Men’s Complete Guide On How To Look Like A Model

Who doesn’t want to look like a model? We all do! But have you wondered how male models look so fit and well-groomed all the time? Photoshop can make someone’s face or body look like models but in real life? Well, it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to look fit like a male model. 


When we say “staying in shape” we don’t mean ultra-fit like the guy on the magazine poster with 8-pack abs. You don’t need to aim for the ideal body type. You just need to get muscles to get that manly ‘V’ shape, a slim body, a bit of sacrifice in your lifestyle and some investment in fashion. It’s simpler than what you know about how to look like a model?

Here in this article, we will be talking about a few simple yet effective things that will help you to look like male models. 

9 Tips On How To Look Like A Male Model :

Here we compiled these 9 simple tips on how to look like a male model for editorial, runway, and commercial models. However, these are also applicable to plus size and fitness models but few tips might not apply to them. So let’s start step by step to master male model poses and lifestyle.

1. Make Your Face More Chiseled :


One of the main features that all the male models have is structured jawlines. Not only are jawlines prominent, but even cheekbones do help you a lot to look sharp. But for many reasons, most of the people often don’t have structured jawlines and cheekbones. So if you want to look like a model, the first step would be to cut down on sodium(salt) from your diet. Due to Salt’s water retain property your face look bloated. Eat whole fruits like carrots, cucumber, etc, drink lots of water and chew gums. According to a study in Norway, chewing gum helps to reduce fat and strengthen your jaw muscles.

Tip: Consume less salt and chew gum to get a chiseled face.

2. Adapt The Right Style :


Adapting the right style is very important when considering how to look like a model. You can easily upgrade your appearance by wearing the right things. If you want to look like a male model, first you should put aside all your baggy clothes. Start wearing slim-fit jeans or tapered trousers that accentuate your legs and make your body look elongated. Always try to wear something simple yet stylish like black slim-fit jeans along with a white t-shirt and a jacket over it. Lastly, be picky about colors, neutrals are the best.

Tip: Don’t wear baggy stuff. Shop the right colors.

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3. Get The Right Hairstyle :


Usually, male models like to keep their hair long in the middle and shorter at the sides. This hairstyle can elongate the face and makes it look slimmer. It also gives you the option to play with your hairstyle and try different looks to look like a male model. When do we ask how to look like a model? Most male models would recommend this hairstyle as it is currently trending. However, you can try other haircuts depending upon your face shape.

Tip: Use some argan oil in the tips of your hair to make it look healthy and shiny.

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4. Have A Good Body :


Probably the most important factor in how to look like a model. Professional models are highly recommended to workout more often with body weights. Unlike fitness models, fashion models are more focused on building lean muscles and have a definition on their body. The aim is to have a lean and fit body as opposed to a bulky or over the muscular body. There are tons of bodyweight exercises available by which you can achieve a body like male models.

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5. Wear Some Cool Accessories :


It’s always better to accessorize your look. As they complete any look and outfit. But not every kind of accessory goes with everyone. Choose your accessories properly as it can reflect your taste and create a good impression. Some popular accessories that you can style are; rings, cool bracelets, chains or shades, etc. You can incorporate these in your look to look like male models. These are the things that make you stand out like a model.

6. Take Care Of Your Skin :


Taking care of your skin is mandatory when it comes to modeling. So if you want to look like a male model then you should take care of your skin too. Having clear skin is a sign of a good model. Not only your face but your body should also be taken care of properly. Here are a few ways how to look like a model with clear skin.

  • Identify your skin type – find out if it’s normal, oily or dry.
  • Get rid of undesirable body hair.
  • Use a good quality lotion for your skin nourishment.
  • Choose natural ingredients over chemicals.
  • Invest in good quality grooming products, such as razor, trimmer, hairdryer, etc.
  • Don’t forget to apply sunscreen before going out in the sun.
  • Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week using facial and body scrubs.
  • At least have 7-9 hours or good sleep.

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7. Maintain A Healthy Diet :


We totally understand how painful it is to keep away from fast food. Fast food can impact your skin and your body, which will make it difficult to have a male model body. First, you have to cut off junk food and sugary beverages. Eat home-cooked food with lots of vegetables and other healthy food rich with essential nutrients. Give one day of ease in every week to your healthy diet and eat whatever you like. Be conscious of your calorie intake and make sure you follow a diet which is little calorie deficit in order to lose fat or stay fit.

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8. Grooming Is Very Important :


Grooming is one of the most crucial things that make male models stand apart. Models are very conscious about it whether it is clipping nails or teeth whitening. They take care of every small but notable thing about their appearance. And of course, we also mean taking care of hair and beard grooming. If you have a beard and you like you to keep it clean and well-styled then first find a suitable beard style that goes with your face shape. Here are a few grooming tips to look well-groomed all the time.

  • Your teeth should be white and bright.
  • Nails should be properly clipped.
  • Eyes should be clean and dark circle free.
  • Ears should be waxed free.
  • Your mouth should be cleaned and shouldn’t stink.

9. Look More Confident :


If you manage to follow all the above tips that we have discussed above but you don’t have the confidence, then they are not going to help you. The key element on how to look like a male model is having confidence. You cannot become a confident person overnight. You have to gradually become more confident as you move ahead with everyday activities, while walking, sitting or even talking to people.

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Types Of Male Models In The Industry :


Before we jump to the conclusion we would like to tell you the types of male models that exist in the industry. So it will be easier for you to choose which category of the model you would like to become and train accordingly. Every type of male model has some specialty that differentiates them from others.

Editorial Models : 

Editorial Modeling is one of the most prestigious works a model can have in his portfolio. They are like chameleons, they have to change their look as per the job requirement. As a model, your job is to sell the garment, product, idea or a look that the magazine, designer or Ad is trying to display. This is what makes a good editorial model. There is no specific parameter for being an editorial model.

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Runway Models :

Runway modeling, also known as catwalk modeling, requires the ability to showcase a designer’s work while walking down a ramp, often in front of a large audience. A minimum height of 6ft to 6.3ft is required to become a runway model. However, the average height of a male model depends on the specific show as well. 

Commercial Models :

Commercial modeling is a niche that spins across a wide area. Advertisements (both print and television), catalogs and magazines all fall under this category. Big brands like H&M, Zara, etc hire commercial models to promote their product to their target audience. Here the physical requirements are less rigorous and men are still likely to be over 5.10ft.

Plus-Size Models :

Plus-Size models are individuals of average to larger stature (but not exclusively overweight or obese) who are engaged primarily in modeling plus-size clothing. They are not only engaged in work that is related to clothing, but also stock photography, advertising photography for cosmetics, household products, sunglasses, footwear, and watches.

Fitness Models :

Unlike the other categories, fitness models are most likely to be self-represented. Eating clean, working out every day, and having an athletic build are all key fitness modeling requires. Here models rather get judged by their physique and fitness rather than meeting the conventional fashion modeling standards.

Instagram Bloggers/Influencers :

Last but of course not the least we would like to mention this particular category. 10 years back there was no such thing existed in the industry but the present day it has totally shaken the modeling industry. Instagram influencers are mainly self-promoted models, who promote themselves on Instagram by clicking good pictures. Today it became one of the growing careers that guys are willing to pursue. 

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There are a few other types of models exist in the industry like underwear models, fit models, parts models, mature models, etc.

Conclusion :

These are a few things you need to know about how to look like a model. From their fitness, lifestyle, skincare routine, and fashion, one can clearly identify a model. And we believe that anyone can train to become a top model. So focus on which category of the model you would fit perfectly into, and begin working towards achieving that goal! Within no time you will look like a male model. 

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