Summer Outfit Ideas For Indian Men In 2022

Summer is around the corner and spring is about to set. At such time you must know the best tips and tricks to look the coolest in this summer, as well as we will also reveal how to ‘feel’ cool under the scorching sun too. We are going to tell you summer outfit ideas for Indian men.


Summer is a season of sweat and humid, and both are inevitable. But, what happens if we tell you the ways to combat the summer heat with some amazing outfits? As we reveal summer outfit ideas for Indian men, you are going to enjoy each and every style tips we are about to portray.

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Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Your Fashion In Summer :


Well, we will, of course, get you the best possible style you can ever think of this summer 2022, but before that, something’s really important. What are the things you need to keep in mind while picking your clothes in summer 2022?

Basically, how a person feels during summer and its hot weather depends upon various things.

  • The Color Of Their Clothes
  • Whether The Clothes Are Tight or Loose
  • Whether the fabric is breathable
  • Whether there’s a breeze outside
  • Whether there’s sun or shade
  • On top, your comfort level

These are the fee things which one needs to take care while picking up clothes from the wardrobe or the malls. Each of the points will influence how you feel in Summer.

There has been a fact in the air, that one must wear white clothes in scorching heat as in white, you do not feel that got. But it has some science behind it. Don’t worry, we won’t sound like a nerd.

White color is a heat repellent, so when you are wearing white and out is the sun, the sunlight falls on your white-colored clothing, it reflects back to nature, hence your body remains cool and comfortable.

But it also has a counter-theory, which also needs to be heard. As the white color is heat repellent, it will also reflect back the heat generated from your body, and literally toast you in the tremendous sun.

Summer Color Wheel

Also, it has another adverse effect. It doesn’t let the heat in but at the same time the white color is unable to stop UV Ray’s, so a small percentage of UV Ray gets into your body which is harmful.

On the other hand, if you wear black clothing, it will absorb the heat from your body and let it pass, but also absorb the heat from outside and let it in. Here’s also a theory of Bedouins. Bedouins used to wear Black robes while traveling through the desert. The science behind it was- the heat of the sun gets absorbed by the rope, but due to its thickness, it never reaches the body.

So which color to wear? Preferably a mix of white and black both? White background with black polka dots? It will get really boring to wear a single piece of clothing every day. So wear something which is breathable. The fabric should be breathable so that your body gets in touch with air and the sweat is absorbed.

Do not wear clothes which are too tight. Tight clothes will pass your body heat through conduction, which is worse.

And on top of everything, wear something in which you feel comfortable. Remember, your comfort is your style.

Best Summer Outfit Ideas For Indian Men In 2022 :

Now, let’s get into the summer outfit ideas for Indian Men. Here, we will have the outfits spread into three major heads.

  • Bottoms (Shorts & Pants)
  • Shirts
  • Shoes

1. Summer Outfit Ideas for Indian Men: Bottoms

When you are in India and planning your summer outfits, you must consider shorts to be your easy-going day to day clothing. In case you don’t want your leg to be tanned or you have to maintain a work culture where you can’t wear shorts, we have got you covered with full-length pants as well. But first is first the shorts.

Chino Shorts :


To pick up a short, you can count on chino shorts. They are in trend and extremely fashionable. They look cool too. Another advantage of picking up a chino is the options of pastel colors. Pastel colors are the colors that soothe your eyes in the summer, and that is also necessary. Pastel colors look decent and appealing.

The Khaki color is the best pastel color you can count on. Other than that there is grey, light brown and many more.

You can pair up a chino short with a white v-neck t-shirt. Also, you can pair up a chino short with a white or any light color half sleeve shirt as well.

Denim Shorts :


Denim is always the constant in any season, any fashion. Truly the most versatile piece of clothing. A denim shirt looks extremely stylish as well as very much comfortable in nature. When wearing denim shorts, you can pair it up with a little colorful tee shirt and shirts. The denim will help to portray it better.

Athletic shorts :

A pair of athletic shorts and a casual tee shirt will always make you feel cool, in all true senses. Athletic shorts are made with such materials which will help your body to stay cool.

All the shorts length should be slightly above the knee, and it should not be tight and not at all loose.

After shorts, let’s unveil the pants, the full-length ones.

Chinos :


Chinos are made only for the warm weather. Chinos are made in such a way that it feels way coolers than any other pants. They are light weighted and the colors are of cool shades. Mostly they are in pastel shades which look good on you, feels good too.

Chinos can go with shirts, tee shirts, suits. So it has to be our top pick on the full-length section.

Jeans :


Jeans have to be there. The most versatile piece of clothing. You can wear jeans in winter, summer, monsoon anytime you want to wear it. Jeans will look good with shirts, tee shirts, casual jackets/blazers.

Preferably wear light blue faded jeans or a black one. It’s totally up to your comfort and choice.

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2. Summer Outfit Ideas For Indian Men: Shirts/T-shirts

Polo :


Polo tees are the ultimate wearables in summer. They are made of cotton so you will feel comfortable. They are classy and stylish. They come in very decent colors, without any weird designs on the chest. Polo and jeans, polo and chinos, polo and shorts, all go hand in hand.

Crewnecks & V-necks


Crew neck and V neck tees are also very stylish. You can wear striped t-shirts too, they also make you feel cool in the warm weather. And also, they can be paired up with anything. Under a coat, with shorts, anything.

Linen Shirts :


Linen is a material you are bound to fall in love with. They are extremely light weighted, at the same time they come in nice sober colors and they look extremely classy. We don’t need to pick a color for linen shirts, they all are made for summer.

Cotton Shirts :


A white shirt is a must in your wardrobe. Firstly, it hides the sweat like no other color. Secondly, the science behind it is already discussed above. You can also go for sea-green, light blue, yellow, anything light.

You can also wear Hawaiian shirts with chino shorts. You will slay!

3. Summer Outfit Ideas For Indian Men: Shoes


Shoes are a very important part of styling, as it is said that they are the first thing to notice.

You can wear shoes which are lightweight, breathable. White sneakers are always welcome. Light brown loafers are also very trendy. In fact, while wearing shorts, you can always bank upon a flip flop.

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These were the summer outfit ideas for Indian men. From tops to bottoms, we have got you covered with everything. Now stack your wardrobe before the scorching heat takes a toll on you!

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