How To Choose Wedding Outfit For Indian Men With Dark Complexion

India is one of the most culture-rich and religiously diverse countries in the world. Throughout history, religion has always been an important part of the country’s culture. According to a survey, 79.8% of India’s population practices Hinduism, 14.2% practices to Islam, while the remaining 6% adheres to other religions like Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, and other indigenous ethnically-bound faiths. Hence, there’s a huge diversity in clothing and costumes that are usually worn in any Indian occasion.


Indian society has a reputation to be biased toward fairer skin tones. And sometimes that causes a major bias to those with a dark complexion. This can lead to insecurities and lack of confidence, even on their most important day, their Wedding day. People with dark skin tone can relate to the feeling. So we will be discussing choosing ethnic wear wisely among a few wedding outfits for dark men and how you can look perfect.


Anything less than perfect for the groom just wouldn’t do on his wedding day. As the Groom, you will be under a lot of pressure because it’s your special day and you will be the center of attention. Each and every pair of eyes will follow you, so make sure that your wardrobe is up-to-date and that you don’t compromise with your classic style. Let’s start with the Hindu-style wedding. Here are 3 wedding outfits for dark men in a Hindu wedding that you can wear in order to look your best.


Hindu wedding :




1. Salwar-Kurta :



You cannot go wrong with a traditional Salwar kurta. They are very comfortable to wear and gives you an elegant look and also can be paired up with juti footwear. A plain or embroidered kurta is traditionally worn in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Kurta is worn, teamed with dhoti, pajama, shalwar, lungi or jeans for a more casual look. And Salwar is the traditional attire of Punjab. It is known for its lively hues, rich fabrics, and embroidery.


How to pick the right one?

There are a few important things to remember before buying the right salwar-kurta.


  • Always pick darker shades of any color. Because bright colors make your skin tone look darker. Try to avoid neon colors.
  • It’s always better to go for less embroidered kurtas. However it’s an option but if you really love embroidered pieces, then avoid flashy gold thread work.
  • Be specific about the fit. Go for structured and fitted kurta.
  • A neutrally toned salwar is always better. And try to avoid any kind of embroidery and embellishments.
  • Buy kolhapuris to pair up.


2. Sherwani :



There is no set origin of where the kurta comes from but it is definitely a culture-rich attire. If looking your best is what matters, then Sherwani is one of the best wedding outfits for dark men. Sherwani is a long coat-like garment which is worn over a kurta with the combination of either a churidar, a dhoti, or a salwar. It looks perfect when paired with traditional jutis and a royal looking headgear. But you have to be attentive while picking up the best sherwanis for your wedding that suits you.


How to pick the right one?


  • In order to balance your skin tone with the outfit, you must pick the darker tone of any color.
  • Try to go for a slimmer fabric because it can add bulk to your outfit.
  • Try to avoid yellow, orange, pink and other vibrant colors.
  • Pair up with matching color ‘Pagdi’ and ‘Dupatta’.
  • Any colored ‘Jutis’ can be worn according to with the sherwani.


3. Jodhpuri Suit :



This classy Western-inspired traditional suit is preferred by most Indian grooms. The Jodhpuri suit stands a class apart and goes well for any wedding outfits for dark men. As the name suggests It originated in Jodhpur. It’s a set of a coat and trousers, sometimes accompanied by a vest. It brings together a shorter cut with hand-embroidery teamed with a waistcoat. Usually, Plain, jacquard or jamewari material can be used and the trousers match that of the coat. You can contrast the trousers with the coat color.


How to pick the right one?


  • Jodhpuri coats are meant to be dark in color to go with it.
  • Use same colored trousers as the coat.
  • Wear classic formal shoes like Oxfords to enhance the outfit of the look.
  • You can wear a ‘Pagdi’ to pair up but it’s totally optional.


Muslim wedding :




Sherwani :

On the ‘Nikah’ day, Muslim grooms adorn a traditional sherwani, or a heavy embroidered kurta with churidar pajama, or may opt for a more Western suit outfit. According to Muslim customs, grooms may wear a floral veil of roses during the wedding ceremony. But if you prefer traditional wedding outfits for dark men, then you can rely on the classic Muslim attire that is typically a Salwar-kurta or Jodhpuri suit.


How to pick the right one?


  • In Muslim culture, white is majorly preferred color but we’d recommend you not to get your wedding outfit in white as it makes you darker and gives an odd contrast with your skin tone.
  • Go for dark shades For embroidery pick the one with copper or silver color thread work instead of flashy golden work.
  • If you are wearing a ‘Topi’ or ‘Turban’ choose the color wisely and make sure it has less embroidery.
  • You can wear any subtle color shoes for pairing up with the outfit.


Christian wedding :



3-piece Suit Or Tuxedo :

It’s time to look best on the most important day of your life, your wedding. What does a man turn to – a suit of course! It is said that a man in a suit is as attractive to a woman as a woman in lingerie is to a man… and we don’t question it. It is only at an Indian Christian wedding that you can witness the fusion of western and regional traditions. The groom usually wears a western suit or tuxedo. Here is how you can pick the right wedding outfits for dark men on his wedding day.


How to pick the right one?

When it comes to finding the right color that suits you, guys with darker skin have won the genetic lottery and can try their hand at pretty much any hue.


  • Brown is a no-go as it won’t contrast clearly enough with your skin, resulting in your look ‘bleeding’ into your skin.
  • You can always go for Black and Navy blue. It’s worth keeping these to a minimum to really make the most of your versatile skin tone.
  • Pastels colors will go perfectly if you want to experiment with your wedding look.
  • Always pair up your outfit with good formal shoes like Oxfords, Brogues or Monk straps.
  • You can also incorporate a Bow-tie instead of a normal tie.
  • Last but not least don’t forget to accessorize your look with a nice watch.


Second-last preparation to look perfect :



It’s not all about picking the right outfit for the special day. In order to look best, you need to do some skin treatment. In India, most of the grooms are not so concerned as they should be. So here are few ways to look perfect and get a glowing skin.


  • Properly trim and shave your facial hair.
  • Get a hair spa.
  • Get a facial done to cleanse your face.
  • Add a foundation according to your skin tone.
  • Put some moisturizer on your lips.


It’s your special day and most Indian men are conscious about how they look. These are a few suggestions for wedding outfits for dark men in India. Lastly, be confident and you will be able to carry your look with pride. Confidence is the key to looking charming as ever.


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