Shaving Or Trimming, Which Is Better To Grow A Beard?

Shaving or trimming, which is better to grow a beard? Or, when do you need to do both, trimming & shaving. In this article, you will clear out every doubt regarding shaving, trimming, and your beard. At the very beginning, let’s bust some myths. Does shaving cause a more thick beard? Wrong! It doesn’t.


When your beard grows, automatically the long tail of the beards seems to be smaller. When you shave it off, the new beard heads appear to be taking more surface of your face, but once it grows it will again be the same. So, no, shaving doesn’t cause thicker and better beard, your genetics & hormones are responsible for that matter. Now when the myth is busted, let’s move further in this article.

What Is Shaving & Trimming?

Shaving: Shaving means shaving off your beard with a normal razor or an electric razor. When you need a clean shaved look on your face, mostly when you are an office goer or a college student, you must prefer a clean shaved look. Provided, if your skin is not very easily irritated.


If your skin is extremely irritated which means it gets rashes and acne as soon as you shave, then you should rely on trimming your beard. You can trim at zero in that case.

If you want to shave, the best and ideal time is just after a shower or while being in a shower. Your skin is wet and so is your beard, so there are very fewer chances of irritation or rashes. Take the shaving cream or foam, apply it for a couple of minutes. Then take the razor and stroke slightly in the direction of your growth, not against.

Use aftershave lotions and creams immediately after shaving.

In case, you still get rashes after shaving, then it is wiser to shift to trimming.

Trimming: Trimming is when you need not a clean shaved look, but when you want to give your beard shape and length. There are measurements in millimeters on the head comb of the trimmer which makes sure your beard is ‘n’ millimeters long after trimming.


When you trim, you basically provide your beard a solid shape, and a better look. It takes no time, you can trim within a minute itself. Whereas you will require to keep your beard wet with shaving foam for 2 minutes before you shave it. So definitely, trimming is a faster alternative.

There are loads of trimmers available in the market. You can choose from the large varieties and specifications. It depends on your needs.

Now, you have a clear idea about shaving and trimming. It’s time to know, Shaving or trimming, which is better to grow a beard? The answer is – It depends on multiple factors. And don’t worry, we are going through all the factors. It depends on your skin type, your need, and many other things. Let’s have a glance over the factors to get a clear idea, shaving or trimming, which is better to grow a beard for your skin.

But before that, we will understand how to shave your beard in the best way possible, and also, how to trim your beard in the best way as well.

How To Shave Your Face The Right Way :


1. Hydrate Your Face :

The fast and foremost step is to hydrate your face well. Your beard and follicles should be wet and moisturized enough to be cut easily. To reduce the chances of cuts & nicks, followed by irritating rashes on the face, it’s very important to hydrate your face for at least a minute before applying any shaving foam or gel.

That is why one should always shave immediately after a shower or while being in a shower. Use a face wash or scrubber to remove all the dirt & oil from your skin to have a wonderful shaving experience.

2. Apply Shaving Cream :

Once your face is well hydrated and clean, then apply shaving cream, foam or gel whichever you use. It all depends on your preference. Apply the shaving material and leave it on your face for about two minutes. It will make your beard softer and easier to get cut. It also protects your skin from irritations. And provides with a smooth razor-gliding.

3. Use The Razor :

Once your face is hydrated, so is your beard, it’s time you pick up the razor. But before you start gliding the razor on your cheeks, make sure you check for the dull blades.

If there are any dull blades on your razor, you must remove the cartridge and use a different one. Also look for the gel beneath the blades, if that is in form.

Once you check, then take the razor and apply gentle strokes on your beards, in the direction of the growth. Using a blade which is flexible to move is mandatory.

Q. How to use a razor correctly?

Well, if you want to use a razor correctly, the number one thing to keep in mind is rinsing the razor often. It clears out the blockage within the blades, also helps the razor to cut the beard smoothly.

Also, you need not tap your razor on the basin as it will only do bad to the razor. Instead, you can wash it against the flow of water, or just have a glass of water and stir the water with the razor often, but do repeatedly tap.

Q. Should you use razor against growth?

Yes. But only if you are sure that your beard is growing in every direction. In case your beard is growing in every direction, you must use the razor in every direction, which is four. But start with the growth of your beard, and then stroke against the growth later.

4. Moisturise :

After you are done shaving your beard, it’s time to take care of your skin. Use a good aftershave to protect your skin. Let your skin get moisturized. Also, for the cuts, if there’s any, then use any good antiseptic cream on them. Do not put aftershave directly on the cuts, in case you don’t want to endure some good burn!

So here’s how you shave in the correct and best way possible! Let’s move on to trimming.

