How To Wash Your Expensive Clothes And Disinfect Them?

We all are taking safety measures in the time of crisis of COVID-19. We all are following a strict lockdown at home, we all are washing our hands, sneezing in our elbows, and maintaining good hygiene. But aren’t we missing anything? Aren’t we missing disinfecting our clothes? If you feel the same, then this article is for you. We will talk about how to wash your expensive clothes and disinfect them to stay protected from coronavirus.


We will also discuss tips and tricks of the basic washing of clothes, which is the very primary step to disinfecting your clothes. So, first, we will talk about how to wash expensive clothes, then we will move onto how to disinfect your clothes to stay protected from coronavirus or any virus.

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6 Tips To On How To Wash Your Expensive Clothes Effectively :

We often head to the dry-cleaners and other clothe cleaning services to get our clothes cleaned. But since we are at a lockdown, that is not an option anymore. Also, why spending so much if you can do the same at home at a much lower cost and a little effort? So here are 5 tips on how to wash your expensive clothing effectively.

1. The Label Knows It All :


When a manufacturer is making the clothing, they already mention the label tag about how to wash the clothing properly. It is also mentioned there whether you should iron it or not, or whether it is a ‘Hand wash ONLY’ material, or ‘Air Dry ONLY’ material. It is all mentioned there. Follow your clothing label to wash your clothes effectively.

Also, the temperature of the water is also mentioned at the label. Don’t go beyond that to maintain its life. Understand, if clothing is tagged as ‘Dry clean’, then you can either go for dry cleaning or go for hand wash. But whenever there’s an ‘Only’ imposed, it restricts the choices.

2. Basics Of Hand Washing :


Okay, since most if you don’t know how to hand wash your clothes properly, let’s learn some quick useful hacks.

Another thing, how to wash your expensive clothes? Hand washes.

You need to fill up a tub, or anything where you wash your clothes with lukewarm water. Also, remember to clean the tub with a clean brush before you put the lukewarm water in.

Once you put the lukewarm water in it, you need to stir your detergent powder in it. You know the quantity. For additional safety, you can use Dettol. Then you submerge your garments and clothing in it and let it soak. Let it be for a couple of hours. You can leave them overnight as well.

After it is soaked, use another tub, rinse some freshwater (lukewarm will be better), and then put in your garments and swish them slowly. Don’t scrub it. Not all the fabrics can take up the scrub. And then repeat the swishing in some running tap water or freshwater. This is how you do it.

3. How To Deal With Stains?


Understand, there are two types of stains. One is organic stains that are coming from animal protein (food, basically). And then there are inorganic stains (synthetic oil and dirt). Now, remember, if you use hot water to remove the organic stain, they get cooked. So use cold water in this case. And in the case of inorganic, you can use lukewarm or hot water.

Whenever you get the stain, soak the area of the stain with water. Dab the stain from the opposite side of the clothing, and use some tissue or other fresh clothing to absorb the stain on the other side (Side of the stain).

This is how the stain doesn’t get deeper. But do it quick. If you ever thought about how to wash your expensive clothes and remove stains, this is it.

4. How To Dry Up Your Garments?


Well, the way clothing should be dried up is not how it is dried up at our homes most of the time. Most of the expensive clothes demand to be dried up by laying flat on a surface, normal air dry.

But we would rather go for drying them up on a clothing line with clips. Either hanging then with the clips or folding them upon on the line. Here also, read the label. Most of the expensive clothing can not take the washing machine cycles, so do notice how it is demanding to be dried up. So now you know how to wash your expensive clothes also how to dry them up.

5. Wash Them In Machine ONLY When It Is Asked To :


Only use the washing machine to dry up the garments when it is asked to be washed and dried up in the washing machine. Never put a woolen fabric in the washing machine, you will not only hamper its life but also the fabric gets broken within 4-5 times of wear. You definitely do not want that to happen.

Now, after knowing how to wash your expensive clothes, moving onto the main part of the article, how to disinfect your clothes to stay protected from coronavirus.

6. Why Do You Need To Disinfect Your Clothes?


Since coronavirus has arrived, it is destroying the mass and considered to be one of the most dangerous diseases of our time, which has no vaccine yet. So disinfecting your clothes is a must! Not an option.

There are a few ways you can disinfect your clothes to stay protected from coronavirus.

  • Use Vinegar: We all know bleach is a great disinfecting solution when comes to clothing, but even vinegar does the same thing. Since vinegar has acetic acid, it is capable of killing the germs and viruses from the surface of the garment. Add half a cup of vinegar in your washing cycle and rinse your clothing properly. And you are done.
  • Use Hydrogen Peroxide: The same material which is in hand sanitizers, for which people are going gaga over it. Peroxide kills germs very effectively. You can add half a cup or a little more peroxide to your washing cycle and it will serve the purpose. But if it is colorful clothing, then use less peroxide and use it with bleach. Raw peroxide will fade the color away.
  • Use Pine Oil: Yes, Pine Oil is a great disinfector for garments. But it is not for all kinds of fabrics. If you are allergic to pine oil, don’t use it. Otherwise, it serves the purpose pretty well.
  • Use Isopropyl Alcohol: Also, the prime material of hand sanitizer which kills the germs in your hands and can effectively kill the germs in your garments too. You need to maintain a 2:1 ratio of water and isopropyl alcohol. Make a solution, and spray it over the garment and then brush it. Don’t rinse your garments in the solution EVER. Spray it over and brush.
  • Use Bleach: The most famous option to disinfect clothes, bleach. You already know how to use it. Use a tub full of warm water then pour and stir your detergent and add some bleach to it. Then dip your garments and swish.

This is how you disinfect your clothes and stay protected from coronavirus, influenza and another bacteria-related sickness. Stay safe, and practice healthy hygiene. Let’s make the world a healthier place to live in.

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