7 Reasons Why Indian Men Look More Attractive In Ethnic Wear

Ethnic is a way of living, connected to that specific racial or cultural group. India is a diverse country that adorns different cultures and religions. The customs celebrated and followed by Indians vary across the country. Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, and Christianity, are some of the major religions people believe and follow. Not only does the religion, one follows affects the way they think, and live, but also how they dress. In some cases, the region or the state they belong to has a great influence on Indian ethnic wear too.


Some popular ethnic statement pieces in Men’s attire are Kurtas, Ethnic Jackets, Kurta Pyjamas, Sherwanis & Dhotis, Mundus and Lungis for men. Here are a few reasons why you will look more attractive and handsome in Indian attire.


1. Confidence/ Attitude :

Unlike western attire we don’t wear our ethnic attire, we own it with traditional pride. There is a strong sense of ethnicity or cultural attitude whenever one dresses in ethnic attire. This evokes a sense of pride and confidence in the wearer. Call it desi-pride if you must, but comes naturally. And when you feel confident, you carry yourself well. Therefore ethnic/Indian attire can evoke a sense of ownership and builds a good charisma in the wearer.



2. Indian Climate :

Most parts in the country are relatively hotter than the western countries.  India is close to the equator, therefore, our climate is mostly warm throughout the year and there is not much transition in seasons. Winter jackets or trench coats are not really an essential part of our wardrobes until the core of winter is here. So it makes sense to wear something which is comfortable and light. In terms of silhouette and fabric, Indian ethnic wear is the best option. And there’s nothing more comfortable than the classic cotton, Kurta-pajama.



3. Look & Complexion of Indian men :

The undertone of Indian skin tone is warm, therefore colors of our ethnic attire are mostly earthy and colorful. This suits and complements dusky/wheatish Indian men. A tan complexion looks good together with a beard in an ethnic ensemble. Tall, dark and handsome, with traditional elements, all ideal features to look perfect in Indian ethnic wear.



4. Body type :

Most Indian men are not in great shape. Therefore Indian ethnic wear is perfect, as it conceals your tummies and flab. No need to feel insecure in those formal shirts or t-shirts that get tight around your belly. Since Indian Apparel is not that form-fitting, you don’t have to feel conscious about your shape. The kurtas are mostly straight fit, with Nehru jackets that are structured around the chest. Not to mention the patterns and embellishments complement the body.



5. Stand out from the crowd :

These days everyone we see is right from the runway, and very few people embrace trends of their roots. So when you wear Indian ethnic wear Not only does it make you stand out from the crowd, but you feel great too. The ethnic and cultural attire are classics and will remain ever-trendy, as opposed to the latest styles in western wear. So don’t follow the crowd and opt for the same old western wear, but instead stand out by wearing something ethnic.



6. Ethnic Casual & Occasionwear :

Not only can you wear Indian ethnic wear on casual days. But even on your special day, every Indian man would opt to wear traditional clothing, like sherwanis. They can be very intricate in terms of surface embellishment and silhouette and it makes you look perfect. Because unlike western fashion we have plenty no. of handlooms and give us the options to pick our best ones.



7. Fabrics Ethnicity :

In today’s world where every brand is ripping off another, Indian attire stands originally. Not to miss out on some Fabrics and weaves that are creatively woven and designed in our country. Textiles like Khadi, kalamkari, Banarasi, Chikankari, ikat etc are some examples of evergreen fabrics used in our country.



People dress differently in different regions of the country. This ethnicity is widely celebrated and cherished. However, in most metropolitan cities, western fashion is taken more seriously. However, most Indian men don’t realize that Indian ethnic wear brings out the real you. So the next time you need to dress for an occasion, think about going Traditional!


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