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It’s all about looking good these days. No matter if you are 25 or 55, taking care of your looks is important for any Man. You may be wondering how to look good at the age of 50? We have the solution for you. If you want to look younger, even after you are 50, then you need to make a few lifestyle, skincare, and dietary changes. Apart from taking care of your body from within, it is also mandatory to take care of your physical looks. Here are some tips for looking good at 50. If George Clooney and Milind Soman can manage to look handsome after 40, then why can’t we all? Read on to learn about how you can look hot and attractive at the age of 50.


The Solution For Good Looks after 50 :



A lot of men are on the lookout for a partner, after a divorce, or have been separated, or just want to look good for the hell of it. But once you get older, there can be many questions in your head, whether you should start dressing differently, or go for treatments to affect their attractiveness. Most people who search for solutions to look good are people over 40. As age kicks in, your looks start to deteriorate, that’s when men want to dress to stand out among other gentlemen in the same age group. Attractiveness may not be restricted to attracting women. But most men want to appear strong and masculine to their peers.


The problem is not about looking good, it’s about how you can look hot and attractive at the age of 50, and compete with younger men today. When you are younger, your focus is on building a career, finding the right suitor, etc, but once you are older, you have more time to take care of yourself. So if you are trying to figure out how to look more attractive, then keep reading.


Pay Attention To Grooming :



The first step is to look presentable. If you want to look hot and attractive at the age of 50, then it’s all about the grooming. The more time you spend on grooming yourself, the more confident you will be about your looks. The main aspect to good looks in your appearance is grooming. If you be sure to groom, then you will see the difference. You start looking older when you stop caring about your grooming. Letting your hair grow out, and your beard unkempt, it can all add years to your age. It can even make you look older than you may be. Here are a few tips for looking good at 50.


Go For A Neatly Groomed look :

If you want to grow a beard or maintain one, you can’t expect it to look good on its own. Your facial hair needs to be neatly groomed. Only when your mustache, beard, and hairstyle is taken care of, you can look young. While a lack of facial hair could have given you a “baby face” in your youth. Now you can try it when you are older. It takes away the attention away from lack of hair on the top of your head. Trimming your beard is good, whether you are going for a rugged look or not. As a beard can add the impression of manliness and strength to your personality.


  • Try Coloring Your Hair:



Grey hair among darker hair is a trend right now! And women find it very attractive when men have white hair. The dating scene has no relation to greys or dying your hair. A lot of older men in the entertainment industry have embraced their grey hair, like Bradley Cooper, Akshay Kumar, etc. However, if you do feel conscious about it. You can consider dyeing your hair. Go for a color lighter or close to your original hair color. If you go too dark it can appear unnatural and obvious. Once you committed to maintaining your original hair color, make it a regular schedule. As it can look very odd when your natural hair starts growing in and displacing the older colored hair. But we recommend you go for the salt and pepper look as it’s the new “sexy” to look hot and attractive at the age of 50.


  • Trim Other Facial Hair – Ear, Nose, Eyebrows :




Another essential part of grooming yourself is to trim your ear and nose hair. The hair in your nose and ears can grow faster as you reach your late 40s. Untrimmed hair can only make you appear older and unkempt. To avoid looking untidy and to hide your age, the trick is to trim unwanted facial hair whenever you see it sticking out. Trim your hair regularly as opposed to shaving it. As for shaving, it can make it grow more rough and faster. Unruly white hair can stick out and make you look older. While a rough stubble can look attractive in your 20s and 30s, it’s not a good idea to look hot and attractive at the age of 50.


Take Good Care Of  Your Teeth :



Another defining factor of your age is your teeth and their appearance. Like many other things, even your teeth can make you look older. They change with age, become yellower, and some may fall out. Try to get work done on your teeth. Unhealthy looking teeth can be unattractive especially when it comes to attracting younger women. As women associate unhealthy or crooked teeth with older men, If you have the habit of smoking, or neglected your teeth earlier, then you should consider getting them whitened. It can also brighten your smile and make you seem younger and more charismatic.


Change Your Lifestyle :

Next, we will talk about the importance of lifestyle when it comes to old age. You might have stopped going out, but now you have to start that again. Make time for friends and hang out once in a while. When you do that you will appear younger and more energetic. To look hot and attractive at the age of 50, you need to turn back the clock and do things you did when you were younger. Start eating healthy, exercise more and cut down on alcohol and smoking. As it can only age your skin more.  Maintain a confident and fit posture, and show confidence when you go out. Try to mingle more with younger people who keep you young and fit. Read on to understand better, in detail.


  • Exercise More :



Exercise is mandatory no matter what age you are. When you are fit like Milind Soman even in your 50s, there’s no stopping you! Exercise increases blood circulation and supplies more nutrients and oxygen to the skin. Exercise is especially important once you reach your 50s. As it increases strength and makes you more muscular too. This will make you more physically attractive to your peers, and even any potential suitors. Older men tend to have unhealthy belly fat. With exercise, you can lose weight by shedding extra pounds and extra fat that you gained in the past few years.


  • Take Care Of Your Skin :



Your skin can tell your age. Make sure that you take care of your skin and keep it nourished. Once people enter their 40s, they start neglecting their skin. This can cause skin damage and make it appear older. When you start caring for your skin from a younger age, it will be easier to take care of it when you are older. You can start a skincare regimen. Which involves Cleansing, Moisturizing, and Toning. You can occasionally even use an exfoliator to remove dead skin from the top layer. When your skin looks more clear and toned, it looks more youthful too. Good skin care is what you need to look hot and attractive at the age of 50.


  • Eat Healthily :



You are what you eat. Add more antioxidant-rich food to your diet. That means fruits, nuts, chocolates, coffee, veggies, and beans. This reduces the aging process of the body. Healthy food acts as a reversing agent for signs of aging. Control the sugar in your diet. Excess sugar can reduce the elasticity and wrinkles become more prominent. Stock your cupboard with youth-inducing food. Water-based foods to keep you hydrated, vitamin-rich food to restore collagen levels, and other foods rich in vitamins and minerals that can repair aged skin to look hot and attractive at the age of 50.


Be fashionable In Your Dressing :



Finally, just be yourself! Be confident, and dress smartly. When you dress like you’re 60, you will look 50+ There are no rules. You can wear a sporty jacket, or a more formal blazer, or a form-fitted pair of trousers. It’s all about how you can carry it. Never hesitate to get something if you feel it’s not right for your age. As long as you like it, it fits well and looks good, it doesn’t matter what age you are. If you pay attention to your dressing too, you can look hot and attractive at the age of 50.


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