Top 7 Men’s Fashion Trends For 2018

This year has shaped up to be a definitely fashionable one for men. There are some major looks that will stick around from the 2018 Menswear trends. The top 7 men’s fashion trends for 2018 you need to know is here in our list. We bring you some of the biggest hits this season from patterns to silhouettes. Some styles are a come back from the past with a modern touch, and some are surprisingly new trends that will blow your mind. Hence here 7 men’s fashion trends you need to know. And let us know which ones you personally liked!


1. Classic Vintage Checks :

Let’s start with the classic checks, that have been trending heavily for women around late 2017. But the trend really started picking up among the gents and is now the current hot trend in 2018. From men’s trousers to shirts and jackets, you can see it everywhere. Checks of different sizes and patterns are starting to make a statement piece of any ensemble. You can either go all over checks or style a checkered trouser or coat with some solid colors for a more standout look.



2. Tropical Printed Casual Shirts  :

When it comes to the top men’s fashion trends for 2018 casual fashion, tropical prints have made their place. Tropical printed shirts have been invariably worn this season. It started with a typical beach look, but now it has surprisingly come onto mainstream fashion. From monochromatic prints to colorful tropical prints, it can make a good fit in your wardrobe. Team a classic tropical printed shirt with dark chinos or denim, or even make it a semi-formal look with a blazer or coat on top of it.



3. Stripes & Side-Striped Detail :

Just like checks, another classic trend that is now officially menswear’s go-to-trend is Stripes. When we say stripes we’re particularly talking about vertical stripes. From shirts, trousers to coats, stripes are definitely a hot trend. One certain stripe pattern is the side-striped detail from the 90s that are now acceptable again from casual to formal looks. The side stripe has become a major trend. Side-striped trousers have been used by luxury designers this season and it’s safe to say that you ought to have this in your wardrobe.



4. Over-sized, Anti-fit Silhouettes :

When it comes to some of biggest Autumn/Winter trends for men, it’s the Anti-fit look. The oversized silhouettes from 2017 men’s fashion trends have continued this year. But to get this look right, it’s all about getting the right balance, otherwise, you can end up looking sloppy or just about wearing a misfitted outfit. Therefore ensure that you go for an oversized coat or jacket over a casual look, and make it more structured outfits to get a more sophisticated look.



5. Cross-Body Satchels :

Talking about accessory men’s style trends this year, one classic trend that has made a major come back would be cross-body bags. This is the perfect trend for all the stylish gentlemen out there. Not to mention it is also a functional accessory. A cross body bag works as a hands-free bag for men, and it can easily be thrown on top of your outfit without necessarily having to add bulk to your trouser pockets. The go over casual outfits and surprisingly well with formal suits too if styled well.



6. Turtleneck Looks :

Turtleneck is another sleek look from winter men’s fashion trends for 2018 right from the runway. The turtleneck has been majorly styled this year. Especially with jackets or coats, or a smart suit. Turtleneck suiting is one of the best ways to maintain a tailored dapper look. You should indefinitely invest in a turtleneck knit shirt or a sweater for your winter wardrobe this season. It will be incredibly stylish for semi-formal events, office, and even on a casual date.



7. Dad-Trouser Fit Denim :

Menswear has gone through extremes this year, and another major comeback was dad denim. Something about the unfussy comfort that these trousers give that has been a gift to men’s fashion this season. They have a regular waist fit, a light wash, and go straight all over. For men’s fashion trends for 2018 being comfortable is not necessarily out of fashion, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Pair it up with a casual shirt and layer it up with an oversized jacket and you are in the trend game strong.




These are some of the hottest men’s street fashion trends that cannot be overlooked. This was a strong fashion year for men, but we have listed it down to these 7 men’s fashion trends for 2018. Let’s see what 2019 has to bring for us and what trends carry forward and which ones are left behind.

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