How To Trim Your Beard The Right Way :


Firstly, to trim your beard the correct way, you must have the correct trimmer with you. There are plenty of them in the market, make sure you get the correct one for yourself.

Once you have got yourself a perfect trimmer, you can follow the further steps to give your beard a nice trim.

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1. Trim It All Over :

Trimming means giving your beard shape and groom it. With every trimmer, there’s an extension on the electric blades. They define the millimeters. This means if you keep the trimmer at 10, it will cut your beard at a length of 10mm. So it is suggested to start with the highest number available in your trimmer and trim it all over your beard.

You should start in the direction of your growth. But also go against growth. It helps you to trim the bulk off. Once the bulk is gone, now resize your measurement comb to smaller numbers, and stroke in & against the growth. And keep on doing the same until you get your desired beard length.

2. Neckline :

This is the most important part of the trimming part than the entire trimming itself. Your neckline defines and glorifies your entire beard, so you just have to get it correct! Usually, the neckline of your beard should be two fingers above your Adam’s Apple. Once you have pointed out, you need to make a line with your trimmer keeping it at zero mm.

Once you draw a line across your neck. It’s time to pick the razor again because you need to shave the portion below your neckline to give your beard a neat & tidy look. Now, your beard looks 10x better!

3. Choose Your Cheek Lines :

Yes, it is important too. Draw the desired cheek line you would love on your beard, there are no hard & fastened rules to define your cheek line. Once you trim and shape your cheek line, you are all set to go.

Just give your beard a clean wash, and you are all set to go.

4. Moustache?

If you want to trim at all! Go ahead, leave a 1mm gap above your lips, and you are good to go.

Now, when you all know about shaving & trimming both! It’s time to discover shaving or trimming, which is better to grow a beard? And as we said, it depends on several factors, let’s unveil.

Saving Or Trimming, Which Is Better To Grow A Beard?

It depends, as we said earlier. It depends on many factors…

1. The Time Factor :

Suppose you are running late for the office, do you have enough time to rinse your face with water, apply shaving foam and wait for 2 minutes, then take the razor and stroke? No! Trimming really comes to you as a savior such times! Don’t have time? Go for a trimming! Takes less than a minute! (Forget the neckline! Anyway you are trimming at zero!)

2. The Irritation Factor :

In case, your skin gets irritated and gets rash even after hydrating with water, it’s time you ditch shaving and go with trimming. You should not torture your skin. To reduce irritation, you can use glycerine.

3. Safety Factor :

Are you in your high schools or college and very much new to shaving? Then you should keep a good distance with a razor. Start with trimming, then move on to razor once you gain confidence.

4. Choice Factor :

If you want a clean and clear look on your face, you must clean shave your beard. In that case, you must use a razor and shaving.

In case you want some beard on your face, a trimmer is the only way.

Now you might think, shaving or trimming, which is better to grow a beard? There’s basically no answer. Growing a beard has nothing to do with shaving or trimming, both cut your beard and provides a look. To grow a beard you must have genetics! Which means your dad and ancestors must have a history of good beard! It needs to be in your genes. Also, there are other important factors too. They are:

5. Testosterone :

It is a hormone that is responsible for your puberty! And your beard falls under puberty only. So higher the testosterone level, the better the beard.

6. How Clean Your Skin Is :

Yes. Your skin should not be filled with dead skins. So you must clean shave once a while to give your face a good wash and remove all the dirt and dead skins. Let your skin breathe!

Wash your face with warm water twice a day. Clear skin boosts up the beard growth.

7. Eucalyptus :

Eucalyptus helps you to grow a beard! So you can use eucalyptus oil or cream to apply on your skin.

8. Sleep :

When you sleep, your body does the repairing work. So while you are asleep, your dead skins are recovered. Sleep well.

9. Biotin, Vitamins & Protein :

It is responsible for your beard and nails, both. So make sure to include at least 2.5mg of biotin in your diet, every day. Also, include vitamins like A, B, C, & E in your diet to boost up your testosterone level, which will further magnify the growth of your beard.

Also, increase the protein in your diet too. Fish, meat certain veggie and beans provides you the perfect balance of proteins.

10. Hydrate :

Not only your skin but body as well. A hydrated and healthy body will promote naturally full-grown beards.

11. Patience :

This is the most important thing. One must commit to the process, and have loads of patience! Having patience will only help you to achieve a good beard over time, provided you follow other hacks.

So shaving or trimming, which is better to grow a beard? NONE! It is the lifestyle choices you adopt which provides you a nice beard!

Make sure you follow the hacks! And if any of your friends had the same question “Shaving or trimming, which is better to grow a beard?”, share this article and let us enlighten them as well!

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