Types Of Jeans Fit For Men For Every Body Type

Denim jeans are the go-to wardrobe essential for every season’s casual look. No matter how you style them, they will always look good. With so many variations and styles of jeans today, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to pick! Most importantly, one must even consider jeans fit for men.


The perfect pair of jeans can act as your holy grail to your closet! Therefore how should jeans fit is something that must be considered first and foremost. As amazing as jeans maybe, some men still end up buying the wrong jeans fit that can make them look bad. Most men end up wearing ill-fit jeans either because they don’t know what fit looks good on their body, or not aware of the various styles available before buying. The average men’s jeans fit caters to a man of five-foot-nine in height and wear a size Medium. If this is you then hurray! Most styles are made for your body type. However what about various other body types? 

Finding the perfect men’s jeans fit is not as difficult as it may seem! Shopping for jeans is a tricky business, but you can find the perfect jeans to fit you with ease and is tailored to your body type. So here are a few tips to help you understand what jeans will look good on you.

7 Types Of Jeans Fit For Men :

Once you find the ideal jeans, your shopping gets very easy! Denim jeans, an essential part of the men’s wardrobe, here are the different types of jeans that every man should have. If your jeans fit you right, you can wear it with any look! With our guide to different types of jeans fit for men. So if you are not sure which fit you will fall into, then keep reading to know. 

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1. Slim Fit Jeans :

The next jeans fit we will talk about is slim fit jeans. Most people confuse slim fit jeans for skinny jeans, as they both are more snug fit. However, slim-fit jeans are different from the skinny fit, as they give more space around the thighs but still give a slim fit. They are a great mix of comfort and style together, as they have a shapely fit around the legs but are not as tight as skin fit jeans. They look great with slim-fit shirts and tees. It looks best on skinny people, who prefer comfortable yet stylish jeans fit for men.

2. Loose Fit Jeans :

Let’s start with the old school loose jeans fit for men. Talking about loose fit, it’s jeans that have a baggy fit and gives you some room to breathe! Wearing loose jeans can give you enough space around your butt and thighs. So if you have a big waist or big-boned, then this will avoid the jeans from sticking to your thighs. These fit jeans can be worn for an extended period of time, as they won’t make you sweat and are comfortable too. If you have the body type of a broad and big-boned man, then these jeans fit are perfect for you!

3. Regular Fit Jeans :

This is that jeans fit for men that look good on most body types. People can clearly identify a regular fit from slim fit jeans. As regular fit jeans fit straight from hip to thigh, they are mostly mid-rise and have a large leg opening. For men who are not too big-boned or too thin, regular fit jeans look best. As these jeans are the kind of fit that most men feel comfortable in. So if you are someone who is neither too skinny or too thick, then these regular fit jeans are perfect for you!

4. Skinny Fit Jeans :

We spoke about slim fit and regular fit, now let’s move on to the current trending pair of jeans fit for men among youngsters, the skinny fit! Skinny jeans, as the word suggests are skinny from waist to the ankle. Skinny fit jeans don’t give you much room for mobility and are generally worn as a style statement and less for comfort. These fit of jeans are not suitable for thicker guys, as it can be too tight and cause muffin tops if it’s ripped. Skinny jeans are not even meant for too skinny guys! But it can make you look even thinner. Someone who has a fit body can wear skinny fit jeans.

5. Tapered Fit Jeans :

The next jeans fit for men is quite popular among men. It gives you a narrower fit at the bottom, but it is quite spacious and comfortable around your thighs. If a man has a pear-shaped body and is thicker around his waist or thighs he can opt for this look. But beware that it can make you look shorter, so unless you have good height avoid wearing this fit or you can end up looking shorter than you are. 

6. Narrow Fit Jeans :

Another snug jeans fit for men, apart from a slim or skinny fit is the narrow fit! Narrow fit jeans have no impact on the portion above knees, but it’s tighter from the knee down. People often confuse the narrow fit jeans to tapered jeans. But unlike tapered jeans, they have less room space on top. They might have a snugger fit however narrow fit jeans have a more comfortable feel when worn. 

7. Relaxed Fit Jeans :

Next jeans fit for men that we will talk about is the relaxed fit. These fit jeans are best for men who have thicker thighs as it gives them a comfortable fit. It gives you enough room around the waist and is not too tight around the ankle either. These fit jeans can be uncomfortable if worn for too long, and they are not as wide as regular fit jeans. Relaxed fit jeans are most commonly worn jeans preferred by men of different body types.

