Quick Fashion Tips For Plus Size Men To look Slimmer

Want to look slimmer in your outfit? Well, it’s not enough to follow a workout routine and a nutrition plan. In order to look good and feel good in your clothes, you also need to dress up to look slimmer. Embracing the slim style of fashion means to spend lesser time at the gym, and focus more on your wardrobe. We have some quick tips for men to look slimmer or leaner in their clothes. These few style tricks will help you nail that lean and well-fit look. Keep reading for some neat hacks to dress slimmer.


1. Stripe Down To Slim Down :

One quick tip to look slimmer is to embrace those stripes. Vertical stripes going down your body always increases the length visually. A pinstripe trouser, or suit, will guide eyes up and down the length of the body, as opposed to a checked pattern or horizontal stripes. You could invest in a striped trouser, or shirt or even a jacket, wearing it with a solid color would still create the same slimming look. If you don’t prefer a bold stripe, you could go for a monochromatic, but thinner stripes to dress up to look slimmer.



2. Go For Form-Fitted Clothes :

If you want to look lean, then avoid baggy clothes, it will just add more bulk to your body. Most people fear fitted clothing, however, it helps to hide your flaws. A slim fit shirt is always a better option than a regular fitted shirt, as it won’t accentuate your bulges. But again, don’t go for clothes that are a size too small, as that will only make it appear as a bad fit. Get your sizes checked and updated regularly, so you don’t wear the wrong sizes. When we say fitted clothing, it should fit your form perfectly, not suffocate you. So shop for clothing that makes your form look more fitting.



3. Minimize The Contrast :

Another important rule to dress up to look slimmer, it to smartly turn down the contrast between the upper half and lower half of the body. You are likely to look shorter or broader when you wear a bright or dark color with something lighter. The contrast tends to cut your body at the waist, hence making you look shorter or flatter. When you wear a lesser contrast or monochromatic tones, then you avoid getting attention to your waist. And avoid wearing huge buckle-belts, unless you have a cinched waist, as it only accentuates the waist.



4. Whenever You Can, Suit-Up :

Find each and every excuse to suit up, as when we talk about dressing hacks to look lean. Not only is a tailored suit classy, but it helps to frame your body. If you can’t wear a full 3-piece suit, break it down. You could wear the jacket with a monochromatic look, or the trouser with a dark colored shirt or Tshirt. The more you bring a ‘structured formal clothing’ into your attire, it accentuates your shoulders or legs, instead of the waist. If you want to dress to look slimmer, then invest in some good jackets or suits, both casual or formal.



5. Mix In Some Black :

Black is the color to go to when you aim to dress up to look slimmer. Black is most probably there in everybody’s wardrobe. But what you need to know about mixing black in your attire, is that it can work wonders to slim you down. Team it with any clothing, and you will see how it creates a good clean fit. It amazingly conceals your curves or bulges, and makes you look smart! So if you haven’t already got black apparels in your wardrobe, then go grab some now!



Things To Avoid – To Look Slimmer


  • Avoid wearing big patterns or loud prints. As it only draws attention to your figure. If you must choose prints, go for a more subtle or smaller print.
  • Avoid pleated clothes. Pleats can look neat, however, they can add more bulk to your body. So it’s definitely out when it comes to dressing to look slimmer.
  • Untuck your shirt, in case you are conscious about that tummy! When you tuck it, it accentuates your belly more.
  • Avoid High-waisted pants, as the button on your belly, can draw more attention to your stomach.
  • Avoid round-necks or crews. Instead, you can go for a V-neck or point-collars, as it minimizes the roundness in your face.
  • Avoid dramatic or bright colors! The darker the color you wear, the slimmer you can look.
  • Avoid cross strapping a satchel across your chest, as it can draw attention to man-boobs or moobs.
  • Avoid regular-fits or loose fitted clothing, as it can only make you look heftier than you are.


Keep these things in mind to dress up to look slimmer and you are good to go! No more stress at the gym or cutting down on lunch to look better later in the evening. All you need to do is revamp your wardrobe, and wear better fitting clothes and that’s the ultimate hack to look fit. And another bonus is, when you wear more form-fitted, and tailored to fit clothing, you feel more confident. These smart ways are sure to make you look slimmer every day.

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