Men’s Guide On How To Pick The Right Type Of Suit

Are you a suit person? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. If you like to “suit up” there are different types of suits available when it comes to modern suit styles, types, and designs. Now men are very skeptical about fit, unlike earlier times when people would go for “only one fit”. Finding the right suit for your body is a bit difficult. Here in this article, we will guide you on how to pick the right type of suit for yourself.


Before we get into “how to pick the right type of suit”, let’s first understand what’s your body type. Once you figure out your body type it would be easier to find the right suit.

How To Find Your Body Type For Men?


Ideally, we categorize a male body into 5 types. However, if we consider each and every detail then, there would be a lot more than 5 types. Therefore here are the most popular identifying features of body types:

  • Triangle body type
  • Inverted Triangle body type
  • Rectangle  body type
  • Oval body type
  • Trapezoid body type

This is a basic guide to finding your body type, so you could find the right suit for yourself easily. In case you want to know your body type in detail, and all about what clothing you should and should not wear depending on your body type. Here you go.

How To Pick The Right Type Of Suit For Men?


The most important rule when it comes to how to pick the right type of suit is you should feel comfortable and confident in it. You will need both these attributes to pull off just about any kind of suit or attire effortlessly.

The basic definition of a man’s suit is a jacket and trousers intended to be worn as an ensemble. Both of them will have the same fit style and will be made from the same material. Often, but not always, the jacket and the trousers will be of the same color.

Below are the different types of suits for modern men. So pick your right style wisely.

Different Types Of Modern Suits For Men :

1. Types Of Suits Depend On Suit Styles :

  • Slim Fit Suit: Unlike other suits, a slim fit suit trims away the excess fabric. As a result, you get a stylish, well-fitted men’s suit that is narrow at the chest and waist without disturbing the comfort. Slim fit suits are meant for the athletic body type, however, other body types can also pull off this suit perfectly.

Slim fit suits are made in such a way that they define the body’s natural contours. And the suit’s jacket typically provides just enough sleekness down without giving away too much of what’s really under there. Generally, this is more of a casual fashion-style of a suit and less of a regular suit that you wear often.

  • Classic Fit Suit: As the name clearly suggests, the classic fit suits will never go out of style. They are comfortable in feel and not restricted to any design. This popular men’s suit type provides much breathability without resorting to a loose or unkempt aesthetic. So, if you are looking for something that’s good to go for the office look, then it’s a perfect match for you.

Also, with the suit jacket, you can pair it up with chinos for a smart casual weekend look. It’s the perfect option for how to pick the right type of suit.

  • Modern Fit Suit: If you are someone who doesn’t want to either go for a classic suit or a slim suit but still wants to exude a sartorial sensibility, by all means, consider the modern fit suit. This style stands between the slim fit and classic fit and thereby delivers a decent fitted look with breathing room to spare.

If you get the right material and right accessories then you can make this look work for any occasion. Modern suit styles are made for any kind of outing, from casual to dressy.

2. Types Of Suits Depend On Lapels :

  • Notch Lapel Suit: Notch lapels are the most common type of suit lapel. This lapel is defined by a visible indent at the spot where the collar meets the lapel. As the most versatile of lapel styles, the notch lapel is as perfect for the office as it is for the cocktail lounge. It is considered to be the safest option when you are confused about how to pick the right type of suit for yourself.
  • Peak Lapel Suit: It’s a stylish upgrade to the notch lapel. The peak lapel has a top lapel edge facing upward at sharp angles immediately below the collar. This type of lapel is often found in double-breasted suits, however, it suits the single-breasted jackets as well. Peak lapels exude sophistication and high-end style. So, pick it wisely.
  • Shawl Lapel Suit: This lapel style is very classy and often used for Black-tie events. Shawl lapel style is very smooth, has an uninterrupted lining, and thus makes you look very elegant and picture-perfect. These are commonly found on formal wear like tuxedos and fancy dinner jackets. So, if you are attending a marriage or going for a hi-end event, this style is a perfect match when it comes to how to pick the right type of suit.

3. Types Of Suits Depend On The Structure Of The Blazer :

  • Single-Breasted Suit: Among all the other types, single-breasted is the most common and preferred one. The easiest way to spot it is by noticing the two or three buttons attached along with the center-front line. Most of the corporate professionals around the world wear single-breasted suits. These types of suits come in both slim and relaxed fit and often with notch collars. 