Types Of Jeans(Depend Upon The Rise Of The Waistband) :

Another crucial part of jeans fit for men is the waistband. The waistband also determines the fit of the jeans. The “rise” of any jeans is by standard measured by the distance between the crotch and the waist. While some have a high rise, the rest are low or mid. It can impact the whole look and fall of the outfit. So here are the rises of jeans and their fit.

High Rise Jeans : 

When we say high rise, the first thing that comes to our mind is Dad jeans fit for men. High rise jeans are usually at the navel or an inch lower. They are mostly not preferred by men due to discomfort in the crotch area. This rise fit is best suitable for bigger men to avoid tucking in the shirt. 

Mid Rise Jeans :

Mid-rise jeans can be considered as the most ideal rise. As they are neither too high like the high rise, nor as low as low rise jeans. Men with bigger bones, or wider hips, can opt for this. It fits comfortably right below the navel and has a snug fit around the waist. If you like tucking in your shirt then this is your perfect option.

Low Rise jeans :

The low rise jeans fit for men is generally below the waist and is most commonly worn by skinny people. Low rise jeans have one of the coolest fits today and are most preferred by men for a stylish look. They have a relaxed appearance and are worn below the belly button. 

Low Crotch Jeans :

If you know the difference between low rise and high rise then you will know which is the perfect fit for you based on your body type. A low crotch is also low rise jeans but even the crotch falls quite low as opposed to a normal crotch in low rise jeans fit for men. They are also known as drop-crotch pants. 

The Right Pair Of Jeans For Different Body Types :

Now that you know the various jeans fit for men, next let’s talk about which style suits different body types. These tips will help you determine what fits your body type and enhances your look. 

1. Apple Shape Body Type :

Let’s start with the large waist body type. The apple-shaped body type or most commonly known as a plus-size body type. A plus-size man has a wide midsection, big thighs, buttocks, and calves too. 

  • What To Wear: Wear a high rise or mid-rise jeans as it can flatten the midsection and tuck the buttocks in. Loose or relaxed jeans fit for men, with a straight cut.
  • What Not To Wear: Avoid wearing skinny jeans or slim fit, as it can create an imbalance in your appearance, and exaggerate your upper body with tight fitted pants. Avoid flared or boot cut jeans as they can make your body look wider.

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2. Pear Shape Body Type :

Next body type we will talk about is the Triangle/pear-shaped, or in simple terms, wide hips body type. For wider hips, thicker legs, and narrow shoulders, here are the jeans fit for men. 

  • What To Wear: Wear something that has a relaxed/straight fit. The looser and more comfortable fit, then it won’t stretch across your groin. The straight leg is equal width from hips to hem so it gives a casual appearance.
  • What Not To Wear: Avoid any skinny or slim fit jeans to avoid accentuating wide hips

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3. Muscular Body Type :

If you are a muscular man, then here are a few jeans fit you should wear and avoid. Bulky/ muscular body type has bigger thighs and shoulders with a slim waist. 

  • What To Wear: Wear regular/relaxed fit jeans as they will avoid accentuating your muscles too much. Relaxed fit accentuates a toned body.
  • What Not To Wear: Avoid boot cut jeans as it can give you a feminine silhouette and make you look heavier. Too skinny or tight jeans can make your muscles look bulkier.

4. Athletic Body Type :

Next, similar to the muscular body type is the Athletic body type. A man with an athletic body type has a slim waist, with muscular legs and behind. An athletic body is not as bulky as a muscular type.

  • What To Wear: Wear slim fit or straight-leg pants, as they suit athletic men the best. Athletic body type can also wear low rise styles.
  • What Not To Wear: Avoid wearing baggy jeans rather than showing off your body form. Even regular fits are not a great fit for athletic body type. 

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5. Thin Body Type :

Lastly, the body type we talk about is thin body type. This body type is difficult to find flattering jeans fit for men. Here are some fits that suit thin body the best.

  • What To Wear: For men who have a slender body, then slim/regular or skinny fit jeans are the best option for lean muscles. 
  • What Not To Wear: Avoid wearing straight fit or loose jeans, as it can make you look smaller and skinnier. The baggier your clothes it can draw more attention to undefined legs.

That’s everything you need to know about the right jeans fit for men, based on their body type. When you know more about what accentuates your body, you can dress better. You can also consider other factors like the weight of the denim, breathability and how it falls on your body. Even the wash of the jeans. Whether it’s an acid wash, stone or classic wash, choose depending on what you pair it with. The most versatile jeans color is dark blue. So make sure you have classic deep blue jeans in your wardrobe. Keep in mind to size down when you buy a pair of jeans, as they tend to stretch during the first few years.

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