How To Know A Person By Face Reading (For Beginners)

Did you know that you can read a person’s face to get to know him? That’s right, you can be able to know a person without knowing or talking to him. Physiognomy aka the face reading is a technique, where you interpret a person’s personality traits, as well as his health condition – just by studying his face! The simplest way to learn face reading is by first learning to recognize the different facial features and how to relate them to their corresponding personality traits.


Firstly, understand these basics: Depending upon one’s facial features; shape, forehead, eyes, nose, lips, chin, jaw you can tell his personality traits. But first, you need to learn how to recognize the facial features in order to master face reading. People usually become very enthusiastic about learning face reading and skip this important step, however, we strongly recommended this step if you want to become a good face reader.


There are plenty of ways and styles of face reading, but here we will help you learn the basics of physiognomy. So let’s start with a simple step by step process to comprehend face reading.


1. Face Reading – Face Shape :


Round Face Shape :


Sometimes referred to as ”water face” in Chinese face reading has circular and wide cheekbones with a tapering jaw and forehead. Usually, a round face shaped person has the below characteristics :


  • Very smart and diplomatic in character
  • They are Business minded people
  • Mostly Found to be Sensitive and caring
  • Optimistic in Nature and behavior
  • They are very Intuitive about things
  • They have strong sexual fantasies
  • Look forward to a long-term, stable relationship
  • Adaptable to any condition in front of them
  • Dreamer and believer in things
  • Reflective in nature


Oval Face Shape :


Also sometimes known as ”metal face” in Chinese face reading has a broad forehead with narrower cheekbones and a round, tapering jawline. An oval-shaped face person has the below characteristics:


  • They have a high IQ
  • Weak physique and physical strength
  • Bold in nature and adventurous
  • Perfectionist in things they do
  • Obey the rules, rarely break rules
  • Diplomatic in nature.
  • Great decision makers
  • Often get into creative professions
  • Firm in nature, and often strict


Heart/ Diamond Face Shape :


Also sometimes known as ”wood face” in Chinese face reading has a broad forehead, rounded cheekbones that slope down to a small chin. A heart or diamond face shaped person has below characteristics.


  • Very intellectual people
  • Have leadership qualities and traits
  • May have a muscular or athletic physique
  • Responsible in things they manage
  • Loving towards people
  • Generous in their nature
  • May have problematic relationships
  • Idealistic when it comes to life
  • Philosophical about everything


Square Face Shape :


Sometimes referred to as ”earth face” in Chinese face reading has a face that is wide at all points. Broad forehead, strong cheekbones, and an angular jaw. They have the below characteristics.


  • They are down to earth.
  • Practical ideas in life
  • Quiet in their nature
  • Very reliable people
  • Have an intelligent, analytical and decisive mind
  • Aggressive and dominating nature
  • Self-confident in what they do
  • Prefer the safer path
  • Conservative in nature
  • Prudent at times


Triangle face shape :


Also known as ”fire face” in Chinese face reading has stronger jawline than cheekbones with a smaller but relatively broad forehead and pointed chin. A triangle face shaped person has below characteristics.


  • Friendly and kind in nature
  • Extroverted behavior among known people
  • Known for Entertaining people
  • Keep no grudges or bad impressions
  • Have a fiery temperament
  • Very good at communication
  • Very family and People-oriented
  • Thin or slim physique/body


2. Face Reading – Forehead :



  • High Forehead: People with a high forehead like to learn new things, good at mathematics, physics. They don’t like to take risks and dislike uncertainty. They are very methodical and like to plan for anything in advance and know to keep a secret.


  • Low Forehead: Those who have a low forehead are very spontaneous, love freedom. They always act first and think later. They are always surrounded by problems and use their heart not head to solve the problems.


  • Average Forehead: People with average forehead are intelligent, organized, a good teacher. They like clear ideas, intuitive, hard-working, balanced, and great at solving problems.


3. Face Reading – Eyes :



  • Big Eyes: People with big eyes are receptive, open-minded, have an intellectual curiosity & vivid imagination, hate boredom, very creative, easily distracted, hypersensitive.