Note: # For a one-button suit, you should always button while standing and unbutton while sitting. 

# For a two-button suit, you should always button the top button while standing, unbutton it while sitting, and never fasten the lower button.

# For a three-button suit, the top button is optional, the middle button is always fastened (whether you’re sitting or standing), and the lower button is never fastened. 

  • Double-Breasted Suit: For a double-breasted suit the center front line drifts toward the sides to create the illusion of a wider frame. The double-breasted suits include additional buttons on either side of the jacket for aesthetic purposes. The total number of buttons attached to it ranges from four to eight and typically lands at six.

Double-breasted suits are popular among fashion-forward men, especially in Europe. It’s a popular choice when it comes to how to pick the right type of suit. They come in a variety of colors and commonly feature with peak lapels. No matter how many buttons there are, always leave the bottom button unfastened and the top button fastened whether sitting or standing.

  • Unstructured Blazers: Unstructured blazers are nothing but blazers without interior padding. By removing the thick padding, the unstructured blazer breaks free from conformity and constraint to deliver a soft fit and somewhat laid back aesthetic. The unstructured blazers are ideal for spring or summer wear because it takes the weight off the body. 

These blazers tend to get wrinkled easily as the material and finish are different from the classic one. So you need to keep it and wear it carefully.

4. Types Of Suits Depend On Vent :

What is a vent? A vent is a small slit that you notice on the backside of a blazer or jacket. It gives your bottom(butt) extra space to move freely, especially in the sitting position.

  • Center Vent Suit: When the vent is cut up the center back of the jacket, it’s known as a center vent. A center vent jacket tends to part slightly when your hands are in your pockets. Otherwise, the vent should remain closed when you’re wearing the jacket. 
  • Side Vent Suit: Unlike center vent, side vents cut the slit on both sides to keep the jacket from parting when your hands are in your pocket or take a seat. And the wide middle flap not only keeps your back covered but prevents creasing and retains a slimmer appearance.
  • No Vent Suit: No vent suits offer an elegant style and a custom fit. However, without any vents, the jacket tends to crease when you put your hands in your pockets or sit down. These types of suits are very popular in Italy.

5. Types Of Suits Depend On The Pants :

  • Flat Front Pants: As the name implies, flat front pants have a flat front that delivers a slim, tight fit. You can wear these pants a little below on the waistline. And the fit can be different, either you can go for a stylish slender fit or an airy parallel fit. However, If you have a heavy bottom we would recommend you go for a parallel fit. Also, in such a case you can always opt for a custom made one.
  • Pleated Pants: Unlike flat fronts, pleated pants have either inverted box pleats or knife pleats both sides. So, they are a bit loose in the middle and should be worn slightly above the hip to avoid bulging out at the thighs. Pleated pants are considered a little old fashioned but they are more comfortable to wear, especially for plus size men. It’s a good option when you wonder how to pick the right type of suit.
  • Cuffed Hem Pants: All the suit pants are either hand-hemmed or cuffed at the bottom. A cuffed hem is when the bottom fabric is turned up on the outside. Although we are more likely to see hand-hem finishes than the cuffed hem. According to the rule, flat-front pants should be hand-hemmed and pleated pants should be cuffed. Because cuffed hem adds up some weight, smooths out the fabric, and gives a cleaner vibe.

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11 Basics That You Should Know About Men’s Suits :


No matter how much you spend on a suit, without following these 11 basic tips you won’t meet the level of elegance.

  1. A high-quality suit is better than several mediocre ones
  2. Never fasten the last button on your suit jacket
  3. Always unfasten your jacket when you sit down
  4. Shirt sleeves’ end should slightly peek beneath the jacket but should not cover your hands
  5. The tip of your tie should touch the top of your waistband
  6. Your suit pants should never look baggy
  7. The bottom/hem of the trouser break should touch the top of your shoes
  8. Shoes should match according to the color of your suit
  9. Always wear socks to cover the visible parts of your leg
  10. Avoid using a belt if you are wearing suspenders
  11. Always pair your suit with a nice watch.

With this ultimate guide, we hope you have no trouble how to pick the right type of suit. This guide will help you decide better next time you go suit-shopping. Not only will this improve your overall style as you suit up, but will also improve your taste in picking the right fit for your body. The right suit for your body type and personality will not fail to grab attention even in a crowded space. The more comfortable and well-fitted a suit is, the more confident you will be. 

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