How To Wash Face In The Right Way For Men

Taking care of your face is just as important as taking care of your body. As a guy, you may have thought that washing your face with just a bar of soap was enough, but it’s not. By learning how to wash face properly, you can make a big difference to your skincare routine. 

Using a bar of soap to wash your face can be very harsh on the skin. Taking care of your face is not a big deal. By adding a few extra steps to your skincare routine, you can get healthy-looking skin. In short, cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing along with regular grooming, can leave your skin feeling great! If you are not sure how to wash face properly, then here are a few tips to help you. We are here to answer all your queries on how to use cleanser on face the right way! 

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Importance Of Washing Your Face :


Before we get to how to wash face properly, it is important to understand the importance of washing your face. Men are not as conscious about their skincare as women tend to be. You can wash your face, but not too much, as along with your messy beard, it can make your skin rough and dry. When you wash your face for too long, your skin starts to age sooner, and there are more breakouts. If you have the habit of using soap to wash your face, then you must know that soap is actually killing your facial skin. Your skin’s natural PH can be damaged by using soap on your facial skin. To avoid further damage, dryness, or irritation to your skin, you should switch to facial cleansers to clean your face. 

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How To Clean Your Face Daily?

Firstly find a cleanser that suits your skin type. A good cleanser for your facial skin can help remove debris in the pores, that cause blemishes. You can choose a cleanser that has more natural cleansing substances that are more suitable for your skin. Washing your face is an essential part of your day. We break down for you how to wash face, a complete guide for men. Keep reading

1. Wet Your Face with Lukewarm Water :


When you begin the process of cleansing your face, first wet your face with warm water. The water shouldn’t be too hot, as it can damage the skin or dry off the natural moisture. Rather it should be comfortably warm when it comes to how to wash face properly. If you wonder when to use face wash, we will ask you to use it every time you wash your face. A bar of soap can only damage your skin, as opposed to cleaning it. Pat your face with warm or cool water once a day, and use a cleanser the other time in the day.

2. Find A Good Cleanser For Your Skin Type :

Next, we will tell you how to use cleanser on the face. It is essential that you find a cleanser that works for your skin type. When you use a good cleanser it deep cleanses your face and removes debris in the pores that can lead to future breakouts! In case you have dry skin, you can choose cleansing milk or cream that can moisturize your dry skin. You may wonder how to wash face if you have combination skin with acne. In that case look for a cleanser that has salicylic acid, glycolic acid. These have antibacterial properties that can help you wash your skin.

3. Wash Your Face At Least Once A Day :


When you want to know how to wash face, you might wonder how often should you do it. We recommend washing it once or twice a day. Washing your face too often can remove the skin’s natural pH, making it dry and prone to breakouts. You can wash your face once in the morning and once in the night but use the cleanser only once. Use cool or lukewarm water. If you have facial hair, don’t apply cleanser to it, you can rather wash it with a mild shampoo 4 times a week, or go for beard washes.

4. Never Go To Bed Wearing Your Sunscreens :


A lot of men make the mistake of going to bed with facial creams or sunscreen on. Women have the habit of washing their makeup before hitting the bed. Similarly, you should also know how to wash face so that you don’t go to bed wearing any products. If you slathered on sunscreen or any facial products during the day, then it is highly recommended to wash your face before you sleep. When you go to bed with products on the skin, it may clog your pores, or cause breakouts if left on your skin overnight. 

5. Exfoliate Your Skin Every Few Days :


Unlike cleansing, you can exfoliate your skin twice a week, and not every day. Use a facial scrub or exfoliating product to get rid of the dead skin and dirt on the topmost layer of your skin. Exfoliating once in a while can make your skin brighter and smoother. Exfoliating once in a while can make your skin healthier, it even softens the hair on the skin, making it smoother for a better shave with fewer nicks and irritation. Use the scrub to exfoliate in a circular motion and then rinse with cool water. You can even use a dry brush, dry facial brushing is an effective way to exfoliate your skin. 

How To Take Care Of Your Skin?

Taking care of your skin doesn’t end at cleansing or exfoliating. It is a good idea to moisturize your skin after washing your face. Doing this will protect your skin. After you have cleansed your face thoroughly, and rinsed with warm water, dry your face by simply patting your skin lightly with a clean and soft towel. Avoid rubbing your skin as it can be too harsh, and even act as an irritant. Especially if you have acne do not rub your skin with a towel as it can cause more breakouts or irritate the skin,  once you are done drying your face, next you need to apply an appropriate moisturizer. 

1. Daily Moisturize Your Skin :


When it comes to choosing the right moisturizer, you can get something that suits your skin type. Whether it’s an oil or cream, or any water-based moisturizer, you can use it every day after washing your face. This will improve the elasticity of your facial skin and keeps it from feeling uncomfortable dry or itchy. Choose a moisturizer that’s perfect for your skin. If your skin is dry, then use a product like shea butter, or argan oil, or olive oil. If your skin is on the oilier side, then go for a light moisturizer so that it won’t feel heavy on your skin. Use a beard oil on your facial hair to keep your beard and mustache soft and healthy. 

2. Moisturize Your Lips :


If how to wash face was just about cleansing, it’s not enough. After cleansing, it’s important to moisturize your skin, after you should also moisturize your lips. The skin on our lips doesn’t have many oil glands as much as the facial skin. Therefore your lips are more prone to getting dry and cracked easily. Therefore use a lip balm or some coconut oil on your lips to keep in good shape. Especially during the winters, your lips can get cracked. So use lip balm more often in the winter. Moisturize your facial.  

3. Protect Your Skin :


Next, never step out with a cleansed face. You need to use a protective layer of sunscreen. Facial skin can get damaged easily with too much sun exposure. Dab on some sunscreen on your face before stepping out. You can even use a moisturizer with SPF over 15-30. It works well both ways as a moisturizer for your skin, and sunscreen for protection. Don’t forget to even protect your lips from the sun too. Pick a lip balm that has SPF, so it can protect your lips from sun damage too.

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4. Shaving And Trimming :

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Lastly, another essential point to how to wash face, and how to take care of it, is regular grooming. By doing this you are cleaning and taking care of your beard. Use a good trimmer or razor, whether you wear a mustache or beard or even go clean-shaven. And then even use an aftershave, or moisturizer for your beard to keep it healthy. Doing this your skin will feel better, even if you do a clean shave, as it can avoid any irritation later. Use the right shaving technique and right shaving foam incase you want to get a clean shave. Don’t forget to rinse and moisturize after. 

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Conclusion :

This is everything you need to know about how to wash face and take care of it later. Skincare, and when to use face wash is essential when you want to maintain healthy skin. You can even wash it before bed at night. By doing this, you ensure that your skin has the exact balance of pH. So start today, and follow the right skincare routine, to wash your face in the right way.

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