Men’s Guide On How To Remove Pubic Hair Without Shaving

Most people try to keep their pubic areas clean by shaving their hair. Shaving is considered the most common way to remove pubic hair but it holds various risks such as skin irritation, inflammation, and itching. If you looking to avoid this side effects problem you should try various other ways to remove your pubic hair without using a razor. This article will guide you about how to remove pubic hair without shaving. 

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Keeping your private parts clean and fresh is a good habit towards living a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. Cutting pubic hair sometimes causes various problem that needs to be avoided with proper care and avoiding shaving of the hairs.

If you are looking for home remedies for the itchy pubic area after shaving, then you are at the perfect perfect place. This article will inform you about how to cut pubic hair at home with ease. It is better to wax the pubic hair than shave it. 

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5 Benefits Of Waxing Than Shaving :

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The waxing process of removing hair is quick and affordable in case of most areas of the body. It is the easiest way to remove pubic hair in the modern period as the waxing lasts much longer than the shaving. Experts say that with shaving off your pubic hair you need to use the razor again within a day or two. However, with waxing, you can enjoy hair-free skin nearbout six weeks. Let’s find five important benefits of waxing. 

  • Less Regrowth Of Hair: One of the important benefits of waxing is that the hair does not grow back quickly. It is because waxing tends to remove hair from the roots while shaving causes cutting off hair very close to skin level. Deep shaving also keeps a considerable amount of hair below the surface of the skin which reappears on the skin in a day or two. Thus waxing gives you a smooth finish and provides more comfort to your skin. 
  • Waxing Causes Exfoliation: Dead skin cells and clotting of grime in the skin causes blemishes and acne can be cured by exfoliating the skin. Waxing tends to remove dead skin cells that provide a smooth, fresh, and clean look to the skin. It is recommended to exfoliate your skin prior to 48 hours to the waxing process. 
  • Banishes The Shaving Rash: The problem of shaving rash tends to give rise to inflammation produced by skin irritation. It is because, with shaving, you tend to expose your skin to friction that causes more inflammation. While with waxing you can avoid this over the months providing your skin with the option to calm down. 
  • Goodbye To Itching: Most of you may have experienced much itching immediately after the post-shave period. However, regrowth of the hair ramps up the itching. But with waxing, you may experience brisk sting and a little bit of prickle however be itch-free for a longer period. 
  • Fewer Ingrown Hairs: In the case of ingrown hairs shaving can be a disaster for many of you. The ingrown hairs sometimes become painful and look unsightly. Professional waxing tends to remove the wax strips in such a way that minimizes the risk of ingrown hairs. It causes the fast removal of hair while the skin is held tight. 

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10 Natural Ways To Remove Pubic Hair Permanently At Home :

At some point, most of you want to remove your pubic hair permanently and naturally as possible. Can you believe, there are natural ways to remove your pubic hair. Yes, believe it or not, there are some natural ways to remove unwanted pubic hair easily at home. Let’s find out. 

1. Hair Removal Using Wax 

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People who are wondering about how to remove pubic hair without shaving must try the wax hair removal technique. Wax is considered to be one of the important and popular home remedies in case of removing pubic hair from the private parts effectively.

Sugar wax can be easily made at home using 200g sugar, 60 ml of lemon juice, and 60 ml of water. Using this wax removes the pubic hair from the root which causes hair to take time to regrow again. However, you need to bear some pain as the process is painful. 

  • First, add the ingredients to a  saucepan and heat it to make it boil. Once it gets boiled simmered it in low medium heat to make it golden brown. 
  • Then pour the mixture and let it be cool for around 30 minutes. 
  • Spoon the wax mixture into your hand and spread it to your pubic hair where you want to clean. Keep it for 2 to 3 minutes to make it sit. 
  • Then, lift any corner of sugar wax and rip off the wax in opposite direction to hair growth. Clean the residue in the area to get a fresh look. 

