Simple Ways To Reduce Stuttering Without Medicine

How to stop stuttering without medicine? Is it possible? One of the common problems that are evolving with time amongst children in the new age is speech disorder. Though to some people, it may sound an absolutely fine issue but real people face problems with speech, disorder tend to take it as a major drawback in their lives.


One such major speech disorder is stuttering also commonly known as stammering this speech disorder involves an abnormality in the fluency and flow of the speech accompanied by a repetition of words for prolonged pauses. Stuttering is a disorder that is most commonly found among children and can be improved with proper help and care. The reasons for the causes of stuttering can vary from heredity to sudden nervousness faced by the patient.

What Is Stuttering?


The clinical definition of stuttering or commonly known as stammering is an abnormality in the fluency of the speech. It can vary into various types heard without a normal gap in between two syllables replication of a word over and over again.

It is mostly an involuntary process in which the person suffering from, has no control whatsoever on the entire happening. the current rate of the people who suffer from stuttering is about 70% of the world population.

It is mostly associated as a dysfunction of the motor skills in which the person suffering lacks control into speaking fluently by repeating words on making a longitude gap in between phrases or even words are vowels. –Source

What Causes Stuttering?

Though it is still unclear to most of the people around the globe as to why and how stuttering happens to a specific person, still here are a few reasons amongst them that can be pointed out to have been common amongst all the people suffering from it.

1. Family History :

one of the most commonly found causes of structuring among the people of the globe is a family history. It is most likely to expect someone to stutter if anyone of their family members or ancestors previously had suffered from the same diagnosis.

2. Problem With Motor Controls :

About motor controls are an extremely important thing in the body that controls the majority of us. Anyone facing issues with the motor controls is most likely to be suffering from speech dysfunctionality as well. This dysfunctionality takes shape of stuttering amongst most children.

3. Brain Injuries Of Medical Condition :

Another commonly found the reason behind stuttering amongst adults or children is a previously occurred brain injury. As the brain mostly connects all the important organs of the body it directly has a relationship with that of the motor controls. Hence previously had medical conditions or brain injuries that can lead to a person stutter in the future.

4. Mental Health :

One of the most commonly ignored reasons for stuttering which can be the most major one is mental health. From majority cases, it can be possible the person suffering from stuttering has no problem whatsoever physically but mentally lacks confidence and hence the mind place tricks such as this.

5. Overall Development :

A child at an early age most of the parents tend to ignore the early symptoms of major issues. One such issue that mostly peeks up in early childhood but takes shape as a major issue in the latter part is stuttering. The overall development of a child is directly proportional to having self-confidence or esteem which together can help to boost the child’s power to overcome stuttering. – Source

Types Of Stuttering :

Stuttering can mostly be found among children and be classified into various terms. But it can also remain with some of them for the rest of their lives. Also, it can happen due to psychological and peripheral circumstances, or even issues in the nervous system of the body. Here, stuttering can be classified under 3 heads.

1. Developmental Stuttering :

As the name speaks for itself, this stuttering appears when our speeches are at the developmental stage, which is extremely common in children. This kind of stuttering is very common for children under 5 years old. According to a survey, almost 5% of the children under 5 years old experience stuttering. And only 1% of them persist it even in adulthood. This kind of stuttering resolves on its own.

This type of stuttering is extremely common as well as a normal thing to happen, as an infant is still learning how to collect the words and speak. So speaking disorder can appear, but it should also be duly taken care of by the parents. As children are developing their language abilities at such age, it’s not obvious that all children will develop at the same pace. Also, not all children’s verbal demands can match their language abilities. Reduce stuttering without medicine completely in this case.

2. Neurogenic Stuttering :

All the actions that our body makes are because our brain is instructing our body to make so. Our brain transmits signals to our body parts through nerves and our body parts react accordingly.

When you are speaking, it is because your brain is transmitting signals to the muscles which control speech.

Now if one undergoes a sudden trauma or shock, it is possible for stuttering to appear, even in adults.

This type of stuttering appears after an injury to the brain or spine. As the brain and spinal cord have all the nervous system in control (Central Nervous System), any kind of injury to them can cause Neurogenic Stuttering. It can occur at any age.

It happens due to the abnormality in the signaling process between Brain & nerves that transmits the signal to the muscles which control our speech.

