What Is Beard Acne And How To Get Rid Of It?

Growing Beard is a task, and maintaining it can be considered as a mission. There are so many hurdles in the way of growing a full-grown beard and one of the most significant hurdles is ‘Beard Acne’. It is just like any other acne but on the skin under your beard. The irritation is felt strongly, so we must do something to eradicate it. Here we will be discussing how to get rid of beard acne.

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First, let’s understand what Beard Acne is or ‘Acne’ for that matter, and then we will jump onto the best ways to get rid of it step by step.

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Q. What Is Beard Acne?

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Beard acne can be the result of many things, but poor hygiene and poor grooming are topping the chart. Your beard tends to collect a lot of dust, dirt and debris throughout the day, which gets stuck to hair follicles and pores.

Debris is the presence of oil and sweat becomes a breeding harbour for bacteria which results in the development of red painful bumps – acne. There are also possible chances that the Acne is occurring due to the ingrown hair getting back to the pores and creating a pimple.

So technically, Beard Acne is just another acne under your beard but causing most irritation due to the inaccessibility. Beard Acne’s are the possible results of too much oil produced by your hair follicles. Also, it can occur because of too much of the dead skin cells occurring beneath the beard and blocking your pores. Also, it may happen due to bacteria build-up beneath the beard.

Q. What Causes Beard Acne?

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We have already talked about it shortly, but it’s time we talk in detail. Beard Acne can be just another Acne or Pimple beneath the mesh of your beard, but at the same time, it can be the result of many possible factors.

  • Oil On The Pores: Technically this is the most viable reason for your Acne. When your skin is oily, your skin pores get stuck with the same oil and it can not breathe. For the same reason, you may face Beard Acne.
  • Poor Hygiene: If you are non-hygienic and you do not wash your beard and face regularly, then also you have a higher chance to catch beard acne. The oil gets stuck there and the bacterias can be easily doing its job under the beard. You must clean it every now and then to get an Acne free skin.
  • Dead Skins: Not only oil but the dead skin cells can also book your pores and create bacterial infection on the surface and as a result, pimples occur. Again, you must take care of your skin in order to remove Beard Acne.

Other Factors That Cause Beard Acne: There are also some other factors which can cause the Beard Acne. Let’s have a quick look.

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  • Stress: Stress does not affect Acne directly, but in case you already have Acne, stress can make it worse. Stress can trigger certain hormones which will cause your skin to get shrunken too.
  • Hormonal Changes: Androgens are hormones that increase the sebaceous glands to enlarge and make more sebum, which eventually leads to more and more oil on the skin. Hormone changes during midlife, and can cause Acne problems on the skin.
  • Medication: Acne’s can also be the side effects of some medications you are taking. Most of the medication affects you in one way or the other, and there are subtle changes that you get Acne due to some medicines.
  • Diet: Diet also plays a huge role in Beard Acne. Carbohydrates like Bread and Pulses may affect the Acne in a negative way and make it worse. Also, there’s no specific diet restrictions for Acne.

These were all the probable causes of Beard Acne. Now, let’s talk about the solution.

Q. How To Get Rid Of Beard Acne?

There are possible ways of getting rid of Beard Acne, let’s unveil one by one.

1. Follow A Cleansing Routine

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Following a great cleansing routine is extremely important in order to remove Beard Acne. The cleansing procedure makes sure that there’s no dirt and oil left to cause the bacteria to spike up the pimples. Use a suitable face wash according to your skin type. And regularly wash your face before going off to bed and before going off to work.

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Exfoliation is also a mandatory process to follow. It’s necessary to exfoliate your face twice a week with a gentle face scrub. A face scrub removes the dead skin cells and excess oil from your skin. Thus, you get no chances of the bacteria to spike up the Acne. Exfoliating will also prevent building up of ingrown hair.

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2. Moisturize Regularly

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Moisturizing is the key to keep your skin softer and oil-free. Moisturizer can reduce skin irritation by soothing your dry skin and nourishing it with Vitamins. One can also use a beard butter, which nourishes the Beard and its skin. Use products that contain salicylic acid as it’s known for reducing acne and cleaning the pores. Using a Sunscreen will also protect you from the UVs and safeguard your skin.

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3. Make A Habit Of Combing

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To remove the dirt and dust particles sticking to your beard, you must indulge into the good habit of combing. Not hand comb, but with a proper wooden Comb. That makes sure the beards aren’t entangled and there’s no bacteria infiltration. Comb as much as you can and as often as possible. Combing will help loosen up the impurities from the mesh on your skin. Also, you can use a comb to wash Your Beard more efficiently.

4. Use Beard Wax

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Beard Wax is also a great tool to eradicate Beard Acne. Applying a beard wax can work as a protective layer that will protect your hair follicles from dust and other factors which may irritate the skin. Having a beard acne, you wouldn’t want any dust impurities to worsen the problem. Also, a good organic Beard Wax takes care of the Beard Health too.

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5. Cut Your Beard Oil

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Beard Oils are good for the beard but on the other hand, using too much beard oil and not washing your face properly can leave some residue behind. That will add up to the oil which may block the pores. That can further mix with the debris and create Beard Acne. Also, beard oils made of Argon will heat your face up and will cause you to sweat, so that will also add up to the beard acne problem. It is better to have the usage limited.

6. Say No To Shaving For A While

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Shaving is definitely not an option to cure beard acne. Understand one thing, the Acne is still safe beneath the Beard. In case you cut it off while shaving, the effects will be more adverse. Improper shaving may lead to more skin irritation and that may further cause more Acne. So, say no to shaving. But yes to trimming.

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These were the most useful solutions to your Beard Acne Problems. Remember, cleanliness is the most important factor in order to remove Beard Acne and maintain a healthy skin.

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