Here Are Some Smart Ways For Men To Dress To Look Taller

Most Men out there want to add a few more inches to their height. But if you think it’s impossible, then you’re wrong. Every man who feels insecure about his height should consider reading this! Being short limits your choices in fashion, since you don’t want to wear something that can make you appear shorter. Long Pants that need trimming, thick fabrics, unflattering patterns, and all that. But you can smartly dress up to look taller, with the help of fashionable attires. It’s all about choosing the right patterns, and fit, along with a confident posture to seem taller. Follow these tips and by the end of it, your height won’t be a bother anymore! Read on.


  • Accessorize Your Look :



An excellent way to dress to look taller is by layering with essential outfit add-ons. Wear socks along with your trousers, but ensure that it is close to the color of your trousers. Most men prefer going sockless. But it can sometimes segment your whole look, especially if you are contrasting your top from bottom. Short men can pull off scarves like it’s nobody’s business. So if you want to layer your look, then add a scarf to your outfit along with a hat.  A scarf along with a hat grabs attention to your facial features and away from the body. If you wear a belt, wear a slim belt. And ensure that the width is not too thick or the color isn’t too bright, as it can segment your body. Finally, you should also consider trying a pair of suspenders, as they are very classy and they can add length to your look.


  • Fix Your Posture & Body Language :



Looking tall is not enough, you need to stand straight and confident. A tall man slouching can be very unappealing. If you are of short or average height, but your posture is good, then it creates a good impression. Having a good body language is more important than to dress up to look taller. As without proper posture, it can affect your overall look and efficiency. Stand in front of a full-size mirror and practice good postures. Ideally, a good posture is standing or sitting with your back and shoulders straight with chest up. A straight body posture can create an illusion of the height of the wearer.


  • Wear Well-Fitted Clothes :



A common mistake most short men do wears baggy or regular fit clothing. This can add bulk to your look, or make you appear shorter. The most important principle to dress up to look taller is by avoiding baggy clothing. The more oversized or poorly fit your attire is, the smaller you will look. Dig out every baggy clothing out of your wardrobe. And next time you buy clothes, ensure that you only go for slim fitted, or thin light-weight fabrics. This applies to both formal and casual clothing. As loose or ill-fitted clothes can make one appear short and more importantly, less stylish. Men who want to look classy and stylish should stick to form-fitted clothing. You can always get your trousers or shirts tailored to fit.


  • Choose The Right Patterns :



Another point to be noted is, the patterns you wear can impact how your physique comes across. Small patterns work better if you want to appear taller. The bigger or bolder the motif the smaller you will appear. Whether you wear stripes or gingham checks, try to go for a small scale and sizes. Talking about stripes, don’t go for horizontal stripes, as it can only segment you further. Vertical stripes can add length to your torso. If you want your legs to appear longer, wear striped trousers. Stripes are the most obvious pattern for men, as it helps to elongate your body. So you should consider investing in some vertical striped trousers and jackets.


  • Dress In Monochromes/ Avoid Light Colors :



When choosing colors for your outfit, try to stick to dark colors. Dark colors can be slimming and lengthening, which will add to your height. Light colors can make your figure and height more prominent. Muted or subdued hues are better when going for lighter shades. Also if you want to dress to look taller, try to reduce the contrast in your outfit. By dressing monochromatically, you can appear taller. When you pair different contrasting colors together, it can divide your body into separate segments. But wearing similar shades can visually increase the length of the body, hence creating an illusion of height. While choosing colors, you don’t have to only go for black. Some other slimming shades can be grays, dark blue, browns and pastels.


These are a few sneaky tips to look taller! Dressing stylishly can add to your whole look and height in general. There are many short men who are attractive, take, for instance, Robert Downey Jr, Tom cruise, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, etc. All you need to keep in mind is to be well-dressed and confident. And no matter how tall or short you are, you will grab attention.


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