In such cases, individuals aren’t even aware that they are stuttering while saying something unless they are told. It brings anxiety too. To cure such stuttering, one must visit an SLP (Speech-Language Pathologist) who will run a diagnosis and figure out the best possible way to cure it. If one wants to reduce stuttering without medicine, in the case of Neurogenic, it’s possible but not in all cases. A few cases require serious medication, where the rest can be treated without medicine, but mentoring.

For every person who is suffering through Neurogenic Stuttering, the SLP has a different approach. They work along with the physicians to treat the dysfunction in speech with proper techniques.

3. Psychogenic Stuttering :

Have you noticed when you stare at the vacuum, and someone says something to you and you have no clue what the person has just said because your mind is somewhere else? That is because you are psychologically absent from that place.

Something similar happens in the case of Psychological Stuttering. People who undergo sudden shock or trauma, depression, anxiety can have this type of stuttering.

It can be due to any kind of personal shock, mental trauma, depression, sudden loss, accident, or any incident which can harm the psychological well being of an individual.

Such stuttering happens abruptly and one needs to visit an SLP & Physician to figure out the causes. Sometimes it may also happen that the person is suffering from severe depression, but the stuttering is caused due to motor dysfunction. So it’s important to diagnose it well.

Once the diagnosis is done, the patient can be treated accordingly, and work on the muscles which create speech. Reduce stuttering without medicine in the case of Psychogenic Stuttering is possible is most cases. – Source

How To Reduce Stuttering In Simple Ways?

Stuttering can be resolved in simple ways, In fact, most people can reduce stuttering without medicine. Let’s find out some methods to follow to reduce stuttering to the most minimum level possible.

1. Mirror Technique :


If you ever wanted to reduce stuttering without medicine, the mirror technique can really help you. Most of the time the people who stutter loses their self-confidence and ignore conversations. That is not how you reduce stuttering. Instead, you need to stand in front of the mirror and say your name for as many times as you need until you feel confident.

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2. Readout Loud :


Take any book you like, it can also be a bedtime storybook and start reading it aloud at home. Read at least a few pages every day. It will help you a lot to recover from stuttering. While you are reading it aloud, you are actually concentrating on each word, and it becomes easy after a couple of days.

3. Record A Vlog :


Yes. Recording a video while you are talking will work like magic. When you will be trying to record a video blog, it may seem tough at the beginning, but slowly when you will open up it will boost your confidence. And once that is done, you can do wonders! Also, try to talk to people as much as you can. Finish the words! Even they know you are trying, make a good impression of yourself by trying to finish the words even if you are stuttering.

4. Talk On The Breathing :


This is the best way to beat stuttering. When you are speaking, you need air through your vocal cord, and when you are out of breath, it gets tough. So inhale a deep breathe before you start talking, exhale a little air and while exhaling start talking. And finish it off in one breathe. It will significantly help you to beat stuttering.

5. Say No To Shallow Breath :

Most of us take shallow breaths all throughout. Normal people without any speaking disorder can still manage, but it gets impossible for the people who stutter. So it’s very important to practice deep breathing techniques for them. One should start inhaling air till the navel, hold the breath for 3 secs and exhale. This exercise should be done 2 times a day for 5 minutes. It will help one to reduce stuttering without medicine.

6. Talk In A Rhythm :


Have you ever noticed that while singing most of the people do not stutter? That is because a rhythm helps our psych and speech-muscles to place the words perfectly. So try to talk in a rhythm. It may sound a little weird at first, but once you see your stuttering is significantly reduced, you will automatically follow it.

7. Keep In Touch With Your Physician And Therapist :


It’s important to keep in touch with your therapist and doctor to give them an update from time to time. It’s not always possible to reduce stuttering without medicine, so sometimes you may also need to undergo medication.

These were the most Impactful remedies to reduce stuttering without medicine. – Source


Q. Are stuttering & stammering the same?

No. They are slightly different but mostly similar to each other. Stuttering is when one can finish a word after being stuck in the first part of the word several times. It doesn’t happen with every word. While stammering is when one gets stuck in every word, or every 3rd or 4th word’s beginning. It is more acute. Mostly, people can have both of them at the same time.

Q. Can you stop stuttering permanently?

Yes, of course, you can with proper practice and dedication.

Q. Does medicine help to stop stuttering?

Medicines like Citalopram will help you stop stuttering but it has side effects. It’s important to follow your physician.

So one can easily reduce stuttering without medicine by following the above-mentioned hacks. Just remember, wear your confidence like a pro and remember nobody can defeat you. All the best!

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