What Perfumes Indian Men Should Wear In Winter?

Cologne and perfume play a crucial role in a man’s wardrobe. But did you know that you should change your perfumes according to the season? In summer, you should go for scents which will make you feel lighter, whereas, in winter, one should opt for scents which will bring some warm feeling to the body. We will talk about the perfumes Indian men should wear in Winter.

Perfumes are also made in such a way, where a perfumer adjusts the portions of the top, middle, and bottom parts of the bottle according to the season changes. So, here in this article, we will talk about why you should change your perfume in Winter, what are the best perfumes Indian men should wear in Winter, and more.

Why Do You Need To Change Your Perfume In Winter?


If you don’t know yet, then here’s a trivia: fragrances don’t carry out as long in winter as they would in summer. If you think with basic sense, in summer the air is much warmer and there is not much of a layering of clothes in the body. On top of that, you sweat, so your perfume gets the chance to infuse with the air and carry away.

  • In winter, there’s no sweating. There are layers of clothing that the perfume needs to invade to meet the air, on top of that the air is cool, not warm, which makes it difficult for the scent to carry away. So, technically, during winter, you will need some scent which is stronger than the usual scents, having the power to invade multiple layers of clothing. In short, we would want a strong fragrance in winter to wear.
  • Also, you should route for heavy, intense, and warm colognes in winter. Just the opposite in summer. Summer calls for something breezy and soft, whereas winter needs intense and warm cologne like Cinnamon scent to make you feel warmer, and also pass through the sweaters.
  • Scents like sandalwood, vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, doesn’t work well in summer, as it gets infused with your sweat and creates an odd smell. In winter, it’s just the opposite. You will love the smell of these scents in winter. That calls another reason to change your perfume in winter.
  • Another interesting fact? There’s no sun during winter. Right? Now, if you didn’t know, the sun is the optimum source of most of our energy, directly or indirectly. So when There’s no sun, you will automatically feel a little gloomy and depressed, also lazy at the same time. Lack of vitamin D. Science!
  • Now, to battle that depression out, scents like Vanilla and Chocolate works like wonder. These are the scents that hit our brain and make our mood elevated. They are sweet in nature. And automatically, they are able to spread the sweetness in our minds, too.
  • Also, aquatic citrus scents work well in summer. It brings you a feeling of coolness and calm. But in winter, it will do the same. Do you need the feeling of coolness and calm in winter when it’s so chilly out there? Believe us, you will hate your scent.
  • But if you switch to fragrance like vanilla & cinnamon it will bring the warmth in winter yes, the much-needed warmth which you seek in winter. A scent that keeps your mind’s periphery warm is a scent which you should opt for winter.

Also, the fact, that heavy scents are much capable of invading the clothes and meet the air in winter, and carry a little away. That’s one more benefit of having these scents in winter! They do no get worn out sooner!

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How To Identify The Best Perfume For Winter?


Till now, you are sure enough that winter calls for change in perfume! But, you do not know yet which are the best perfumes Indian men should wear in winter! We will get into the luxury brands, we will get into the perfumes which will not flame your pocket, also we will get into affordable deodorants. But before all, let’s understand how to identify the best perfume for winter!

1. Winter Needs Heavy Scents!

You already know why. Light scents evaporate faster in winter as your skin is dry, and there’s no sweat to hold onto. Here’s a quick hack, apply some lotion or Vaseline on the key points of your body where you apply scents. Then spray the perfume. It will make your skin moist, and the perfume will last longer. Heavy scents don’t get worn out easily in winter.

2. Ask The Shopkeeper About Notes :


No, not musical notes. Scents are divided into three notes. Top, middle, bottom. The bottom notes are the heaviest, commonly made of sandalwood or heavy fragrances. Ask the shopkeeper to show you scents that have heavy notes.

3. Perfume > Cologne :

Though we have a misconception that both are the same, they are not. Generally, a cologne is lighter. It only consists of 5% of the scent. Yes, 5% is enough for that mesmerizing fragrance. But in winter, as already said, you will need something heavy. For that, you will need to shift to perfume.

