Top 5 Most Fashionable Celebrities In Bigg Boss 13

Without a doubt, the Indian reality show, Bigg Boss has gained a lot of popularity among Indian viewers over the past decade. The most recent season 13 has proved to be one of the most-watched reality shows. Apart from a mix of drama and heated discussions, the show has also shown us some fashionable moments by celebrities. Here are some of the most fashionable contestants of Bigg Boss 13.

Bigg Boss is a show where contestants compete with each other by performing tasks and surviving in the house by gaining votes from the viewers based on the popularity they have. It is evident that the recent season has never had a dull moment since it began. Alongside the drama and entertainment that these contestants have delivered, the 13 contestants have given us some noteworthy fashion cues!

5 Most Stylish & Fashionable Celebrities In Bigg Boss 13 :

1. Shukla Ji Ke Shorts! Sidharth Shukla :

Some contestants in Bigg Boss 13 showed us that Fashion is not necessarily about being too dressy, in the comfort of your home, even being casual is okay, even for a celebrity. When it comes to the winner of Bigg Boss 13, Sidharth Shukla, Fashion was not just about being trendy, but comfortable too. Which was quite evident by his shorts that he sported through most of the season. Despite comments from other contestants and his mother, Shukla stayed true to his sense of style and comfort with his outfits. Apart from being the strongest contestant on the show, Sidharth dressed in comfort!

2. Poster Boy with ABS! Asim Riaz :

It’s true that the underdog of Bigg Boss 13 is none other than Asim Riaz. Apart from good looks and a fit body, Asim’s Fashion is also quite noteworthy. Asim’s intense workout, and dedication to fitness has inspired many of his viewers. His stylish workout wear is another Fashion statement he set apart from other looks that he styled in the season. He wore outfits that complemented his body furthermore. And staying true to his swag wali personality, whether it was a denim jacket, Tanks or baggy pants, Asim’s fashion was truly international.

3. Abra Ka Dabra; Paras Chhabra : 

Another popular contestant of Bigg Boss 13, is Paras Chhabra, who’s distinctive style game, despite his controversies with his GF outside the show, has grabbed attention. Despite all odds, Paras has won hearts of many with his trendy joggers and shoes throughout the season. From abstract prints, to bright colors, this celeb has shown us all sorts of trends. Apart from his cozy and stylish joggers, Paras was seen styling his outfits in neon and bright colored sneakers and quirky socks and beanies too. Let’s just say that his experimental sense of Fashion has impressed his fans. 

4. Dapper Style Of Vishal Singh!

Gone too soon, Vishal Singh is another contestant of Bigg Boss 13 House that has shown his sartorial sense of style in the house. From tailored blazers to classic looks, this celeb has dressed in dapper outfits throughout his journey in the season. Vishal has effortlessly pulled off some classy looks in the house, and won the hearts of many for his tasteful sense of style. Even though he didn’t make it to the Top 5, he has surely set some fashion goals with his unique outfits that has distinguished him from the rest of the contestants. 

5. Bigg Boss 13, Season Theda* Host Salman Khan :

While Talking about the most popular season of Bigg Boss 13, we cannot forget the ultimate host, Salman Khan. Without a doubt, Salman has proven that there cannot be a better host for Bigg Boss. Apart from his cool attitude in how he dealt with the contestants’ drama and whatnot, Salman has also worn some quintessential suits that are noteworthy. As the seasons progressed, Salman has shown us a number of stylish looks. He has worn some of the jazziest blazers over the seasons. Along with cool and funky jackets, he has also accessorized his looks with quirky pocket squares. It’s been a decade of Salman’s swag wali style in Bigg Boss and for more to come. 

These were some of our most popular male celebrities of Bigg Boss 13, the most-watched season of the Bigg Boss, with the most controversies, and Fashion statements too. This season has not only seen a load of drama, but also a load of styles as shown by the stars in the show. Apart from the stylish contestants, even the Host, Salman Khan has given us Fashion statements to watch out for. It’s safe to say that this season has been the most Fashionable one yet. 

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