2. Hair Removal Using Egg And Sugar Mixture 

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If you want to remove your pubic hair naturally at a low cost at home? Then, use an egg and sugar mixture to remove your pubic hair in a nutritious way. Eggs contain useful properties and are inexpensive that can be used to remove unwanted pubic hair. It is one of the best pubic hair itching home remedies in the article. You can also use it as one of the home remedies for itching pubic area after shaving. 

  • First, boil one or two eggs along with 3 tsp of sugar and form a mixture. Shave your pubic parts and let them heal for a few days. 
  • After that apply the mixture to your pubic hair gently and make a thin layer. 
  • Leave the mixture for around 15 to 20 minutes until it gets dry. 
  • Then peel off the mask from the out in and get a hair-free private part. 

3. Pubic Hair Removal Using Papaya 

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Are you worried about how to cut pubic hair at home naturally and permanently? Then, try papaya for removing your pubic hair as it contains the enzyme papain that possesses hair removing effect. It cannot remove your hair overnight but can reduce the hair regrowth rate. Using papaya for removing pubic hair provides you with the solution for a long time. It is the best solution for those who do not know how to remove pubic hair without shaving. 

  • First, chop papaya into small pieces and make a mixture with it using 2 tsp of turmeric. 
  • Apply the mixture on your pubic hair and skin liberally in such a way that it reaches the hair follicles. 
  • Leave it for around 15 minutes and wash it off with water. 
  • Repeat the process 2 to 3 times every week to see a reduction in hair growth in the pubic region. 

4. Pubic Hair Removal Using Raw Turmeric Root

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Raw turmeric plays an important role in removing pubic hair that makes it in the list of how to remove pubic hair without shaving. Do not worry about yellowish of the skin while using this remedy because it dissipates with time. Turmeric is a useful household ingredient that is good for the skin because of its high antiseptic properties.

Experts say that turmeric contains ingredients that slow down hair growth and brighten skin. If you are searching for how to remove pubic hair without shaving with turmeric, go for this process. The antiseptic properties of turmeric make it one of the best pubic hair itching home remedies. 

  • You have to mix around 3 tsp of turmeric powder along with 1tsp of milk and form a mixture. 
  • Apply the paste well on the unwanted pubic hair region in the same direction of the hair growth. 
  • Leave it to dry for around 20 minutes. Then add small water to your hands and wet the paste slightly and scrub the skin in a circular motion. 
  • Then, wash it with lukewarm water and pat it dry. 

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5. Remove Pubic Hair Using Sesame Oil 

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If you are a female and want a hairless bikini body easily at home naturally? Then, use sesame oil which will help you to get rid of the hair problems immediately along with hydrating your skin properly. Moreover, consistent use of sesame oil helps in permanently removing hair from your private parts.

It helps in reducing the itchiness of private parts that make it useful pubic hair itching home remedies. It also acts as a home remedy for itching pubic area after shaving. This treatment is less painful than the waxing treatment. 

  • Before using sesame oil, first, you need to wash the pubic area thoroughly and dry it well. 
  • Then take some sesame oil in a bowl and finely chop one raw papaya into pieces and grind it well to form a pulp. 
  • Rub the paste gently on the pubic hair and leave it for 30 minutes. 
  • Then wash it well with water to see the magic of the natural hair remover. 

6. Remove Hair With Moisturising Cream 

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If you are looking for the best home remedies for itching pubic area after shaving? Then use moisturizing cream to remove pubic hair slowly over time. The moisturizing cream is easily available in every household which makes this process more affordable for everyone.

However, you have to add a few extra ingredients to make a paste that can help you remove pubic hair easily without shaving. If you are wondering about how to remove penis hair at home, why not try this remedy today to find the best solution. 

  • Take some raw papaya chop it into fine pieces to make a pulp. Mix the papaya pulp with moisturizing cream effectively. 
  • Then, apply the paste to the shaved pubic area and keep it for a couple of minutes. 
  • After then wash it well with normal water and see the results.
  • More use of it will remove your pubic hair and improve the skin texture in pubic area. 

