Should Men Trim Or Shave Their Armpits? Explained!

Have you ever wondered should you shave your armpits or trim it? Well, if you don’t want to put yourself through a lot of pain, you should always choose the latter one. And here, we will explain to you exactly why. To cleanse your armpit falls under minimum hygiene routine. 

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As you have noticed, your armpits have the most number of sweat glands to cool you down during humid, it also gets the maximum chances to catch bacteria and infection. For the same reason, you get a foul smell from your armpit when you don’t clean it well.

So either shaving the hair of the armpit area or trimming it is the best possible option to keep the area bacteria-free(almost). Let’s understand, why trimming your armpit is a way better idea than shaving it. 

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5 Reasons Trimming Armpit Hair Is Better Than Shaving :

1. Less Chances Of Knicks 

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Your Armpit is anyway a less visible area where you have a little difficulty to access. For the same reason, shaving the area off with a razor is definitely a bad idea because that increases the chances of Knicks and cuts. When you can’t see an area well, how can you expect a smooth run? Especially, when it’s not flat. 

2. Less Chances Of Bursting A Blister 

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As the armpit hair is well dense, it catches blisters and eruptions very naturally. When you shave (& you can’t see well) you have a higher tendency to run the razor over the blisters, and Ouch! You will go through some serious pain. To avoid that, always opt for trimming with a trimmer. 

3. No Coarse Hair 

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When you shave, the hair becomes thicker and stronger each time. So, when you shave your armpit it’s the same calculation which applies. So, it will get really uncomfortable in a couple of months to handle your coarse hair in the armpit area. It’s always better to trim it off with a trimmer. 

4. No Irritation 

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When you shave, and the hair re-grows from the follicles, it will irritate you to hell. It will also cause a lot of discomfort and itching to which you will need loads of talcum. However, if you trim it off, it’s a smooth game. 

5. Less Chances Of Infection 

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As we mentioned, armpits are sensitive, so in case you get any cut or knick, it will increase the chances of infection. In case you shift to trimming, there’re fewer chances for the same. 

Bottom Line:

No matter how you shave your armpits, you will eventually irritate your skin and make yourself uncomfortable at times. So its always better to go for a trimmer.

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