Top Music Streaming Services Apps In India In 2019

India, a land of 1 billion-plus people with varied cultural backgrounds, has an obvious inclination towards the different musical genres. From Carnatic Music to Rabindra Sangeet to Bollywood to Hip-Hop, Indians love their music. With the arrival of Music Streaming Services, like YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, etc it has become a tough call to pick one over the other. 


It’s becoming a hard choice for desi Audiophiles, to choose a proper Music Streaming Service to suit their needs. With the launch of YouTube Music & Spotify recently, the Music Streaming battle just got better. Existing players like Apple Music, JioSaavn, Gaana, Amazon Music will also put up the fight with varied genres of music and vast selection.

Also, looking at the cheaper data rates and 4g speed available at our arsenal, it’s easier for us to listen to a variety of music which amounts to millions. And it’s pretty easy for us to get lost in this ever-expanding number of songs and services. 

So, if you want to sort through this confusion and pick the numero uno Music Streaming Service? Read on. 

Top 6 Music Streaming Services Apps In India

1. JioSaavn :


Over 50 million tracks, original podcasts, and original video content, JioSaavn has become the biggest Music Streaming Service in India. After being taken over by the Reliance 

India Limited, Saavn has become JioSaavn and its reach has further advanced by the integration of the app to Jio’s own feature phones (Jio Phones) apart from Android, iOS and Windows devices. Biggest collection of Indian songs and a decent collection of International songs make this Music Streaming Service the best one in this country. With original podcasts, shows, video content on offer, it’s one of the most feature-packed as well. Dark mode, Offline playback (for premium users), On-Screen Lyrics, 320 KBPS Lossless Playback, etc make this Music Streaming App one of the go-to Music Streaming Services for Indians. Also, the user interface is simple, clean and user-friendly. The playlists section, Downloads section, HIstory and everything else is so easily accessible.

2. Youtube Music :


With a number amassing to more than half a billion(plus remixes, live performances, and covers), YouTube Music is fast gaining access to the devices as the choice of Music Streaming App. With familiar User Interface, top of the notch search engine, YouTube Music is the only app that supports simultaneous playback on 10 devices. Available on Android, iOS, Desktop, and Web. Though it’s not great to see YouTube Music providing playback up to 256 kbps.  

3. Apple Music :


If you’re using Apple’s devices (iPhone, Macbook, Homepod), then this should be a no brainer as Apple Music is one of the world’s biggest Music Streaming Services. Its catalog boasts of a healthy number of Indian as well as International tracks. Also, the User Interface seems to be really clean with white background, presenting a sense of calmness. Also, Apple Music is not providing top-notch Audio Quality as it only provides bitrate up to 256 kbps, I think it definitely is a concern.

4. Spotify :


A recent entrant to the Indian Music Streaming scenario, Spotify wooed the audience with unique features like private listening mode, streaming podcasts and videos. Spotify is also collaborating with lots of Indian Musicians to produce new content as exclusives. Also, the user interface is probably the best in class, with a proper dark mode to keep off pressure from your eyes, with proper music suggestions that will make you croon. Also, Spotify is one of those who supports streaming up to 320 kbps. It’ll be in no time when Spotify will reach the apex of this music streaming fight.

5. Amazon Prime Music :


It comes with the bundled Amazon Prime Membership. It boasts one of the biggest catalogs in this list and Alexa, the AI-powered assistant is baked into this app to help you play songs hands-free. Though the user interface looks old and the design is clunky, the AI integrated playlist or music suggestion is really great. Also, point to be noted here is that Amazon Music supports music streaming up to 256 kbps, which is not the top of the line audio quality.   

6. Gaana :


One of the oldest music streaming apps in India(launched in 2010), Gaana boasts of a large Indian Music database with strong selections of regional songs. It might lack international numbers, but the amount of unique features like gapless playback, sleep timer and on-screen regional lyrics on offer, it certainly makes up for the lost ground. Also, Gaana provides up to 320 kbps Music Streaming, which makes the case for one of the top contenders to provide music to your ears. And it might not be cheaper than similar services but if someone prefers Indian Music over International Music, then this should be their pick. 

Why do we need Music Streaming? 

 Well, to put it simply, after the onslaught of Reliance India Limited offering unlimited data plans at a very cheap rate, the price of data from other players has also gone down drastically. Also, the roll-out of 4G speed has added the needed speed for streaming music. Plus, a strong crackdown on piracy in our country, has helped Music Companies to stream their content on a cheap rate. Also, the fact that you will get a new album debuting on any of the streaming services to provide you fast access to new music, is an important thing to consider. Plus, Audio Quality has gone up as some of the services providing lossless streaming with 320 kbps as bitrate makes the offer more lucrative. 

Pros and Cons of Music Streaming : 

Music Streaming started from 1993 Internationally, and in India, it’s been there for quite some time now. 150 million users in India, stream music on their services regularly. Let’s look at the Pros and Cons of Music Streaming in India. 

Pros :

With 4G Speed available almost everywhere in our country, it’s pretty easy to carry millions of songs everywhere we go. The services are generally cheap and come with many other services like podcasts and video contents for the user to enjoy. Also, the Audio Quality is great for some of the services as it streams in 320 kbps lossless quality. 

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Cons :

Some of the services don’t offer offline listening. Some of them cap their streaming quality to 256 kbps, which is not top of the line. Some of the services lack a lot of National Music Content and vice-versa.   

Some of the services don’t offer offline listening. Some of them cap their streaming quality to 256 kbps, which is not top of the line. Some of the services lack a lot of National Music Content and vice-versa.   

Round-Up : 

With all the details presented, we can safely say that Music Streaming in India has a bigger future. Recently, in an interview a web-based magazine, CEO of Gaana, Prashan Agarwal said that the paid subscriptions have grown three-fold last year and revenue growth of 100 percent year on year. So, as you can see, to deliver music to the users is becoming a lucrative service, it’s going to be cheaper and much better in the future. 


So, who ranks up as a king of the Music Streaming mountain? It’s very hard to pick the top Music Streaming Service, but we at Mensopedia prefer Spotify for its huge collection and well-curated content which includes international podcasts, and smartly curated playlists. 

However, since a chunk of the collection misses out on Indian music at this moment. So, if one has to pick a healthy mix of both National and International songs, either of JioSaavn & Gaana seems to be a perfect choice. And if you own Apple devices mostly, then it’s a no-brainer that you should use Apple Music. Lastly, if you have an Amazon Prime Membership, then Amazon Music has got you covered as it comes bundled, and you pay nothing for the Music Streaming Services, and on top of that, you’ll be able to enjoy other Amazon Prime Services. Lastly, YouTube Music has a great future in India if it offers more in audio quality, but with it’s a widely known user interface, it’s very easy for people to use it pretty often. 

Whatever the choice is, the modern Music Streaming Service has proved its mettle and emerged as a choice for delivering lossless symphony to us, the users.

With that said, which one do you prefer? Or which services you’re using currently? And also if you were to change your services and move on to something else, which one would it be? We will leave you to be the judge and decide on your Streaming Service. Please do let us know in the comments below. 

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