7. Remove Pubic Hair Permanently Using Gram Flour 

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Gram flour remedy is one of the easy and popular home remedies for permanently removing pubic hair. As many of you want to get rid of the pubic hair permanently from your life, you can definitely start using this remedy from today only.

It can be easily carried out at home with just a few ingredients that making it one of the best solutions for people who want to know about how to remove penis hair at home easily. 

  • Add 2 tsp of peppermint oil and one finely chopped papaya. Grind them well to form a thick paste. 
  • You have to shave your private parts a couple of days ago before applying this paste. 
  • So once pubic hair starts sprouting, apply this paste on the private parts and let it dry for some time. 
  • This cask-like paste will pull out the sprouting pubic hair from roots causing much time for the hair to regrow back. 

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8. Remove Hair Using Cornstarch And Egg

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Are you wondering about how to remove pubic hair without shaving? Then, you can use cornstarch and egg mixture which is one of the useful natural techniques for both men and women in removing their pubic hair. Eggs help in moisturizing the private part of the skin that can help you to feel more relaxed. It is easy to use and is best for those who do not know how to remove pubic hair without shaving. 

  • Add some cornflour to one egg and mix it well to get a paste. 
  • Apply the mixture well on your pubic region and keep it for around 20 to 30 minutes. 
  • When it gets dried fully remove the dried cask like matter faster. 
  • Wash it with water to see the effective results. 

9. Pubic Hair Removal Using Lentil And Potato Paste 

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If you are interested in removing your pubic hair from the comfort of your home only? Then, you should definitely try the paste of lentil and potato to get rid of your pubic hair. You will only require some fresh yellow lentils, lemon juice, potatoes, and honey to try this effective home remedy. This measure is effective for both males and females. It has no side effects and is one of the best techniques.

  • Grind some potatoes and lentils in a grinder to make a paste. 
  • Apply the fine paste in your private parts and keep it for half an hour for drying. 
  • Then, rinse it with water which will bleach the stubborn hair from the pubic region. 
  • Frequent use will give you effective results. 

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10. Remove Hair With Sugar, Honey And Lemon Treatment 

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The last remedy on the list is of using sugar, honey, and lemon for removing the pubic hair at home with ease. It is one of the easy and popular remedies because the ingredients are easily available in every household. You can easily try this at home which also can be done at a low cost. You need to heat the sugar until it gets liquified and gets thickens. 

  • Once the sugar gets liquified add lemon juice and honey in it and stir it vigorously. 
  • Stir it well until you get a thick paste and leave it for a few minutes to cool down.
  • Apply the paste all over the pubic region but be careful that you have trimmed your pubic hair 10 days before. 
  • After applying leave it for 20 minutes and apply some waxing cloth over it. With the help of a wax cloth, rip off the unwanted pubic hair. 
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Bottom Line:

As most of you worry about how to get rid of pubic hair at home only with natural remedies. This article has listed various natural remedies for cleaning pubic hair easily and effectively.

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For carrying out the process, all you need to do is gather the listed ingredients and follow the step properly which will take only a few minutes. Hope you have found this article helpful. Stay tuned for more.

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FAQs :

1. How long do these above methods take to remove hair?

The result of the above-listed home remedies for pubic hair removal varies from person. It is because the volume of hair is different for a person and the regrowth time is also different. However, in the case of waxing the result is instant. 

2. Can these methods be used for removing chest hair? 

Yes, the above-mentioned methods are suitable for removing chest hair. It is because the hair trend is the same in a person’s body. 

3. How do you wax your pubic hair naturally?

You can easily wax your pubic hair with the help of shaving, tweezing, and trimming. Shaving is the easiest method as it requires only a razor and a gel to clean your pubic hair. Whereas, tweezing is a little bit more painful than shaving and can be done with fewer materials.

On the other hand, trimming your pubic hair is the easiest process with the help of scissors. However, trimming with trimmers helps in cleaning pubic hair but becomes risky. 



Disclaimer: This article does not represent the views and opinions of medical professionals. It is solely based on research and reference by the author. It does not offer any medical suggestions or advice.

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