How To Walk Like A Male Model On The Runway?

Runway modeling is the art of walking down the runway in a poised manner. To become a top model, one must have the right attitude, physical balance, and a sparkling personality. Unlike the hip-swaying walk of the female runway fashion, men’s runway walk is more tricky. How to walk like a male model, is a fine mix of elegance, inner confidence, and command. So here are a few tips, in general, to follow for male runway models


To master the right kind of walk, you need to possess certain physical attributes as well that can make you fit right in the typical runway model mold. Read all about the right techniques of Body & Facial poses for men to enhance your pose game. When you hit the ramp, the right expressions, confidence along with a proper body language can perfect your walk.

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So let’s jump right into how to walk like a male model on the runway! Keep reading to learn how to have the walk of a professional male model. 

How To Walk Like A Male Model?

As important as a sparkling personality matters to have the perfect runway walk. There are other things that matter too, and we are here to show you how your favorite models shine on the runway. Here are a few basics to first understand before we get into the details of having a charming walk. 

Posture :

Despite your physical attributes, your posture matters, so think Tall. While you are walking, ensure you stand straight, or lean slightly back, as your legs lead. Your feet must at all times point forward and not turned out. Your shoulders should be pushed back, and your chest out as you walk. Make sure your posture is not too stiff, neither is it too bouncy as you walk. Have a relaxed but controlled posture to appear broader and taller. 

Walk :

One thing to keep in mind for how to walk like a male model is, your feet shouldn’t cross over each other in an “X,” similar to women’s feet on the runway. The classic male runway walk is a “V” formation, in which the toes point out slightly. This broadens your body and emphasizes the upper body, adding a touch of masculinity to your walk. Take longer steps than you normally would. But make sure it does not end up looking clumsy instead of natural.  

Attitude :

One of the most important things to keep in mind for how to walk like a male model is to have the right attitude. Be commanding, and have eye contact with the audience, this will show them your confidence and commanding nature. Your walk can match the rhythm of the music. The music will also help you pace your walk. If the beat is faster it means your steps should be quicker, so let the music guide your walk and tempo.

Eyes :

Now that we mentioned eye contact, here are a few more tips for the perfect runway walk. Focus your eyes straight ahead to walk like a male model. Find a point in the distance and lock your eyes on it. You need to always look straight ahead at the cameras or the audience. Never look down, your head can point slightly downward along with your chin roughly parallel to the floor.

Arms :

The next thing you are probably wondering about, is what about your arms? Don’t keep your arms too stiff, instead of swinging them casually. Ensure that you don’t let them touch your sides, however, try to keep your arms near your torso. When you do this your lower arms will be able to sway naturally without swinging too wildly. The clothing you wear can help you decide what to do with your arms too. For example, you could put your arms in your pocket as you walk. 

Posing :


Your walk is only as good as your final pose at the head or the end of the ramp. When we talk about how to walk like a male model, your main game should focus on Posing With Body Posture. Don’t go overboard with your expression, keep it natural and neutral. Keep your lips shut and relaxed, but your facial expression should project confidence. Once you reach the end of the runway, pose for about 3-4 seconds or as the designer instructs. 

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These simple tips can help your walk look more natural and confident. Not only will people love your walk, but even the clothes you wear will be enhanced even more. Now that we have these few basics, let’s move on to some essential physical requirements that must be met. 

Physical Attributes For Male Models :

Though these attributes are not the only determining factor of whether or not you master how to walk like a male model, they do matter in some situations. Having a lean and healthy body with decent muscle definition is ideal for a model body. Being too buff or muscular or extremely skinny is not the right physique for modeling. As if someone is too beefy, then he might have trouble getting into designer clothing. 

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In most modeling assignments, the designer is always looking for a unique look, alongside an outstanding attitude that will only complement his clothes furthermore. Some common physical requirements most designers look for are as follows :

  • Height: Between 6’ and 6’2’’ tall
  • Measurements: 38’’ to 40’’ chest & 30’’ to 32’’ waist

These physical requirements are not for all modeling jobs. These mostly apply in case you want to fit into the typical runway model mold. If you don’t have these attributes don’t worry, there are other modeling career options that you can pursue such as fit modeling, showroom modeling, commercial modeling, editorial modeling, and fitness modeling. 

The Right Attitude To Walk Like A Model :


After physical attributes, the next most essential for how to walk like a male model is mastering the posture and expression. Ensure to show confidence as you walk. This is key on the runway. As mentioned above, let’s go more into detail about how to carry your body with poise and elegance on the runway. Every male model has a different charisma and style as he walks the runway.

Practice in front of a mirror to master your expression and your attitude. Don’t smile, or don’t look too angry, instead keep your mouth naturally. You don’t want to look like a robot, do you? Your eyes and your attitude should show confidence. And even if you are nervous, don’t show it. Your expression should be strong and naturally sexy. You can always be inspired and learn from the best male models in the game. 

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How To Perfect Your Walking Style?

Now that you know the above-mentioned essentials, now it’s time to build your own unique style of walking. How to walk like a male model is one thing, but having your own style is essential too. Here are a few tips that can help you perfect that runway walk! These tips will help you gain some experience and expose you to the world of modeling. 

  • Learn From The Pros:

Apart from the physical attributes and the right attitude, it’s always a good idea to learn from the best. Attend a few Fashion shows, and watch firsthand how to walk like a male model. When you watch pro models walk, you will notice that every runway model has their unique style of posing and walking. Use this as inspiration while you are perfecting your own walk. You can even get some constructive feedback from professional models. 

  • Practice At Home:

Practice can make you perfect! Practice your walk every day at home, or outside. You can start with a walk and end with a routine pose every once in a while. This will help improve your walk significantly and make it appear more natural and composed. When you practice you become more self-aware of how to walk like a male model. Even trained professional models have to practice every day in order to perfect their walk. 

  • Gain Some Exposure:

It may be difficult to break into the male runway modeling world as there might not be as many opportunities out there for men, as there are for women. But once you start booking gigs, take feedback and learn from those around you. By seeking out constructive criticism you can improve your own basics to master how to walk like a male model.

These are a few things to keep in mind for How to walk like a male model on the runway. As challenging as the industry may be for budding male models, with practice and the right technique, nothing can stop you from becoming a top model. Some of the top male models with the best walks in history of male modeling are turning heads and creating waves in the fashion industry. Once you have the needed experience you will realize that modeling is a perfect mix of the right body and a dapper attitude. With these simple tips you can make sure that agencies will come running for you! 

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