Men’s Guide For Best Beach Looks In Summer

Summer is here, that means more time in the sun. What better time to hit the beach other than the summers. The time is right for lounging alongside the coasts with a drink in your hand at the beach. Wondering how to style yourself in some cool beach looks? You’ve got us to help you with some dope beach fashion for men. If you are trying to figure out how to style appropriately in order to stay comfortable and stylish at the same time, then here’s your guide. Comfort is very important for beachwear as lightweight clothes will let you move freely and keep you sweat free. So here are a few tips on what you can wear to the beach!


1. Beach Look – Summer Shirts :

Let’s start with the classic summer shirts! A mandatory for every beach look is summer shirts. You never know when your day at the beach will turn into a stroll along the boardwalk or a night on the town. So It’s best to pack or wear something that works even outside the beach, like a shirt. But not every shirt will go with the beach look. So here are a few types of shirts that will go perfectly for your beach look as well as rock even outside the beach.


  • Tropical Printed Shirts :



Let’s start with everyone’s favorite. A classic tropical printed shirt. Tropical print shirts are the most commonly used shirts among all. You can pair a tropical printed shirt with a light colored denim/cotton shorts or full jeans/chinos. If you are comfortable showing your body you can either wear it with all buttons opened or closed till the halfway.


  • Striped Shirts :



Another popular style of shirt that you can wear to the beach is a striped shirt. It is one of the most popular beach looks for men. People just love wearing stripes whether it’s in the mountains or beaches. It’s a style that can be worn for both formal and casual attire. It’s flexible for any type of occasion and style  You can pair up a striped shirt with anything but not with a printed bottom.


  • Plain Shirts :



Talking about beach fashion for men, it’s not always about prints. You can even wear solid shirts. Not everyone is comfortable wearing prints, in that case, you can wear a plain shirt.  For such men, plain shirts are best for beach looks. Besides plain shirts give your outfit a classic look. You can wear a plain shirt with chinos and denim or maybe with printed shorts if you want to experiment.


2. Beach Look – Bottoms :

Beach looks cannot be complete without the right pair of shorts. Bottoms are just as important in order to make the look complete. Talking about shorts for beach fashion for men, there are plenty of options available but we are going to talk about the best ones that will look great and are comfortable too. Keep reading :


  • Swim Shorts/ Water shorts :



We can’t imagine beach looks without swim shorts. They are the fashion staple for any beach outfit for men. A pair of printed/solid swim shorts can be worn with a sleeveless tank or a t-shirt or a shirt. If you are wearing a printed swim short then it’s better to pair it up with a plain t-shirt or shirt to balance out the look.


  • Bermuda Shorts :



If you’re planning to dress up for a beach party, then this is a perfect choice. A pair of Bermuda shorts can be super cool to pull off! Bermuda shorts are most commonly worn in solid colors so you can pair them up with printed or striped shirts. Apart from tropical printed shirt, you can also try pairing it with plain and striped shirts as well.


  • Cotton Shorts :



If you’re someone who loves sports, this might be perfect among the beach looks for men. If you have a great body, opting for a bare-chested look is probably not a bad idea! You can simply dive into the beach waters in just your cotton shorts and you’ll see how easy and comfortable it can be.


  • Chinos :



For those men who like minimal look and don’t like wearing shorts, then the last option would be to wear lightweight chinos that are ankle length. These bottom options are also a good option for beach parties with friends or a candlelight dinner with your girlfriend. You can team it up with t-shirts or shirts, whatever works best with your shirt.


3. Beach Look – Footwear :

You can’t wear your fancy dress shoes on the beach for obvious reasons. So picking up the right footwear is also important. Below are the footwear, you should consider for your beach look as they are very light and comfortable to wear.


  • Flip flops :



Yes, flip flops. They are just perfect for beach looks as they are very easy to wear and sand doesn’t get stuck into them. There are a variety of flip flops available in the market. So choose something that goes well with your beach outfit.


  • Espadrilles :



When you are off the water and chilling with your friends in a beach shack, for those times we would recommend buying a pair of espadrilles, They are made up of canvas or any breathable fabric so your feet stay sweat free. You can wear them with your shorts as well as your chinos and jeans.


  • Boat shoes :



When you are not wearing flip-flops then this should be a good option. These are only meant for beach parties, and roaming around the place mostly. Very lightweight and comfortable to wear, can be teamed up with your chinos and Bermudas. These look best with business casuals.


4. Beach Look – Accessories :



Men can wear accessories too. If you’re wondering what to wear for beach looks in terms of accessories, then don’t forget to carry your shades with you. Other accessories like hats, scarves, beaded chains or bracelets, etc can be very good choices when you’re confused about what to wear to the beach.


  • Shades :

Shades/sunglasses are the musts for any beach look. Any outfit is incomplete without a pair of sunglasses. But choosing the right pair is a bit difficult. Don’t worry, How To Choose The Best Glasses And Frames According To Your Face Shape here is an article that will help you to find out the perfect pair for your face shape.


  • Hats :

It’s not easy to keep a good hair day at the beach, so it’s good to have a backup. Caps and hats are the best options. Firstly, they keep the sun out of your eyes, which can work in conjunction with your shades to keep you free of eyestrain. At the same time, they help to prevent sunburn on your scalp, ears, and face.


  • Scarves :

If you love accessorizing, then you should try carrying a scarf along with you. You can style it in many different ways. You will find a lot of different printed scarves, that you can wear along with solid chinos or shirts.


  • Others :

In order to make your beach look perfect, you can incorporate beads chains, bracelets or other accessories. There are many ways you can accessorize your beach outfit. So start experimenting now. Lastly, here are a few final tips about how to style your beach looks. Read these tips on beach fashion for men.


5. Some Beach Outfit Styling Tips All Men Should Know :


  1. The shirt should be made up of 100% cotton; it’s breathable and comfortable.
  2. Linen absorbs moisture very quickly thus it’s advisable to opt for it.
  3. Don’t pick any dark or black outfit as black absorbs heat and makes you feel hot.
  4. Do not go topless on the beach unless you are wearing sunscreen.
  5. Always put on sunglasses to enhance the look.
  6. Never wear leather jackets or any leather clothes as it doesn’t allow air and make you sweat.
  7. Try to avoid Capri shorts as it doesn’t look great when styled as beach outfits.
  8. Hats or caps are a must to complete the look.
  9. It’s very important to layer your outfit because sometimes a mistake can totally ruin your look.
  10. Make sure your footwear is comfortable and breathable.
  11. Stay protected from the sun with loads of sun protection and stay hydrated.
  12. Keep your luggage light and avoid straining yourself with too many things to carry around.
  13. Keep a backpack or fanny pack with you all the time as you move along the beach.


That’s everything you need to know when it comes to beach fashion for men. So now that the sun is out and warm, grab your best beach outfits and pack right to hit the beach. Avoid heavy clothing or too many layers that can make you look and feel uncomfortable. Always stay protected from the sun, pack your sunscreen. Make the most of the summer, and dress stylishly and comfortable, and you will see what a great trip to the beach it would be!


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