Men’s Beard Styles That Indian Women Find Most Attractive

It is not a secret anymore that women find men’s beard extremely attractive and sexy. However, men often get confused about which is ‘the’ Beard style one should incorporate on his face in order to be a chick magnet. Since there can’t be any definite answer to that because ‘Not All Girls Are Same’, but still, we will sort it for you as according to the most number of women saying which beard style or facial hairstyle do they like on men. This is going to be interesting!

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Clean Shaven Look

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Although it is with zero facial hair, it still counts! Since a large number of women prefer men to be clean-shaven, and which is indeed very very hot! A man with a clean-shaven look flaunting his cheekbones is the most delighting thing for many women.

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Just The Moustache!

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Moving ahead, many women will only prefer men having just a simple mustache. It has low maintenance at his end too. Only the mustache looks very manly on most of the Indian men and women just love it. To try out a mustache look, you need to deep clean your beard.

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Light To Heavy Stubble

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This is the most liked facial hairstyle on men, by women! Women love the light stubble on men’s faces and they fall for it every single time. Not only light, but women also fall for heavy stubble looks as well. Stubble looks very hot and brings a dapper look to the face. It is thoroughly enjoyed. Also, it’s again low maintenance.

Full Grown Beard

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This is also trending on the chart. This is hands down the recent favourite beard style on men and most women go crazy for a man having a full-grown beard. The cons are it is high maintenance. Pro is extremely hot! Especially, the ladies in their twenties just love the men with a full-grown beard!

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Whether you should grow a beard or stay clean-shaven completely depends on your style. If you are looking to get noticed, you can always try any of the above beard styles. Let us know which one are you trying next?

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