How To Tell If You Are In Love Or It’s Just Infatuation

When we first find someone attractive, the thought of infatuation or love does not come across our mind. However, as you spend some time with the person, you can figure out whether you are only fantasizing about them or you feel real love towards them. Neglecting this small difference during the initial stage of dating can affect the relationship later. 

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We understand that it may be difficult to determine if both partners have love blossoming, or it may be infatuation for the other. So here are a few things to check to understand the difference between real love & infatuation. 

Before discussing the signs that can determine the difference between the two, let’s first understand their true meaning. In the initial stages of a relationship, there is more infatuation that both partners feel towards each other. 

However Love takes time to build, and with commitment and nurturance from you and your partner, love grows and becomes stronger. Despite attraction also still persisting, when there is love in the relationship, the infatuation becomes intimacy. Both partners tend to have a deep interest in the other’s internal desires and beyond just the physical surface.

Infatuation, on the other hand, is entirely focused on physical appearance, assets, or wealth. It solely lingers around the person’s exterior and does not have any desire to delve deeper to connect with the person. This is a reason why most relationships tend to break up too quickly when the person loses interest in the exterior surface.

Here Are Few Differences Between Love & Infatuation :

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  • Love Is Long-term: As a relationship progresses, it becomes more clear whether it is infatuation or love. When partners share real love between each other, they ask more personal questions and make long-term goals. However, infatuation does not last long as it is age-oriented
  • Infatuation Happens Quickly: As mentioned earlier, partners may first fall for each other through infatuation, but love is a gradual process, and it takes time to grow. As you learn more about each other and take an interest in each other’s personal life, love grows stronger.
  • Love Requires Time: Love demands and desires commitment. If you have true feelings for each other, then there is an impending commitment that both partners crave for. Infatuation on the other hand fears commitment or any ties that are long-term.
  • Infatuation Craves For Physical: Physical intimacy is there both in love and infatuation. However, infatuation is shallow and requires physical gains to be interested in the relationship. However, love does not depend solely on physical affection. 
  • Love Is Friendship: If there exists real love between two partners, then there is a strong friendship and bond between the two. Infatuation is desire dependent and there is no contingent friendship that is required.
  • Infatuation Is unstable: There is no security in infatuation, and it wanders from person to person. However, Love is monogamous and is content with one person. Which is not the case with infatuation as it craves multiple partners.
  • Love Looks For Imperfection: Infatuation is a short-lived desire and looks for perfection. But love, on the other hand, knows that there is no perfection, it looks for someone who is beautiful on the inside. 
  • Infatuation Holds Grudges: In real love, forgiveness and consideration are key. However, infatuation is all about impulsive emotions and heartbreak. It is like walking on shaky ground. However, love is solid and strong as the partners are both thoughtful. 
  • Love Is Timeless: If you truly love someone, you will see that love is timeless. With age, with time, you start loving the person for who they are on the inside and out. And physical appearance does not determine your love.

Long-term relationships may be difficult, but with efforts, you can have a committed and beautiful relationship that lasts for a long time. Partners should make their intentions and desires clear in any relationship so that there is no heartbreak and both partners are aware of where the relationship stands. 

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