Reasons Why Introvert People Never Fail In Life

Have you always been the quiet type? Liked spending time alone? Felt different from others? If your answer was yes, then that makes you an introvert! And being introvert is perfectly alright, and there is nothing wrong with you. Despite what you may have heard from your peers, teachers or even your family, being an introvert doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong. You may be often compared to someone who is an extrovert, suggesting that they may be right, or better, but that’s not true. Being an introvert makes you no less than others.

There are many famous introverted people, who have achieved something big in their life, being an introvert does not stop you. And no matter how hard a situation may be, an introvert will never give up, and keep trying, because introvert people never fail in life. There are more introverts around you than you think! But first, let’s start with recognizing what is being introverted?


What Is Introvertedness?



The most common interpretation of an introvert is someone who can get easily tired of socializing, and can reboot with alone time. But there’s so much more to an introvert than that. Being an introvert or an extrovert is only an innate temperament that someone has, that can regain energy. Some people find energy in socializing, while others don’t. So basically introversion or extroversion are only temperaments. Being an extrovert or an introvert is largely based on your genes. By this, we mean that you were mostly born that way. In some cases, even circumstances and life experiences can shape are temperament.

If you were a confident child growing up and encouraged, then you grow up extroverted. But if you were teased, bullied or closed socially, then it can turn you into an introvert. That does not mean that you will be unsuccessful. Irrespective of your temperament one can be successful, that’s why introvert people never fail in life, and neither do extroverts. In most cases, people who are introvert or extrovert are born that way.


How Do You Know You Are An Introvert?



Not sure if you are an introvert or an extrovert? We will help you figure it out. Have you ever been to gatherings or events, and felt your energy drain much quicker than others? Is too much “people time” a stressful situation? Do you feel fatigued or lose concentration after people time? These are all signs of an “introvert hangover,” which means that your brain does not have as much mental energy to deal with crowded situations. Though each introvert is different, some may even like to socialize, though they prefer a fair amount of social time before getting drained. If you still don’t have clarity here are a few common mannerisms of introverts to understand if you are an introvert or not :


  • You would rather stay home, as opposed to going to a party or a social event that involves a big crowd or interacting with too many people.
  • You enjoy quiet and solitary activities, like reading, gaming, writing, or drawing, preferably alone, and with no disturbances.
  • You have a close circle of friends, and you prefer their company as opposed to a big friend circle, or a wild group.
  • You perform some of your best works when left alone. Working alone has given you great achievements.
  • You avoid fake or small talks that are an essential part of social gatherings or interactions. You like to talk about real and genuine things.
  • You like specific kind of music, and don’t enjoy loud or other music played by others.
  • You are mentally and emotionally strong, no matter what your peers may think, and will never give up no matter what obstacle comes your way, hence introvert people never fail in life.


Reasons Why Introverts Are More Likely To Be Successful In Future :

Success is subject to the effort people put in. But it’s understandable why people may assume that those who are more outgoing would be more likely to be successful. It could be because they are the ones to often communicate, with confidence and are more outgoing. But no matter how confident and outgoing an extrovert may be, there are many other factors that come in an introvert’s favor. Here are a few reasons that will help you understand better. Read on.


  • Introverts Speak Less And Listen More :



An extrovert may be good with speaking, but an introvert is better with listening. Since introverts are typically quieter, they are mostly listening to the conversation or debate, and understand better. An introvert can be caught in between a large group of people, and focus on the various types of conversations and exchanges that are happening in front of them. Whereas an extrovert can only tune into their individual conversation


  • They Are Highly Observant :



Apart from the power to listen, introverts are also great observers. They make great listeners and are aware of their environment. Their observation skills are very good. Therefore they have an eye for mistakes and successes of others around them and pick up quickly. Introvert people never fail in life, because they are aware of what they need to do and what to focus on in every situation in life.


  • They’re Self-Aware :



You will never find an introvert irresponsible or dishonest. They are self-aware and are always conscious of how his close ones perceive him. Most introverts are careful about how they portray themselves and want to be taken seriously. For that reason, they will most likely not take part in any activity that may harm their self-esteem or embarrass them. They will never work anywhere that they may feel low about themselves or be insulted.


  • They’re Creative :



You may have noticed this about some of your introvert friends. Since they keep to themselves, they self-reflect more. This makes them more thoughtful. They are observant and see the creative and inspirational aspect to most things. They are very creative when it comes to art, poetry, or conceptual interpretation of any subject. They see things that most extroverts do not. This is why introvert people never fail in life especially in the creative field.


  • They’re Trustworthy :



They may speak less but introverts don’t make promises lightly. They live up to their expectations and always make ends meet. If introverts are one thing, they are trustworthy. They are someone you can always rely on. You will see them understand you and help you through any situation. They are the perfect friend. And if it is something important, you can always trust them.


  • They Think Before They Act:



Another thing that introverts are known for, it’s their ability to think things through. They don’t just jump to assumptions or say something without thought. Introverts plan as much ahead as possible, as they fear negative impacts. Introvert people never fail in life, for this aspect as they think carefully before taking a risk. And whether it succeeds or fails they will work on it with wisdom and positivity.


  • They Are Highly Focused On Hard Work :



Another important factor about introverts is that they measure success in a different metric. They may not succeed in the same way as socially driven people, but differently. They are not driven by professional advancement or reward systems, but instead by the team’s productivity and high-quality work. They focus on the bigger picture and work towards it.


  • They Don’t Get Distracted :



Socially driven people get distracted easily, and that’s subjective to many causes. But introverts have the power to disconnect and tune out all the noise and concentrate. They draw their energy from focus and calm surroundings, and therefore they can easily focus on any task at hand. They avoid any distraction that can harm their work or close connections and rather avoid the situation. This ability to concentrate enhances their quality of work and therefore introvert people never fail in life.


Few Successful Introverts :

If you are still not convinced that introverts can be successful then history will prove it to you. Here are a few successful people throughout history that were all introverts.


  • Albert Einstein:


He is one of the most known scientists in history, Albert Einstein, as known for being an Introvert. He has achieved wonders in the field of theoretical physics. He even won a Nobel prize for his work in physics. He considered his introverted tendencies as his strengths to succeed.


  • Bill Gates :


The founder of Microsoft is currently the world’s richest people. And he believes that all people have a unique set of skills, both introverts, and extroverts. And with these skills combined can make a company successful.


  • Warren Buffett :


Another introvert that is known for his introverted tendencies, is Warren Buffett. He owes his success to his solitary study habits that gave him the confidence to invest.


  • Elon Musk :


Another famous introvert is the creator of Tesla and SpaceX, among other famous companies, is Elon Musk. He is known for his introverted nature and is quite open about this aspect of his life.

These are a few facts you need to know about introverts and how it’s easy for them to meet success. And unlike how socially driven people become successful, their ways are different. Despite how outgoing or strong-willed and confident extroverts can be, there are many factors about introverts that makes them successful and hence introvert people never fail in life.


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