Revolt Launches India’s First AI Electric Motorcycle

Electric Motorcycles are a thing of the future. But wait, is it so? Not anymore, Revolt Intellicorp, a homegrown electric motorcycle maker, launched its first products today. The RV 400 is a feature-rich commuter motorcycle with sleek and sporty ergonomics and it’s smaller sibling the RV 300. 

Let’s look at the history of Electric Motorcycles in India and how India has got it’s first Electric Motorcycle. 

It was first, a completely unknown company Tork Motorcycles built and showcased their prototype around 2009, but with funding issues in tow, they’ve not managed to launch a mass-market vehicle yet. Others such as Aether Energy, maker of the fantastic Aether 450 Scooter and also the Emflux One, an Indian made Electric Superbike by the Emflux Motors (Emflux One is yet to come out). Enter Revolt Intellicorp’s RV 400. 

Micromax Informatics co-founder, Rahul Sharma, the erstwhile phone maker turned India’s Electric Bike Pioneer came and announced RV 400, an AI-Powered, 4G connected, IP67 rated bike that runs on electric –  these terms sound more like information about a gadget, right? Well, let me describe why. 

Everything You Need To Know About A Revolt Electric Motorcycle :

Always Connected : 


Powered by the Google Assistant, Revolt Intellicorp will sell a separate helmet that will have a mic and a speaker. And if you say the magic words, “Revolt, start!” while wearing the helmet, your bike will start automatically. Revolt has worked closely with Google to bake in the Assistant inside the helmet. 

Also, there’s a new technology to fend off thieves, placed inside the bike. It’s called ‘Geofencing’, what it eventually does is if the owner draws a perimeter of the certain distance around the bike, via the phone app, your bike will stop working once it crosses the geo-fenced area. Sounds cool, isn’t it? There’s more. 

Chassis & Frame : 


The RV 400 sports a lightweight single cradle frame, USD front Forks, Aluminium Swing Arm, Bolt-on SubFrame, and Adjustable Rear Monoshock. What these technologies basically does is to make your ride much more enjoyable on our potholed roads. The RV 400 is made really well, you’ll hardly see any panel gaps or welding marks. 

Ergonomics : 


As Rahul Sharma was saying in the launch, RV 400 is designed for 95 percentile Indians. What he was trying to say is, the riders triangle can be tweaked by swapping the rider footpegs from left to right and get a comfortable ergonomic from a sporty ergonomic while changing the dynamics of the rider. 

Weight Distribution : 

The battery is strategically positioned in the front to achieve a center of gravity that will help the unsprung weight of the bike to be centralized which in return the weight distribution would be perfectly balanced. What this means is, when you’re flicking your bike from side to side, you won’t feel the weight of the huge battery that replaces the Internal Combustion Engine. Also, in a straight road, the centralized weight of the bike helps it to hold it’s line without wobbling at higher speeds. 

Ground Clearance : 

Indian roads are full of speed breakers and potholes, so it’s pretty easy to touch the underbelly of the bike. Which is why the designers have given a ground clearance of 215mm which is the best in this segment. Even the recently launched ADV Bike Xpulse from Hero Motorcorp has less ground clearance. 

Water Wading : 


Internal Combustion Engines of a motorcycle has one or more exhaust pipes depending on the cylinders. And while crossing waterlogged roads, water might sip into the exhaust pipes and clog it while stalling the motorcycle, this has happened many times. But this electric motorcycle RV 400 has two advantages in such a situation: 

  1. It’s an Electric Vehicle. Which is why it doesn’t have an exhaust pipe which makes it almost waterproof. 

   2. Since it is an Electric Vehicle, one might wonder that electric and water don’t go well. Well, in that case, RV 400  got you covered by making the motorcycle IP67 rated, which makes it waterproof and dustproof. 

This is a first for any motorcycle in this segment. 

Digital Instrument Cluster : 


While describing the All Digital Instrument Cluster, Rahul Sharma calls this ‘the real-time health monitor which is a snug fit in front of your motorcycle’. He explains why. The Digital Instrument Cluster gives a reading of speed, the range of the battery, two trip meters, ambient temperature as well as the internal temperature of the motorcycle. If there’s an error in the bike, the Instrument Cluster will show that error too. 

Smart Key : 


You can start the RV 400 in a lot of ways, and a smart key is one of them. Revolt is providing a smart key that has four buttons. You can lock and unlock the bike remotely, you can start the bike remotely and also there’s a ‘locate my bike’ button which will locate your bike by giving a sound. All of these operations can be done from a distance. 

