Men’s Guide On How To Do A Pedicure At Home

Who doesn’t want some extra pamper? If someone on the planet ever thought that men don’t like to be pampered, wrong! Men probably want even more than women! And a pedicure can be the perfect event to indulge in some quality relaxation time. We understand, in your busy and fast day to day lives, it’s hard to make some time to hit the salon. So here’s all you need to know about how to do a pedicure at home!


But before we hop onto the hacks and procedures on how to do a pedicure at home, let’s get to know a little more about pedicure.

What Is Pedicure?


In simple words, pedicure means taking care of your feet. In fact, if the Latin word is broken down it had two parts ‘Pedis’ & ‘Cura’ which means ‘Of the foot’ & ‘Care’, combining both it is Care of the Feet.

A Pedicure is also a relaxation experience where the cleanliness of your feet is taken care of followed by clipping your toenails, exfoliating your feet and removing the extra skin, and most importantly the wonderful massage! It is like a bubble bath for your feet in warm water.

The massage is something that makes it the most relaxing experience after a hard week of work. Pedicure for women includes painting the nails whereas pedicure for men includes polishing the nails. However, if one wants to paint, there’s no harm.

What Includes In The Process?


To know the pedicure process better, let’s get into little details and understand what’s really in a pedicure package for Men. Then, we will move onto how to do a pedicure at home for men.

1. Do The Nails :

The first and foremost thing in a pedicure is clipping the nails. Let’s admit, when you cut your toenails it is either too short or nor perfectly done. In a pedicure you can either get your nails trimmed or cut, completely depending upon your choice.

Once the nails are cut, all the dirt around the toenails will be cleaned with proper lotions. Just tell your technician whether you want your nails to be clipped or cut, and the rest will be handled. In case you are doing that at home, hang on till the end of this article.

Once the nails are cut or trimmed, it is time to get it shaped properly. It is done with a nail file. The edges of your nails will be filed and shaped properly.

Once the nail is cut, and shaped with a nail file, it’s time to get it polished. It is done with a nail buffer where your nails get a shiny look. The consistent shiny look is generally given in the last part of the pedicure.

2. Cuticles :

Cuticles are the dry skin that surrounds your toenails. The dry skin where the nail meets your skin. The cuticles are removed with proper lotions applied. Generally, the cuticle removal creams make the cuticles softer and then they are soaked in a pedicure bowl.

There’s a fun process of doing that during a fish spa. In the fish spa, there’s fish used named G. Ruffa or also known as the Doctor Fish. Your feet are dipped into a pedicure bowl filled with Ruffa fish. And the fish eats out your cuticles or dead skins. When they eat your cuticles, you will feel a nice sensation like tickling.

3. Exfoliation :

After the cuticles, it’s your feet’s turn to lose up the dead skins. Here, a special kind of scrubber will be used to get rid of the dead skin of your feet. Or, one can use the Ruffa fish too.

If using a scrubber then it will be washed with warm water. This process makes your skin softer and fresh. Exfoliation makes your feet all rejuvenated.

4. Hydration :

Once the exfoliation is done, the next step of your pedicure is hydrating your feet into the warm water. You sit in an extra comfortable sofa and dip your feet into the pedicure bowl filled with warm water and if asked spa salts. This process is also very relaxing as the hot water in your feet calms down your body in true sense.

It helps to reduce the blood pressure and make your body all lose up. This is a part where you feel totally engrossed in the pedicure. Your feet start to feel extremely stress-free and relaxed.

5. The Massage :

This is the most amazing part of the pedicure where you get to have your feet massaged. After applying the foot lotion your lower feet will be massaged thoroughly and gently. This provides your feet with the ultimate pleasure and relaxation. The lotion makes your skin softer and nourished, and the massage spoils you for all the right reasons!

This is all about the men’s pedicure process.

How To Do Pedicure At Home For Men?

For the men who do not have time to go out and make an appointment at a salon for a pedicure, they can do it at home! All by themselves!

