New Year Resolutions For YouTubers In India 2021

The new year 2021 is just around the corner and most of us are deciding upon our new year resolutions. Well, this is going to be a different kind of article, where we are going to talk about the probable new year resolution ideas of the people who affect our day to day lives. Yes, new year resolutions for YouTubers.

YouTubers are a big part of our lives now, and we can’t deny it. Whenever our favorite YouTuber uploads a video we rush to watch it. So here’s a different kind of article about what should be the New Year Resolution for the YouTubers.

Why New Year Resolutions Are Important?

We all say ‘New year, new me!’ and actually we all try our best to mean it. A new year brings a lot of positivity through happiness which makes us take new year resolutions to shape our next year even better!

New year resolutions are important for many reasons.

  • A New Year, A New Chance: A new year brings a chance to make your future even better. It gives you the mental boost that it’s all over starting again, and you can too. It helps you to become who you want to be. New year resolution gives you a new chance to start all over again, or keep going!
  • Provides Stability: Unless it’s about joining Gym and going regularly, which anyway gets broken by the 15th of Jan, it provides stability in your mind to achieve your goals. But new year resolutions have the power to provide you with stability for the next year. It helps you to just be at it!
  • Drives You: A new year is a new start, and a new start is capable enough to drive you well. This word ‘New year’ has a power in itself. The only thing which you need to practice is dedication. Once you are dedicated enough to your goals, it gives you enough boost to achieve them as well. New year resolutions literally drive you, if you put some effort.

With all the good reasons in hand, imagine what will happen if our favorite Youtubers undertake some new year resolutions which will only affect our lives to get better?

Well, here’s another thing. New Year Resolutions need to be kept simple & strong too, so we are focusing on the things which the Youtubers are already better at, as well as things which could be better. And as a final product, let them inspire us. Let’s begin.

New Year Resolutions For YouTubers In India 2021 :

1. Technical Guruji / Gaurav Chaudhury :

YouTube Channel:

This man is probably one of the most hardworking YouTubers, uploading two videos daily with concrete information about technology. From the latest updates to FAQs, as well as unboxing, he takes us through all the major infos of the tech world.

What can be the resolution for him? To continue what he is doing even in 2021, and let the solid information reach us. He is inspiring and what can be a better resolution for him to continue inspiring us.

Also, he has another channel for vlogging too!

2. BB Ki Vines / Bhuvan Bam :

YouTube Channel:

BB is one of the most down to earth guys in the digital industry. He wanted to be a singer in life, life took a turn as his vines started to get popular, and single-handedly he made 15+ characters. All entertaining as hell.

The best part is he still shoots in his phone holding with a hand when he can afford a whole crew. That’s simplicity.

What can be the resolution for him? To be whatever he is. To keep on focusing on social issues like water problem rapes in our country, and so more in a fun yet hard-hitting way. Over 15M people follow him, and he said: “I can’t take them for granted!”

There’s a lot to learn from this guy. And the best resolution for him can be ‘BB being the same’.

3. BeerBiceps / Ranveer Allahbadia :

YouTube Channel:

This guy is also a true inspiration. If you ever feel that you are wasted in your life and you can’t turn back, take him as inspiration. An Engineering student who made an empire and who is still growing in digital media.

Initially, he started his channel as a fitness channel as well as fashion tips, in 2019 he started with something called ‘Monk-e-chat’ which later got renamed as ‘The Ranveer Show’ where he conducts podcast. And there’s no doubt that his best resolution is to bring such enriching podcast more!

He is a person who promotes your fitness, your mental health, a healthy lifestyle & fashion. What can be better? The podcasts. Once you watch one of these podcasts, you will feel so motivated in life. The way he motivates you towards mental health and meditation will make you forever grateful to him. And the best resolution for him is to bring more of such podcasts to us.

4. Mumbiker Nikhil / Nikhil Sharma :

YouTube Channel:

A guy who will truly inspire you from every aspect of life. He went through his own struggles and he is so successful in life now. How we can say he is successful? Because he says ‘I am happy in life!’

I started as a cabin crew in Qatar Airways, then taking up a life-changing decision of Moto-Vlogging in India. When he started, nobody in India started with Moto-Vlogging. Soon, he made another life-changing decision of moving to ‘Lifestyle-vlogging’ being a pioneer in the industry.

Now he is the most successful vlogger of India. What’s the best resolution for him?

Daily Vlogging? No. He made a resolution in 2019 that he will go to a new country each month. Well, he did for some months but somehow he couldn’t cope up.

