Make The Perfect Tinder Profile, To Get The Girl

Are you thinking about getting back on the dating game after a while? In today’s day and age, online dating is the new way of courtship. But if you’re new to it and probably have no idea how to make a swipe-right worthy profile, then we are here to brush up your skills on “how to create a perfect tinder profile”. Sometimes even people who have been in the game a while now fail to make a decent profile in tinder. Not to worry, We will talk about how to make the perfect bio and what pictures can actually get you a match for sure. So keep reading for some useful tips to make the perfect tinder profile and how to use Tinder like a pro.


1. Be Genuine, Be Unique :

Firstly, don’t try to copy someone else’s profile or try to be someone you are not. It will come across as fake and misleading, and you will not be able to make any real connections. The secret is, just be yourself, and you will find someone who likes you for you! If your profile is new and unique and something she hasn’t seen before, it will intrigue her in a way to know more about you. No girl wants to come across the same old-same old. Be real and she’s more likely to swipe right on you!!


2. Make Your Bio Short, but Interesting :

When it comes to writing an interesting bio on Tinder, it’s not that hard. Don’t keep it too short, but not so long that she’s bored already. Different people may approach their bios differently. For example, someone might want to include some adventure to their bio, some are sweet-talkers, some might want to keep it simple and grounded.  In any case, make sure that you mention your best qualities, and keep it to the point, that’s what makes a perfect tinder profile. Highlight your skills and traits, and keep it on a positive tone to make the perfect tinder profile.


3. Keep It Light & Fun :

Now, this is no business profile, it’s a dating profile, so you might as well throw in some humor in it. A survey shows that women are more attracted to men that can make them laugh. Your bio needs to be engaging! Make it a nice catchphrase, or with a perfect opening line. This shows that you are someone who can be funny as well as fun to be around. But make sure you are respectful with whatever you are putting in there. Your bio is one way to express your character. And if humor is something that is a part of who you are, then make it apparent and that would make for a perfect tinder profile.


4. Focus on the Match:

When we say keep it focused, we mean, keep it clear that you are looking for a partner. That means avoid treating this as something just for fun. When your profile shows that you are serious about this, you are sure to grab people’s attention. Keep everything out there for her to see. The perfect tinder profile would comprise a genuine bio and a profile picture that shows the real you. And when you get the chance to chat, have a real conversation as opposed to silly goofs or hitting on her. Tinder is definitely fun, but if you’re only fooling around, then you’re doing it wrong!


5. Emphasize On Your Profile Picture :

As much as your bio is important, so is the pictures you post to your profile. When it comes to your profile picture, make sure to get a clear shot, where you are visible without any obstructions. Add pictures that show your best features. If you must put group pictures, push them to the end. Misleading pictures is a bad option when it comes to actually meet someone, so never fake it, because you won’t make it! Avoid using images with girls, or exes, because it is unlikely someone would swipe right on you in such a case.


So these are a few important things to keep in mind to use tinder like a pro. Once you’ve passed the first stage, the next will come to communication and pick-up lines that can get you laid!. But until then make sure to work on your profile to make it worthy to swipe right. So start today and work on making the perfect tinder profile and become the most-wanted bachelor of all time.

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