Types Of Shoes For Gym & Gym Bag Essentials

Hitting the gym regularly is in most people’s resolutions every year. But, honestly, in 2020 there are loads of fitness freaks who are hitting the gym regularly. While being well equipped. What do we mean by well-equipped? With proper Gym essentials and most importantly the types of shoes for gym.


Gym shoes are different than your normal day to day shoes. While you are working out, your body needs some specific grips and balance-shifts which your shoe should fulfill. Without the right shoes and gym essentials, your Gym bag is incomplete. So let’s get to know about the proper types of shoes for gym and gym bag essentials you must carry!

Why Do You Need The Right Types Of Shoes For Gym?

A right shoe can smoothen your working out session, but the wrong shoe in the gym can completely devastate your working out session. The shoes you will require while going to the office is not the same shoes which you will require while running on the treadmills. Also, similarly, the shoes you will require while running is not the same shoes you will need while performing weight lifting! So, let’s have a look.

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Different Types Of Shoes For Gym :

Running Shoes :


When you are running in a park or a treadmill, you must wear running shoes. Running requires repetitive movement of your legs which needs some extra care and comfort to your feet. The contraction of the heel with the ground/treadmill happens rapidly, so you need some extra cushion in the heel area. Running shoes are one of the right types of shoes for the gym.

Running shoes are also very lightweight. You do not feel much weight on your feet which makes it easier to throw your feet in the air.

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Weightlifting Shoes :


When you are weightlifting, you need shoes that have extra grip on the sole. As you weight lift, it requires your front portion of the feet to tackle more pressure on them. You should wear shoes that do not let you skid while you are lifting weight or deadlifting. If you get an imbalance, a massacre would happen.

The cross trainer shoes are the perfect example of weightlifting in the gym.

Walking Shoes :


Talking about the right types of shoes for gym, walking shoes must be mentioned. When you are walking, you need a shoe that can tolerate the repetitive movement of your legs. A running shoe would do too, but there are walking shoes available in the market too. Go for them for the ultimate comfort while walking.

While choosing a walking shoe, take the shoe in hand and twist gently. The sole should be able to twist freely in all directions. That will allow your feet to be in comfort.

These were the ideas for your gym shoes. Now once the gym outfit ideas for men are complete, let’s move on to the accessories or the must-have contents of your gym bag.

7 Basic Gym Bag Essentials For Men :


Now, let’s understand what are the must-haves in your gym bag! We all carry one, but we often mess up the essentials. Let get them straight.

1. A Clean Towel :

You will definitely swear in the gym. Be it whatever you do. So carrying a towel is the most essential thing in the gym bag. It will help you to maintain the cleanliness and tidiness.

You might think that your gym provides you with a towel anyway, what is the need to carry one? Well. That towel is shared by all the members of the gym, and that is not quite hygienic. Always carry your own towel in the bag.

2. Earphones :

You will need music, we all do. You must carry an earphone in your bag which will motivate you while you are running, lifting weight, working on your chest or any exercise. There are sports Bluetooth earphones available in the market which are wireless. You can opt for truly wireless earbuds which will create no tangling of wire around your body!

3. A Bottle Of Water :

When you are sweating off, you will need water. Remember, you are just allowed to take small sips of water not drink the entire of it. Whenever you are feeling drained out, just take a little sip from the bottle and you will feel better.

4. Deodorant :

When you are done working out, wipe off your sweat and spray some deodorant on your body. Especially the areas like underarms, neck, and chest. It will give you a fresh feeling and also the people around you will not feel ‘you stink!’. A deodorant will save you.

5. Fresh Clothes :

Carry the clothes you will wear once you are done working out. Put them in the gym bag, they are a must.

6. Face Wash :

You will need them. A face wash is needed anywhere and everywhere. Especially when you are working out in the gym. Don’t forget to put them in the bag.

7. Protein Bars And Shakes :

As you take them, you should also put them in the bag. They too are essential for your work out session. Protein bars are handy whereas protesting shakes need water. Carry a protein shaker too!

These are all the essentials you will need in your gym bag! So you know what are the best gym outfit ideas for men, what are the right shoes for what activities and also what are the must-have essentials in your gym bag. It’s time you focus on your fitness goals and be fit, fine and healthy.

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