Should You Hide Baldness Or Just Shave Your Head?

Should you hide baldness? Or should you embrace it? In this article, we will find out whether hiding your baldness is what you should do, or embracing it is a better option. Our thought-processes are extremely dominated by Bollywood, and as we can see that Bollywood has recently brought movies based on Baldness. None other than, Ayushmaan Khurrana did an impeccable job in his movie ‘Bala’ where he experiences baldness.


The movie also showed how having baldness affects our self-esteem and self-confidence so badly, that we harm ourselves way more than any other person ever could. Let’s understand a few important things about Baldness, and then we will move onto, ‘Should you hide baldness’ or ‘not’.

Q. What Causes Baldness In Men?


Specifically, there are two basic things that cause baldness in men.

  • Genetics
  • Hormones

Now, you might have heard a lot of other reasons which cause your baldness like stress, hair products, diet, drugs, and they all are true too. But all of them ultimately affect the hormones that cause baldness.

There is basically a cycle by following which our hair grows and eventually replaced.

Basically, we have almost 150K hairs on our scalp. Yes, that’s quite a big number, truly. But what exactly is our hair made of? It is made of keratin. What is keratin? It is the protein leftover that is forced upwards as the new cells grow beneath them. That is how hair grows.

The structure your hair maintains is named as Follicles. Generally, Follicles are present in our bodies even before we born in the world.

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1. The Cycle :

Now, let’s get back to the main part. The cycle! Basically, hair grows in a cycle as we were saying before, and the cycle has three phases. And the cycle is everlasting.

Anagen is the first phase. Anagen is the growth phase. It lasts from 2 to 7 years, and which causes your hair to grow up to 1 or 2 centimeters a month. Anagen is a phase that is faced by 90% of your hair currently.

Then comes Catagen, a phase in the cycle where the growth of your hair is stopped. Your hair follicles shrink. It lasts for two-three weeks. Basically, the blood supply to the follicle gets cut in this phase.

After this phase, it enters Telogen. The phase where your hair actually falls down getting detached from your scalp. It lasts up to 12 weeks. During Telogen, almost 200 hair can be shed in a day, which is actually quite a small number in respect of 150K. After Telogen, the cycle repeats itself from Anagen.

2. Role Of DHT :


95% of the men baldness is visible in male pattern baldness, where at first your hairline moves back from your forehead making an M shape. Then slowly the hairline decreases.

Why? As the follicles become extremely sensitive to the effects of Dihydrotestosterone, a hormonal product due to Testosterone.

This DHT is responsible for the shrinkage in overly sensitive follicles. And the hairline starts to recede gradually. Baldness is not sudden. It’s a gradual process.

It’s also in your genes. If your Mom and Dad or their Moms and Dads inherited baldness, then high chances that you will too.

However, there are some drugs that stop the Testosterone to get converted into DHT. But it is not advised, as DHT is a sex hormone, it will affect your sex drives too.

Also, it is said as Men only get one X chromosome whereas women have two, the baldness is seen more in men than the women.

3. Stress :

Extreme stress in your body can build up stress hormone levels that go so high that they make your hair fall. Your hair follicles can get into a phase where they are in a resting phase. Also, your body’s immune system can also make your hair strands fall out rapidly, as a defense mechanism. In fact, this condition due to stress can cause men’s backside hair to fall down too.

Stress-related hair fall and baldness is not due to 2-3 days of work pressure or stress from any source, but it is caused due to months after months of stress which affects not only your hair but your body’s every other organ too.

4. Diet :

To have a head full of hair (Provided you are not a victim of genetics or hormonal hair loss), one must consume protein, vitamin, omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, selenium, irons and more. These are the essential nutrients in your body to keep your hair.

Any loss of any element can cause you hair loss. So even your diet is important to keep that hair on your head. You must consume a healthy diet in order to protect your hair.

5. Drugs :

We all know that certain drugs have certain effects on our bodies. And many drugs are there which can cause a side effect of you going bald.

Such as Antidepressants, thyroid medicines, steroids, and more. It is best to consult your doctor about the side effects of that drug prescribed.