  • Soak: Take a tub and semi-fill it with hot water. Add some Epsom salt to it. And then dip your feet and soak your legs for 10 minutes. Play some good music while your feet are getting all hydrated and soften. And relax. After 10 minutes, take your feet out and wipe it with a towel.
  • Scrub: Drain the old water and pour some fresh hot water. Just dip your feet and take out, apply some sugar scrubbing cream and apply it gently. Once done, take a foot scrubber and rub it against the feet, especially the part adjacent with the fingers. It takes out the dead skin. Once done, dip your feet in the water again for another 5 minutes.
  • Clip Clip: Get a toenail clipper with a straight edge. Cut your toenails properly.
  • File It: Then get a nail filer and file the nails properly, and shape them the way you want them to be.
  • Apply Some Foot Cream: Get yourself a good foot cream and apply them after you are done with all the above steps. That’s all!

What If You Don’t Want To Do It Yourself?

You know how to do a pedicure at home but what if you don’t want to do it yourself? And you don’t have time for a salon either? For you, there are many mobile salon services available. But the best service provider in India is UrbanClap. You get to choose your pedicures at very reasonable prices and flexible timings.

Types Of Pedicures You Can Get At Salon :


For the ones who know how to do a pedicure at home, but still wants to be a little spoilt and get it done in a salon, why not?

  • Fish Pedicure: The one with the Doctor Fish, remember? This will be a very nice experience. Especially for the ones getting it for the first time.
  • Deep Nourishing Pedicure: It is followed by a great foot spa. You will feel extremely relaxed. Natural sea salt, vitamin wraps will be used to nourish your leg with nutrition.
  • Candle Therapy: It has jojoba oil, cocoa butter, vitamin E, and essential oils to rejuvenate your feet. You will love this.
  • Cocktail Pedicure: As the name says, it has essential oils to cocoa butter, exotic fragrances to more. A beautiful experience for your feet.

Reasons Why Do Men Need A Pedicure?


Because, why not? Still, the reasons to get a pedicure for men is summed up below.

Healthy Feet!

Pedicure comes with a healthy nail and feet, and that should be the first and foremost reason to get a pedicure done. When you slog in work and walk all those extra miles, your feet need to be healthy. And time to time pedicure ensures that.

All the dirt between your nails gets cleaned. Your nails get a good shape. All the bacteria gets killed. The exfoliation ensures that your dead skins of the feet are removed so the healthy skin can breathe.

Also, most of the pedicures have some essential oils which ensure good smelling feet. Healthy feet can always make you feel better and feel good about yourself.

The Ultimate Stress Buster :

Pedicures are all about some ‘Me’ time. After day to day busy life at work, every man deserves to be a little spoilt. Pedicures are the ultimate stress buster. It will make you all relaxed and happy. If you are someone who has to walk a lot, then pedicure will be the ultimate getaway for you.

In fact, while you dip your feet into the warm water with essential oils, you can feel your blood pressure is getting a lot calmer. It will ease your mental stress too. It is an ultimate relaxing session. If you know how to do a pedicure at home, then you are all set.

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No Ingrown Nails :

Pedicure focuses on your ingrown nails. So, if you are getting a pedicure at a salon, they will take care of it. If you know how to do a pedicure at home, then you are all set to take care of the ingrown nails.

We all know, our toenails are either too short or too long. A Pedicure can keep them in the exact size they should be.

Your Feet Doesn’t Smell :

How often did you have you, friends, yelling at you because of your feet smells! We all have been there. Pedicure makes sure your feet are healthy and with good odor.

All the exfoliation and cuticle works make sure all the dead smelly skins are removed. With clean feet, you will feel good, and confident about your legs. It’s hygienic too.

Better Circulation :

Pedicure makes sure that your body, yes entire body, gets a better blood circulation.

When you soak your feet into the hot water, it makes the blood circulation better in your body. And with better blood circulation, you will feel a lot better.

These were all the benefits or reasons why men should and must get a pedicure. And that’s all! Now you know everything on ‘How to do a pedicure at home’. So bid goodbye to stress, and indulge in great pleasure once a while whenever you feel like.



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