LED Lights : 


The RV 400 uses a twin LED Headlamp cluster which is bracketed by an LED DRL. The Tail Lamp uses 270 Degree viewing angle enabled LED Light. Also, both the front and back indicator lights are LED. 

Braking :


Braking duty on the RV 400 is handled by dual 240mm front and back disc brakes which are complemented by the Combi Braking System. CBS  is a braking system which is activated when you brake the front brakes, the rear brake is also activated, albeit in a more 70-30 proportion, to stop the bike in an efficient manner. This electric motorcycle RV 400 also boasts of a unique technology called RBS. RBS is basically the Regenerative Braking System, which is when you pull the brakes, any amount of energy that gets produced while braking will be collected to add to the battery which will, in turn, increase the range of the bike. 

Utility Features : 


The bike comes with an Integrated USB Charger, to stop tinkering with the wiring of the bike with aftermarket USB chargers. Generally, to install the aftermarket USB chargers, you have to cut open the wires and plug the charger port in and to stop that, Revolt has provided with an integrated USB charger.   

There’s also a storage facility to keep phones, papers and small things, on top of the battery compartment. 

One of the gimmicks that RV 400 (Only the top tier bike) has is the sound. Generally, EVs don’t produce a sound like IC engines. The electric motor produces a whirring sound which is very faint in nature. Which is why Revolt has given the RV 400 a speaker which will make 4 sounds depending on the throttle input. You can change the sound via the app, and there are 4 sounds currently on offer. You can download and use more sounds as the bikes receive updates over the air from the company. 

And lastly, there are accessory hooks attached with the grab rails of the pillion, to carry bags and other things, in case you take your RV 400 to the market. 

Motor, Battery & Drivetrain : 


a 3000Watt rated motor that churns out 170 NM Torque and 5000W Max Power. Those are some whopping numbers indeed. There are three riding modes to harness all that power and torque.  The Eco mode is capped at 45 kmph which will give you a range of 150 km (ARAI certified) and a Normal mode which will take you to till 65kmph. But the Sport mode, the fastest of them all, is now capped at 85 km/h for restricted use. Revolt has stated that there is an additional ‘Nitro’ mode, which will be introduced at a later date, which will unleash the beast inside the RV 400. We will wait to see how this pans out. 

The battery predicts aging of it. It also has an accurate State of Charge estimation to tell you when the bike will be full after you plug it in, or when you will need a charge. The company is offering an unlimited warranty on the battery pack, which is rated for a lifetime of 1.5 lakh km. There are four ways to charge the battery. You can use a normal 15 amp charger at your home or office’s garage. Or you can take the battery out and take it to your home or workplace and charge it. The downside is, that the battery pack weighs around 21 kilos. 

The other two ways are more interesting, you can swap a drained battery with a fully charged one at the nearest Revolt Switch Station. They’re calling this process Revolt Switch. You can find Revolt Switch Stations on the Revolt App. And in case of emergencies, you can ask for a fully charged battery to be delivered right to you. 

Warranty : 

Revolt is offering a 5 year or 75,000 km product warranty. This electric motorcycle also gets a service interval of 10,000 km. For the first three years, Revolt is also offering to pay for consumables such as Brake Shoes and Brake Fluids. The Tyres (MRF Zappers to be precise) too, get one replacement under the premium plan. 

What Are The Prices Of A Revolt Electric Motorcycle?


Revolt likes to do things in a unique fashion. So, they’re trying to bring a different model in terms of ownership cost of the bike. They’re offering the bikes with the introductory My Revolt Plan or MRP, a monthly payment plan. Users who want to buy the RV400 will pay Rs. 3,499 for 37 months, which will translate into a total cost of roughly at a tune of 1.3 lakh rupees. There is also a premium plan that costs 3,999 rupees per month. This pricing covers the insurance and registration as well. 

Revolt has paved the way for the “Make in India” electric vehicle to combat pollution and create a lesser carbon footprint. And the price to the proposition is quite mouth-watering, compared to the other competitive bikes in the market. Since you’re not spending money on petrol to run it, this is a good alternative. But the range issue plagues the future of Revolt and other Electric Vehicle makers. We will wait for the future to see how the charging stations set up all throughout the country. If Revolt has to actually ‘Revolt’ against the Heros, the Hondas, the TVS of this country and disrupts the market, then it has to figure out a proper Battery Swapping Stations. 

We at Mensopedia can not wait to get our hands on this beauty and have an ‘Electrifying Ride’. And for you, our trusted readers, we will bring you a Road Test Review as soon as we get a test ride.

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