6. Hair Products :

When you deck up your hair it might look good but is it healthy? No. It’s not. Most of the hair gels, Hair wax, spray aren’t suitable for your hair. They block the pores of your scalp and which causes difficulty in movement of the hair strands. Automatically the hair tends to get weak and shrieked. And ultimately fall out.

In fact, you should keep your scalp clear. So shampoo very often. If you see that your shampoo is causing hair damage, shift to a softer shampoo. Keeping your scalp clean will let it breathe. And your follicles can grow properly.

Also, while drying your hair after the shampoo with a towel, take care of your hair cuticles. They act as a protective system of each hair strand. When you rub the towel when your hair is wet, it causes hair fall too. Use a hairdryer, keep it in a one-hand distance, and set the heat in the lower to medium, (High heat causes hair loss too).

These were all the probable reasons of your baldness. But again, then main to reason to go completely bald is your hormones (Mainly DHT) and your genetics.

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Now, let’s get into the main topic. Should you hide baldness?

Q. Should You Hide Baldness?


No. Why should you? Is it a crime to go bald? The reason why the article has started while mentioning Ayushmann Khurrana as Bala has reasons. In that movie, the character has gone through different stages of being Bald. He has been frustrated. He has been messed up. He has tried loads of other hacks to grow back hair. But ultimately, like any normal human being, he has got his ultimate peace and happiness when he accepted the fact that being bald can not and should not affect him as a person.

Bala, as a character, is inspiring for all the people who got bald. Why hide it at all? For society? What they will say if you yourself can crack up a joke with your baldness? Nothing. If you can accept, you can grow. There have been so many superbly famous identities in the world who are bald and embracing it to the fullest.

So should you hide baldness? No. You should not. Why hiding something which is your reality? Accept it. Embrace it. Life is good.

Famous People Who Have Embraced Their Baldness :

Q. How To Hide Your Baldness?

Well, you had asked should you hide baldness? We said ‘No’. If you ask how to hide your baldness, we still have got answers for you. Because if you want to hide your baldness or you need to hide your baldness, then here you go.

  • Use a wig? You can always, always use a wig. They are a little costly sometime when you want a good quality, but they always hide your baldness the best. Many people successful hide their baldness with wigs.
  • Short hair: If you have a little bit of hair left of your head, then keep them short. They will create an illusion that you still have a head full of hair when you don’t. It’s basically a hack to keep your hair has volume.
  • Consult hairstylists: A good hairstylist can always hide your baldness with tricks and hacks. They might need often visits to their studio, but they always do wonders.
  • Start wearing a cap? Himesh Reshammiya used to wear a cap for real long time. To hide his baldness of course. You can try that too, depending upon your choice and preference.
  • Transplant? Hair Transplant is another way to have your baldness hid. But they come at a great cost. They are effective. But costly. You can always talk to your doctor about hair transplants and understand if you should do it.

These are pretty much the tips to hide your baldness if you want to. But should you hide baldness? We think you are the best however you are.

Q. Should You Shave Your Head Completely?


Most of the people shave their head off completely while facing baldness. Well, if you talk about personal choices, yes you can shave your head completely. Because for most of the men fighting baldness is already a lost battle. So instead, shaving the head off is still a better option to them rather than having hair at one part of the head and one part being completely bald.

But again, it’s all about self-acceptance. If you can accept yourself like that, then give a damn to the world. You can rock in your baldness.

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Q. How To Take Care of Your Shaved Head?


It’s easy to shave off your head but it’s tough to maintain it. Here are some quick tips to remember about how to take care of your Shaved head.

  • Hygiene: Do not even think to ditch the shampoo and other hair essentials like oil. They are all there to clean your scalp as well. And a clean scalp is a sign of a healthy scalp.
  • Guard your head against the sun: Your hair usually protects your scalp from the heat and the sun in open. But when you shave it off, you should always wear a cap, or guard your scalp in any possible way from the direct sunlight and its rays.
  • Keep your scalp moisturized: Your scalp should be properly moisturized. Use hair oils to nourish your scalp with all the needed vitamins and minerals. Coconut oil has proven out to be the best.

These are all the tricks to take care of your head Shaved. So should you hide baldness? No. But if you want to, go ahead.

Should you shave your head? Why not if you want to? You have got every info you would need to satisfy these two questions.



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