11 Powerful Life Quotes To Inspire You

Most people are ungrateful of life and pay less attention to appreciate its beauty. But despite the ups and downs we all face in our lives, one must realize that Life is a gift, aim to live at its fullest. Every day, with each sunrise, you get the chance to chase opportunities to fill your days with meaning and a purpose to live your life the way you choose. There will be moments that will make you want to give up everything and succumb to the sadness, but always remember that your happiness is in your own hands. You will be happy if you choose to be. Some people still struggle with this every day. They depend on other people, material, or money to satisfy their happiness, but this way you can never truly be happy. To be inspired, one must let go of worries, and focus on their main goal.


Life should be all about new experiences, and thirst for knowledge. When you pursue wealth non-stop you forget to enjoy the good times in life. A great person once said that God has given us the senses to feel the love in everyone’s heart. You cannot bring back wealth to your grave, you can only take back great memories and great adventures in life. Only adventure and experience can teach you the greatest things in life. So if you are feeling low in life, we are here to inspire you with some quotes written by great people. Here are 11 best life quotes to inspire you in every moment of your life.


1. “Live each day as if your life had just begun.”- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe



It is as simple as it is written, Johann believes, that each morning you should wake up feeling passionate as if your life has just begun. Don’t let every day be the same, this way you will stop looking forward to the next day. When you look forward to something new, and something that just began, you are much more inspired to explore life with a fresh start.


2. “The mind is everything, what we think we become.”- Buddha



What do you think of you? Well, your mind is everything you experienced and became so far. You are what you have been through, and it has made you a stronger person. Buddha Says, our mind is what our life is based on. If you think positive, you will live a positive life and surround yourself with positivity. If you believe you are strong, you will be strong.


3. “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”- Helen Keller



Not everything is materialistic in the world. Emotions and feelings, like joy, sorrow, passion, excitement, are all things that are felt with your heart. You may work with your mind, but you can never keep your heart out of your work because it is the heart that feels things that the mind will never be able to understand, says Helen.


4. “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.”- Unknown



My personal favorite life quotes to inspire is this. Life is not easy, and most of us have learned this lesson, the hard way. But if you work hard, and never give up, you will see that this difficult journey has taken you to a beautiful destination. Work hard, and experience the difficulty to enjoy the destination once you achieve what you have desired all along.


5. “Every end is a new beginning.”- Santosh Kalwar



Unlike in movies, there is no The End in real life. If one door closes, another door opens, there is always scope for more opportunities. With one end, begins another new chapter. Don’t let failure ever stop you, because it only opens the way for another new beginning. The world has so much to offer!


6. “Why fit in when you were born to stand out.”- Dr, Seuss



Don’t follow the herd, be different, be you! Dr, Seuss says why should one find the need to fit in, when you have the chance to stand out. We are not all made the same, and we have different desires, different interests and goals. So instead of following what everyone does, identify what you like and focus on that alone.


7. “Never sacrifice three things: your family, your heart and your dignity.”- Unknown



Another anonymous writer quotes, “Never sacrifice three things: your family, your heart and your dignity.” You can only take back memories to your grave. You can reach heights in your career, but nothing can compare the company of a partner or loved one. Love from family and your significant other is the true riches that will follow you.


8. “No matter how hard life is, never lose hope.”- Zayn Malik



When all hope is lost, it’s easy to give up. But Zayn Malik believes that no matter what life gives you, you should always keep trying to the best of your ability. If things don’t go your way try something different, but never give up. The moment you give up, it means you were close to your goal but you lost hope.


9. “ Know your worth.”- Unknown



Don’t expect an outsider to understand your value from within. Not even your family or friends can understand your full worth, It is you who should recognize your worth and owe yourself the happiness you deserve to get. So stop questioning and looking down upon yourself, and see what you are worth.


10. “Stay humble, work hard, be kind.”- Unknown



This should be every aspiring entrepreneur catchphrase. This anonymous quote believes, one should always remember his roots, stay humble, and work hard towards their goal. Life is not easy, and for some, it can be harder, but hard work will always pay off. And lastly, be grateful and kind to those who are important to you in your life.


11. “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”- George Bernard Shaw



Life doesn’t end where you discover yourself. It’s not over until you have created yourself. Become the person you desire to see yourself as. And make it a goal to create yourself. Never give up on working on it, says George Shaw. These are all life quotes to inspire written by some great and inspiring folks.


These are a few life quotes to inspire you, stay positive and happy, and remember that success is not just about greatness, it’s more. Reading inspiring quotes can drive your motivation to keep trying harder to achieve what you desire. Stay true to yourself, and be open to new knowledge and opportunities. Keep your dreams alive and fight for what you want to see yourself become.


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