

3. Musicians :

Another category for what is an influencer is musicians. Musicians are like actors, yet another traditional influencer who has great engagement with their fans. Most music artists have great following across a number of industries. Brands work with musician influencers to get more visibility to their brands. They are also ready to spend big on musicians to ensure great reach. 

4. Reality TV Stars :

This comes as no surprise. Another category popular for influencer marketing in India is a reality tv. Reality tv stars tend to be extremely popular for a short period of time. If brands manage to get them during their trending period, it’s very beneficial. Tv stars are thrown into the spotlight almost overnight and suddenly find a boom in their following. When they publicly represent a brand it can give the brand-wide popularity. Viewers can relate to reality TV stars because once upon a time they were just like everyone else

5. Bloggers And Vloggers :

The first and foremost idea that most of us get when we are asked: “what is an influencer”? It is someone who is a blogger or vlogger! Unlike the traditional brand ambassadors, i.e, celebrities, this is a more broad category. Bloggers & Vloggers can be considered the future of influencer marketing, or the next-gen of influential people. They build their empire on social media and their blogs over the internet. Bloggers & vloggers have upper hand over other traditional influencers and are the perfect partner to brands with their social media influencing marketing strategy. They have power over creating good content in their niche.

6. Social Media Stars :

People often confuse what is an influencer for bloggers and social media stars. Social media stars, unlike bloggers and vloggers, aren’t into creating regular and in-depth content. They have a good influence over their audience and can make anything fab in the blink of an eye. Brands collaborate with social media stars in the fashion, beauty and other industries. They don’t have any specific niche but have a massive following.  

7. Photographers :

When one asks, what is an influencer, one may be surprised to know that even photographers are increasingly becoming the latest breed of influencers? With high-quality content, this category of influencers can provide great content to brands. They gain their engagement from their imagery and professional content. They have a massive following who follow their work and can engage in brand promotions too. 

8. Editors And Authors :

Editors and authors are another categories of influencers. They may not be what we call traditional influencers but even so have an influencer over an audience that brand can use for influencer marketing. 

9. Models :

Similar to social media stars, even models have a certain level of following and popularity. They might not be a direct influencer but they can be the best fit for fashion and beauty brand collaborations. However, their core is not influencer marketing. 

10. Entrepreneurs :

Lastly, another category of what is an influencer is entrepreneurs of business people. These people are considered influencers as they have a devoted fan base. But only brands that can align with the entrepreneurial influence should opt for this type of influencer marketing. 

When You Can Call Yourself An Influencer?

Nowadays, anyone calls themselves an “influencer” Which is not true. So we tell you clearly what is an influencer, and who is not. If someone is popular, it does not make them an “influencer” What exactly are you influencing if your page has no niche or purpose? Popularity can mean that a lot of people will see and read your content. But an influential person is someone who has the trust of their following who use their words as a recommendation. 

The term “influencer” is easily thrown around these days, but even if everyone is “doing it” doesn’t mean they are “doing it right” This may help you determine between what influencers are, and are not.

What Is An Influencer : 

  • They are someone who aligns well with the brand.
  • They have loyal followers who trust them.
  • They have a quality audience over quantity.
  • They have the ability to attract the right people to the brand.
  • They are often authentic in their recommendations.
  • They can be considered as a credible source.

What Influencers Are Not :

  • They are not just popular with poor content.
  • They are not insincere in their mentions.
  • They don’t limit to only paid promotions for brands.
  • They are not someone without a niche.
  • They are not just about numeric scores, but more.

How To Become An Influencer?


This being a new rage now, a lot of people desire to be influencers. You can even say that Influencers are social media celebrities who have their fan base. They are able to become role models to their followers as they establish personal connections with their followers, unlike traditional celebrities. Brands want to collaborate more with influencers too, therefore we offer you some research-based advice to help become an influencer. 

  • First Identify Your Niche: What is your niche? If you don’t have a particular niche, your audience won’t be targetted. Some popular niches are travel, lifestyle, fashion, food, beauty, sports, fitness, etc. Based on a particular niche you can streamline your audience and create your content to suit their preferences.
  • Pick Your Unique Platform: An influencer can pick from any platform, from the internet, television, or social media. Depending on your niche you can pick a platform that is best suited for your content than other platforms. If you want to choose multiple social media platforms, ensure that you tailor your content for each channel.
  • Prioritize Your Core Content: High-quality content is the answer to the question of what is an influencer. It is extremely mandatory to create and publish unique and authentic content that aligns with your aesthetics and audience. This is what will clearly distinguish you from other people who are also figuring out what is an influencer. 
  • Pay Attention to Your Audience: One effective way to ensure that your followers’ traction is good is by creating content that your audience wants. As an influencer, you must have a strong understanding of your follower and fan base.
  • Build Your Hashtag Game: This is especially true for social media influencers/ bloggers and vloggers. If you want to know what is an influencer and excel at it, the answer is to make good use of the right hashtags. Your content only becomes valuable, visible and meaningful when it reaches the right targetted audience.
  • Maintain Consistency Always: When you publish high-quality content on a regular basis, it is one of the most effective ways to hold your follower’s attention. When you create good content on a regular basis, it creates a great sense of anticipation among your audience for every time you post something.
  • Collaborate with Other Niche Influencers: When you are still wondering what is an influencer, and how it works, by partnering with someone famous in your niche can be of great help. It helps give you access to their fan base and allows you to attract them to your social media profiles.
  • Build A Good Website: By having a well-designed and niche blog section on your website/social media can further establish your authority in your niche. It also improves your organic search traffic to your website, thereby expanding your reach even further on other platforms.
  • Host AMAs, Contests, and Giveaways: While building engagement one of the most effective ways to boost audience engagement is to host giveaways or Ask me anything in any preferred topic or trending topic. This helps in keeping your audience engaged, and also establishes your expertise in certain subjects of your niche.
  • Respond to Your Fans: Don’t ignore your fans. It is very important to respond to your fans.  As your audience grows and people start appreciating your content, they are likely to give their feedback in DMs and comments. So make sure to respond.

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Influencer Marketing :

How Does Influencer Marketing Work?

Influencer marketing is marketing with social media or content-driven marketing, that is done by influencers for their brands. Influencer marketing is expected to spread the word or promote brand campaigns through their platforms or social channels. Influencer marketing is simple terms is a type of marketing that focuses on using influencers of the niche to drive your brand’s message to a larger audience.

Importance Of Influencer Marketing :

In the past decade, influencer marketing has gone up to a great extent. And slowly all brands are stepping into influencer marketing. The traditional influencer marketing has been there for a while now. But the new-gen influencer marketing with bloggers and social media stars has come with demand on the rise.

The influencer economy is slowly building and consumers now depend on influencers as opposed to the traditional influencer’s recommendations. This is an important platform for brands to step in and collaborate with influencers and their follower base that is built on trust. 

Instead of focusing on a big scale ad promotion, brands now bring in or hire a number of influencers in their niche from different regions to reach out to different people. The benefit of this type of marketing is that they can guarantee long term consumers for the brand. So if you want to figure out what is an influencer? We hope this article has helped you understand better. 

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