Perfumes have almost 18% of the scent. More dense in nature and better capability of infusing with the chilly air. In summer, they might feel extremely raw, but in winter the same perfume will do wonder. You always need to get perfume in winter instead of cologne.

4. Go For Sweet, Spicy, And Woody Scents :

Winter already brings a little depression. Yes, the lack of Sun and vitamin D causes so. Also, winter is always about finding happiness. So look for fragrances that are sweet, woody and warm.

Cinnamon is a great example. So is sandalwood. Woody scents are very earthy, and they carry an extremely rough yet pleasant smell.

Gourmand scents also fall into this category. Vanilla is a scent that can immediately lighten up your mood with its sweet fragrance.

These are the basic steps to choose perfumes Indian men should wear in winter. Now, let unveil our top picks!

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5 Best Men’s Luxury Perfumes For Winter :

  • Dolce & Gabbana The One: Speaking about the best perfumes Indian men should wear in winter, Dolce & Gabbana The One, has to be the one! This scent has a woody smell. The bottom of the bottle has Cedar, Tonka bean, Ambergris. The middle of the bottle has Nutmeg, Ginger, and Cardamom. And the head of the bottle has Grapefruit, Basil, Coriander. A top pick for your winter. SHOP NOW
  • Valentino Uomo: This scent is packed with coffee, hazelnut, chocolate and much more. A perfect mix of sweetness in a bottle for winter. The head of the bottle consists of Bergamot, Myrtle. The middle of the bottle has hazelnut, coffee, chocolate. And the bottom has, Cedar and leather. A perfect combination for a chilly winter. SHOP NOW
  • Bleu De Chanel: Talking about perfumes for Indian men should wear in winter, Bleu De Channel has to be mentioned. The bottle of the bottle consists of Sandalwood, Labdanum, Patchouli. The heart of the bottle consists of jasmine, nutmeg, lavender. And the top part of the bottle consists of Grapefruit, lemon, mint. This combination itself can blow any mind in chilly winter nights. SHOP NOW
  • Paco Rabanne 1 Million: This scent combines grapefruit and blood oranges. The base of the bottle consists of Agarwood, Labdanum. The middle part of the bottle consists of Neroli, Rose, Cinnamon. The top part consists of grapefruit, blood oranges, and mint. These elements together create a perfect fragrance for winter. SHOP NOW
  • Viktor & Rolf Spice Bomb: As the name says, this scent consists of paprika, cinnamon, and saffron at the heart of the bottle. At the bottom, it has Agarwood, Labdanum. And at top pepper and Elemi. This scent is basically a spice bomb and definitely one of the perfumes Indian men should wear in winter. SHOP NOW

5 Best Affordable Winter Perfumes For Indian Men :

  • Fogg Impressio: For 100ml perfume, you pay less than ₹500, what else do you need? Good fragrance? It is indeed a premium cologne. SHOP NOW
  • Denver Natural Hamilton Blue: It has a touch of premium intense, sensual, and masculine flavor. Also under ₹500. Denver is a great name in the cologne industry. SHOP NOW
  • AXE Signature Gold Perfume: This cologne is priced a little above ₹300. AXE is also a great name in the cologne industry. A great choice for winter. SHOP NOW
  • Adidas Dynamic Pulse Eau De Toilette: A sporty and masculine perfume launched in 1997. It contains low tones of Tonka and sweet fruits. Also, citrus, cedar, and mint. A great go-to cologne for winter. SHOP NOW
  • Park Avenue Eau De Parfum- Euphoria: This perfume consists of orange flowers. A great dose of sweetness in the wintertime. Definitely one of the best perfumes Indian men should wear in winter. SHOP NOW

5 Best Deodorants For Men In Winter :

  • Park Avenue Signature Deo
  • Nivea Fresh Active
  • Kamasutra Deodorant
  • Brut
  • Royal Mirage

These are all our top picks for Perfumes Indian men should wear in winter. So what are you going to get for you this winter?

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