  • Small Eyes: People with small eyes are normally selective mind, organized, thorough, methodical, focus deeply on things that interest them, narrow-minded.


  • Brown Eyes: Brown eyes people are Earth qualities of a person, including energy, fertility, endurance, creativity, courage, and of course, grounding. And they are not very interested in material gains. Rather they love nature, are spiritual and are very strong and thick headed at times, very independent.


  • Black Eyes: People with black eyes are mysterious and they never tell much about themselves and they also are known to have psychic powers.


  • Hazel Eyes: Hazel eyes people are again independent and courageous in nature. They are extremely sensible and are said to be empaths.


  • Blue Eyes: They are very observant of their surroundings. And are self-aware about things. They do not trust people easily. Blue eyes people are said to be warm in nature.


  • Green Eyes: Green eyes are all about nature, healthy living, freshness. These people of all types are compassionate and they are spiritual in nature.


  • Gray Eyes: Gray eyes folks are sensitive and have inner strength. They have deep wisdom and can change their mood to suit the current occasion.


4. Face Reading – Eyebrows :



  • Curved Eyebrows: People who have curved eyebrows are people-oriented. They connect & relate to the world best through your understanding of people. Sometimes they can understand an idea or theory better if it is explained to them in terms of a personal example or experience.


  • Straight Eyebrows: Straight eyebrow people’s approach is direct and factual. They appreciate logic and will need to be shown all the facts and available data before accepting something as true. They mentally evaluate the hard facts without letting emotion affect their judgment.


  • Angled Eyebrows: People with angled eyebrows stay in control of any situation. They may portray good leadership qualities whenever people around them challenge their authority. They believe they are right and in most cases are right too. People with angled brows stay mentally focused.


5. Face Reading – Nose :



The size and shape of the nose indicate a person’s ability to prosper and take on life’s challenges.


  • Short Nose: Short nose indicates flexibility, dependability, open-mindedness and also indicates someone who spends too freely or has a hard time getting along with others.


  • Long Nose: Long nose indicates a sense of responsibility, love for learning and have a practical mindset; can take things too seriously at times and may find it hard to love openly.


  • Flat Nose: Flat Nose indicates patience and loyalty; has the stamina to go that extra mile and often succeeds in pursuit of career goals.


  • Pointed Nose: Pointed nose indicates strong intuition and femininity; often has an interest in music and arts.


6. Face Reading – Lips :



  • Thin Lips: Very selective, quality is more important than quantity, sophisticated, enjoy nice presentations, want things to be done or happen properly.


  • Thick Lips: Very confident, pleasure seeker in bed, love to try new things, like to give, receive & share their experiences with others.


7. Face Reading – Chin/Jaws :



  • Prominent Chin/Jaws: They are active, very impatient, like to take the first step and be in charge in a relationship as well at work, opinionated, judgmental, strong, often stand up and fight for what they believe in.


  • Small Chin/Jaws: They enjoy pleasures in life, sophisticated, demanding, intolerant, go for quality over quantity, seek authentic and intimate relationships, conventional, like traditions.


8. Face Reading – Hair :



  • Blonde Hair: People with blonde hair show physical weakness and indifference. They might seem easy and impressionable but are highly conscious. They possess great memory and reflect youthfulness and naivete in their nature and obedience in behavior.


  • Black Hair: People with straight black hair are often calm and melancholic. They are pessimistic and transmit dark energy around their surroundings. However black and  Curly hair shows joy and affection.


  • Brown Hair: They are romantic in character and look easily susceptible. They love to travel and have a strong character. People with brown hair are indifferent and possess liberal ideas.


  • Red Hair: Those with red hair can look courageous. They are often quarrelsome, skeptical and angry in most situations. They possess great physical energy and a strong brutal force.


For beginners, this is everything you need to know about the art of Face reading. With all these things in mind, anyone can read a person’s face and identify their true nature. Face reading is not as complicated as it may seem. It’s all about learning personality traits by simply identifying the person’s facial features. Every person has different features that depict the different nature of each individual. So next time before you judge someone, ensure to learn these basics and read their true character.


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