What Indian Men Should Wear For A Pre-Wedding Shoot?

With the wedding season is around, we assume most men are asking this question, what Indian men should wear for a pre-wedding shoot? Let us tell you one thing first that the concept of pre-wedding photoshoot is completely new to India and probably the most trendy thing among couples now. Majorly western culture is responsible for this. 


Here are a few simple pre-wedding outfit ideas that Indian men should wear to look great in the pictures. Let’s go onto this step by step.

Why Pre-Wedding Shoots Are Important?

A lot of couples think pre-wedding shoots are unnecessary and expensive. But it has a number of perks too. Here are a few benefits of choosing pre-wedding photography.

  • It gives you an idea of what kind of photography style will suit you and your fiance best.
  • You get the opportunity to feel and dress up like a model. 
  • You get a lot of photos to add to your wedding memories.
  • Include the photos in your invitations and save the date cards.
  • You can use the photographs in the reception slideshow presentation.
  • You can decorate your walls with cute, romantic images of you both.
  • Feature your photos in your wedding album.
  • Pre-wedding videos will always remain a proof of your young love.

Frankly, there are other benefits of having a pre-wedding shoot done. Once you are doing the pre-wedding photoshoot with your partner, you will get to know all of them. This would be something that you and partner will hold onto for the rest of your married life, so stay positive about it and keep reading about, what Indian men should wear for a pre-wedding shoot.

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9 Things That Indian Men Should Follow In Pre-Wedding Shoots :

1. Never Follow The Fashion Trends :

Yes, you heard us right. Frankly, not everyone can pull off trendy clothes. Just think for a second, would you want to wear a super trendy outfit that you are very uncomfortable in it? No, right. So it’s always a better option to go for classic clothing that you are comfortable wearing it. Because when you are comfortable you tend to look confident and your pictures automatically become great. So choose your outfits wisely.

2. Choose Your Outfit Depend Upon The Season :


Your pre-wedding shoot should also consider the current season and climatic conditions of where you reside. If you are having a winter wedding, it makes no sense to have a beachy-summery photoshoot. Sometimes people pick the wrong type of outfits for the wrong season. For example, if you are shooting in winter try to incorporate winter clothes like jackets, cardigans, sweatshirts or even blazers.

In winter layering your outfit is a great option because men look more handsome and photogenic with layering. For summer we would recommend not to layer your outfit, just keep it simple and minimal. You can wear a solid or checkered shirt depend upon your choice and pair them with suitable jeans or trousers and shoes.

3. Choose Your Outfit Depend Upon The Place You’re shooting :


This is probably the most important tip that every man should follow when asking what Indian men should wear for a pre-wedding shoot? Well, the background of a photograph plays an important role to make a picture better and your outfit should complement the background. Suppose your photographer suggests a location inside a park for your shoot, so what would you wear?

We would recommend wearing something minimal in color or printed and casual. However, you need to make sure that your outfits are not too printed that you camouflage with the background. Joking apart, you really need to pick your clothes wisely.

For a beach or an urban location, you actually have a lot of options. You can either wear casuals or formals depend upon you and your fiance’s choice. However, we would recommend you to wear formals or semi-formals. 

4. Always Coordinate With Your Fiance :


In most cases, couples forget to coordinate with their better halves. Without any planning, they tend to wear outfits that are completely different from each other in terms of colors, prints, and styles. Hence, they end up with photographs that don’t like it. It is just as essential, and more to plan the shoot, outfits and more with your SO as it is with the professional photographer. If your rapport is smoothe with your partner, the pictures will come out well too. 

So first, just sit with your fiance and decide the outfits that you both are going to wear for the shoot. Remember for better pictures you need to color coordinate your outfits and also the prints and patterns. Lastly, careful about the styles too, if any of you are wearing formals make sure the other one also follows the same.

5. Be Playful With Accessories :


Undoubtedly, accessories complete your outfit. So don’t be afraid and be playful with some accessories. But, be smart about picking them. Like we said previously, you have to coordinate with each other. You can use a range of accessories like chains, cufflinks, wristwatches, sunglasses, hats, etc to coordinate with your fiance. 

You can also use creative accessories like a bow tie in options from floral, velvet, tweed or even sequined for a smart look which is a simple addition that instantly gives some old school elegance to even the most modern of suits! In most pre-wedding shoots the couples have a couple of accessories, and the most popular one among them is “promise-rings”. These are exchanged prior to the wedding as a promise of forever to each partner. 

6. Picking The Right Pair Of Shoes Is Very Important :

Most Indian men about shoes are not as concerned as they should be. Just think for a second you are wearing a 2 piece suit and you pair it up with a pair of sandals or ketos or any sports shoes. Would it look nice? No, not all. Whatever your outfit is, just make sure you pick the right pair of shoes. However, we would recommend not to wear any casual shoes like sneakers or any other slip-on, rather you can go for formal shoes like oxfords, moccasins, and loafers, etc. Because formal shoes always look very classy and elegant. 

For a better understanding of formal shoes, you can go through one of our articles, “Best Classic Shoes For Men: A Complete Guide.”

7. Groom Yourself Properly : 


To look perfect on the photoshoot day, you must groom yourself properly. Messy hair, rough stubble or dull skin can create a bad image in the pictures. In order to get a 10 on 10 impressions, you have to pay attention to your hair and beard grooming before you step out. Here are a few simple ways to get ready before the shoot,

  • Get a nice haircut done.
  • Shave or trim your beard according to what you prefer.
  • Exfoliate your face and wash it properly.
  • Take a shower.
  • Use SPF sunscreen before going out.
  • Comb and set your hair neatly.
  • Wear a nice cologne.

8. Try To Be Comfortable Infront Of Camera :


Most of us are camera conscious, but you get to take your wedding pictures just once in a lifetime! So you might want to eliminate those camera nerves once and for all. You can book a pre-wedding shoot with your wedding photographer, this way it will give you an opportunity to get comfortable with the photographer and build a rapport with them prior to the wedding.

Shooting prior to the wedding day will help you gain an understanding of how your photographer will guide you on the wedding day to ensure getting the best images! When you are comfortable in front of the camera and with the photographer, you’ll feel completely at ease.  

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9. Hire A Professional Photographer :


While it’s just as good getting someone within the family to click some good shots of you during the wedding, it is suggested, in order to get good pictures, we suggest hiring a professional photographer. A professional wedding photographer would know just what to do to ensure you get a great beautiful personalized wedding shoot. After all, experience and expertise in a certain field means something, right?

You can use the shoot images to feature in your invitations and even as a display during the functions. A professional would also help you choose a location, help you with what Indian men should wear for a pre-wedding shoot. So spend a few extra bucks and get a killer pre-wedding shoot with an intimate vibe with a professional photographer.  

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Concluding With : 

By now you might have gotten an idea about what Indian men should wear for a pre-wedding shoot. While the planning can take a toll on you, just remember how memorable this would be for you and your better half. From the wedding plans to guests and all the hustle-bustle, one can forget to focus on themselves. But a pre-wedding shoot is mandatory for any loving couple that is beginning their journey, and what you wear will be in the pictures forever! So make sure to plan ahead and decide what you’ll be wearing, based on the location of your wedding shoot. 

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