How To Keep New Year’s Resolutions – 2019

It’s the end of another epic year, 2018 is now behind us. Now is the time to start afresh, with 2019. Every year we should strive to perform and live better than the previous one. Let bygones be bygones, learn from your failures, and work towards achieving your goals.  And one way to keep yourself motivated is by writing them down as your New Year’s Resolutions. Whether it’s a decision to focus more on your career or to get fit, or even to give more time to your loved ones.


The unfortunate reality of New Year’s Resolutions is that most won’t last. Everyone often ends up making resolutions that are either too difficult to keep or fail to be a priority in our list. We are here to help you make the right resolutions that you will not only be driven toward but will also achieve it. Here are a few favorite resolutions, along with some tips to stay motivated to achieve them.


#1 To make Health/Fitness a Priority :

If you plan on making New Year’s Resolutions for fitness, like losing weight, or becoming more active, eating healthier, gaining muscle or to get lean. Then this comes under health and fitness priority. If you want to make this one work, you have to be consistent. Don’t start with Fad diets, or weight loss programs, these will not help you to get satisfactory results.


How to Do it:

You can start by enrolling to a gym membership, or joining Yoga classes, based on your preference. Next would be to make a diet chart that you will be able to follow. Start small, with small steps toward your goal. Realistic goals are the secret to success when it comes to fitness outcomes.


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#2 Quit A Bad Habit/ Self-improvement :

Some New Year’s Resolutions are for self-improvement. Whether you want to quit smoking or cut down on drinking, stop slacking at work, stop littering. Anything that is holding you back from being the best version of yourself, is a bad habit. Making self-improvement resolutions can be more difficult to keep. Since it’s more about breaking a habit and to avoid it for the rest of the year.


How to do it:

First, start by noting down all the negative impacts of the habit. The more you make yourself aware of the negative effects, the better. Avoid temptations and anything that provokes you to do the habit. Then carefully ease into avoiding the habit itself. Reduce the frequency at first, and slowly cut down, don’t stop it all at once.


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#3 Save Money/ Spend Mindfully :

Saving money is another popular New Year’s Resolutions. Making more money, or spending less, or being more efficient with saving money, or investing mindfully, all these are resolutions to grow your wealth. There may be endless ways to achieve this, but it needs a smart but practical approach since it comes to cutting costs.


How to do it:

If you want to make more money, look for ways and opportunities that can make it possible. Stop talking and start doing. Cut down on your daily expenses to save money. Stop spending mindlessly, or on things that you don’t require. Distinguish between things you NEED and things you WANT. And make the decision.


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#4 Focus on Career/ Future Plans :

This is a big one, and it is not something that will be achieved in a year. But this is something you gradually build up to. Whether it’s finding a new job, or starting a business, or making a big decision for your future, all of these would be resolutions for your career. Making work a priority will be a stressful resolution, which means you need to make the most effort on this one.


How to do it:

To make this New Year’s Resolutions work, you need to, unfortunately, take time from many things like fun, family, friends etc. Make a plan, and Get to work. Focus on creating good work, and don’t stop at that. Keep going until you get your plan working. Keep reading inspiring stories, sharpen your skill set, and remain motivated to make it happen.


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#5 More Time for Yourself/ Loved ones :

For this New Year’s Resolutions, you must be in a good place in your career and work. Shifting priority to loved ones is always the best one. This is where you will truly find happiness. You may have been so preoccupied with work that you have drifted from family and friends. This year, make more time for those who you love. Here’s how you can do it.


How to do it:

Start by calling your loved ones, plan outings, and make more frequent visits. Long phone calls, planning events together and just having a good time. This resolution is not that difficult to keep, but don’t hesitate to start. Think about how happy it will make you and those around you.


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These are a few popular resolutions, and how you can work towards keeping them. This year, make yourself a promise to keep your resolution. 2018 is gone now, and it’s a fresh start. Make some realistic New Year’s Resolutions, and work towards achieving them.

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