Why not fulfill the resolution in 2021? With him, we travel along. And who doesn’t like traveling?

5. Flying Beast / Gaurav Taneja :

YouTube Channel:

He is also a Pilot and Fitness freak who got into vlogging. Like BeerBiceps he started out with fitness tips in his videos but then he smoothly got into vlogging.

New year resolutions for YouTubers are tricky. They already give you what you like them for. Then what can be the perfect resolution for Gaurav Taneja? Be the same? Or take us to as many new places as he can along with his family in 2021? The later one sounds perfect.

6. EPR Iyer :

YouTube Channel:

While talking about the new year resolutions for YouTubers, EPR Iyer is not only a YouTuber. He is an Emcee-Poet-Rapper. He is one of the most experienced Rapper in our country who got fame a little late. He is been rapping for over 15 years now. But what’s so special about him?

He is a protest poet who spills out rhymes which are illegal. The way he protests for Farmer’s crisis in our country, Acid attacks, Rapes, Economy breakdown and loads of other important issues, nobody has done it in such a way.

The best resolution for him can be to keep standing for justice and keep rapping for the right, standing away from the wrong. As he says, hip-hop is all about to uplift people and be their voice. He has just around 100K subs, but he is still worth it.

7. Sandeep Maheshwari :

YouTube Channel:

New Year Resolutions for YouTubers is fine, but new year resolution for you can be to start watching this man’s videos if do no already. This man is truly empowering. He has millions of subscribers but did you know it is non-profit channel? He doesn’t earn anything from his YouTube channel.

He just wants to empower the people in the world and guide them in the right direction. His every speech can fuel you up towards your dreams. He has his own successful website of Image Bazar where he sells stock images.

New years resolution for him? To keep on inspiring us with his videos. For business, for mental health, and for what not.

8. Dr. Vivek Bindra :

YouTube Channel:

For all the people who want to focus on their start-up or existing business to give it a boost and reach the desired goals, their new year resolution should be watching this man’s video regularly.

This man can boost you up and your business and guide you in the best possible way possible. What should be the new year resolutions for YouTubers, Dr. Vivek Bindra, is to make more of such inspirational videos and online courses to help us out.

9. Fit Tuber / Vivek Mittal :

YouTube Channel:

Talking about the new year resolutions for YouTubers, let’s talk about the most important YouTuber for the people who want to stay fit. There are millions of fitness videos but for Indians, this guys is a messiah. He talks about diets which are extremely affordable and homemade and you can still reach your fitness goal easily.

What should be the new year resolution for this guy? To make more of such videos! These videos are all about desi solutions to all your problems. Best thing is he talks about ancient Ayurveda to give us solutions, which is proven for so many thousand years.

10. Dhruv Rathee :

YouTube Channel:

This YouTuber is focused on keeping us updated about political scenarios around the globe, especially India. Not only Political scenes, but he also makes videos on various important contents like Climate change, and water crisis.

Dhruv Rathee is a person who puts out facts as well as his opinions. This channel gives a perspective about the most important scenarios in our country and outside.

What can be the new year resolution for him? Be as fearless as he is and make more of such contents for us.

11. Vir Das :

YouTube Channel:

A few years back, Vir Das had uploaded a video on his channel titled ‘On Your Marks’. This video highlights how the board’s exams or any exam are important but the marks. They can not define your future. It’s your hard work in life which will decide that.

Later this Bollywood actor turned into full time Stand Up Comedian. His stand up comedy videos are most unique and entertaining too. He talks about stuff like women empowerment as well as addresses all the important news & facts of the country & world. In short, he is ruling the Stand-up game worldwide.

What could be his New Year Resolution 2021? To be regular on YouTube and let the viewers enjoy his content. Also, bring back the Podcast!

12. CarryMinati, Ashish Chanchlani, Harsh Beniwal, Amit Bhadana, BeYouNick :

Carry Minati:

Ashish Chanchlani:

Harsh Beniwal:

Amit Bhadana:


These all the Youtubers are famous for their vines and entertaining videos. Carry or Ajey Nagar is one of the most successful gamers in India, as well as his roasting videos, which are top-notch. He is infamous for the clash with PewDiPie.

Ashish, Harsh, Amit, Nick all put out entertaining short videos. So the best new year’s resolution for them is to keep on doing so.

These were the best possible New year resolutions for YouTubers who are ruling YouTube India. What can be your new year’s resolution? To follow them, enjoy their content and stay happy. Focus on your mental health this year with your normal health. And don’t give up!

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