Top 10 Best Whiskey On Offer In India

Whiskey is the drink of Gods, as they say. And if there’s one drink that brings our nation, it’s whiskey. Whiskey pours in life into all of our lives through all our highs and lows. It brings life into a celebration whether it’s a house party, farewell, an anniversary or a birthday. So in order to let yourself bit loose, pour in from one of the best whiskey in India and read below.


It’s an ultimate liquor of covenant that helps you end an exhausting day of work, soothes your nerves and unwind at your ease. From desi made Country-Whiskey to the expensive Single Malts to the exquisite Blended Whiskey – the number whiskeys on offer have multiplied over time and we are sure that these whiskeys will touch your liquor palette.

So, we bring to you, the ten best single and blended whiskeys that will definitely take place in your liquor cabinet for a weekend sipper, read on to find out more.

1. The Macallan :


One of the most famous whiskey brands in India, The Macallan, fortunately enough is taste bud winner for every occasion. The Macallan is the third-largest selling Single Malt in the world and the second-largest by sheer value. Derived from two Gaelic words, ‘Magh’ & ‘Ellan’ which respectively means ‘fertile ground’ and ‘of St. Fillan’ – an Irish monk, St. Fillan spread the good word of Christianity throughout Scotland in the 8th Century.

The only Scottish Distillery that has its own Master of Wood, the Macallan is a globally praised Single Malt Scotch which promises the best blend of sherried sweetness and some spicy aroma. The whiskey is quite creamy in nature and as the charred smokiness insert the drum of the alcohol and creates more like a wood smoke than the coal smoke of Islay Whiskeys. So, without a doubt, we can safely assume that Macallan is the best whiskey in India.  

2.  Monkey Shoulder Triple Malt : 


Balvenie, Glenfiddich, and Kininvie – the three most famous Single Malts come together to craft one of the smoothest of Whiskeys. Mellow vanilla taste with a spicy jolt as after taste, this goes really well with either on the rocks or in an exciting cocktail and it really places Monkey Shoulder as one of Best Whiskey Brands in India. 

3. Talisker 18 :


Pour Talisker 18 in your glass and the situation becomes intense as the rich and fruity aroma and a very mild toffee note will hit you in the head. But as you sit back and take small sips of your drink, you realize you are in for a more intense experience which is smoky and packs in a real spicy kick! This makes the Talisker on a third of the list of Best Whiskeys available in India. 

4. The Glenlivet 12 :


The rivalry between the two Glens, the Glenlivet and Glenfiddich have been a popular story in the alcohol lore. And also the story of how the Glenlivet topped the contest since 2014. Bill Smith Grant began the revolution behind Glenlivet in the US in the 1950s but the revolution achieved in 2017 when they sold one million cases for 6-7 years consecutively since Pernod Ricard took over. And this has propelled The Glenlivet to the fourth-best whiskey in India.

5. Glenfiddich 12 :


The World’s most awarded Single Malt Scotch which is produced by the last of the family distilleries, Glenfiddich 12 is one of the biggest producers of this segment globally as well as in India. Fruity aroma, Sweet and creamy feel give this scotch a unique texture over the others as it provides a mild yet clean palate. It’s like a warm cup of coffee on a rainy day which helps you embrace the situation and cheers you up. And this quality has garnered Genfiiddich the fifth spot on the list of best whiskeys available in India.

6. Director’s Special Whiskey : 


A mature taste, richness and the aroma that comes with Director’s Special makes it a special case amongst the Indian aficionados. It leaves a perfect impression of a beautiful dream which reminds you of smooth and clean taste, like a beautiful landscape, upon all those who admire the beauty that resides in this hand-picked barley and malt-based whiskey. With every sip, you can feel the alcohol percentage of 42.8% taking you to a land of ecstasy which makes this whiskey a delight for every whiskey veteran. And the cheap price tag has made this whiskey the sixth rank holder in the list of top whiskey available in India.

7. Glenmorangie Nectar d’Or :


France, the land of the vineyard and wine cellars, is the home to the rich, sweet, spicy with notes of nutmeg lemon meringue, ginger, honeycomb and other sweet-flavored whiskey called Glenmorangie Nectar d’Or. And the 46% alcohol-based formula has won our Desi Hearts and dominated our palettes over a long tenure. Glenmorangie with its subtle tone of wine has made this whiskey the seventh-best whiskey available in India.

8. Paul John Brilliance :


Goa is home to a lot of famous liquors but this Desi single malt packs a punch like all the foreign ones. For instance, you’ll start off with a touch of fruitiness with a cream-filled texture which leads you to a note of honey, apple, cinnamon, and vanilla. What a rich combination to win our hearts. And all of these qualities have put Paul John Brilliance to the eighth position in our list of top ten whiskeys available in India.

9. Amrut :


The famous and ever-elusive Amrut is the first-ever produced in India Single Malt that took the market to the international level. Made by hand-picked Indian barley that grows in the valleys of the Himalayas, it produces a rich flavor with a hint of spice and rich notes.  Which is why we have put Amrut, the Indian Single Malt, to our list of best whiskeys available in India. 

10. Johnnie Walker Blue Label :


Johnnie Walker brand’s most prestigious whiskey, the Blue Label is famous all over the world because of being a blended whiskey, it commands the respect that a fine single malt scotch demands. Myriads of tastes like Chocolate, charred oak, vanilla and peat smoke get combined to produce a multi-layered palate and a smooth delivery to sit unchallenged on the throne of the blended whiskey hill. Lastly, what’s a list like this without Johnnie Walker? Hence, we had to put Johnnie in our list of top whiskeys available in India.

Name Price Alcohol Percentage
Macallan (700 ml)   Rs. 9250   42.8%
 Monkey Shoulder Triple Malt (700 ml) Rs. 4000 40.00%
 Talisker 18 10years (750 ml) Rs. 5548  45.8%
The Glenlivet 12 12 Years (750 ml) Rs. 5610 40.00%
Glenfiddich 12 12 Years (750 ml) Rs. 5750  40.00%
Director’s Special Whiskey (750 ml) Rs. 310 42.8%
Glenmorangie Nectar d’Or (750 ml) Rs. 4120 46.00%
 Paul John Brilliance (750 ml) Rs. 2541 46.00%
 Amrut (750 ml) Rs. 3608 46.00%
Johnnie Walker Blue Label (1 L) Rs. 20,500 40%

(*Prices are subject to change, check locally)

Finally, India, a land of great Rum, greater country liquor has a fine quality of Whiskeys on offer, and as Desis, we love our fair share of whiskeys. With that said, call up old friends, put on some good music and pour in glasses with the finest single malts and blended ones on offer and rest assured you will definitely have a gala time ahead. And as always, drink responsibly.

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