How To Make A Male Model Portfolio?

If you are planning to get into the modeling world, then you need a strong portfolio. The modeling industry can be a very challenging field and a good modeling portfolio can give you that extra boost. However, building a good portfolio is not as easy as it may seem. If you are wondering how to make a male model portfolio we are here to help you.


A portfolio that is professionally bound and laid out neat and clear will create a great first impression. So here are a few tips that can significantly improve your modeling game and will help you make a male model portfolio that can positively kickstart your career.

But first, let’s understand what type of model you want to be before we head into the portfolio bit. 

# Male Model Portfolio: Types Of Modeling


As you pursue your interest to become a successful male model, you need to first decide what type of model you should be. In simple words, there are various kinds of specialties that you can choose within the modeling industry. When it comes to your body type, most brands would prefer to go for a stereotype body type that they feel fits their clothes best.  However, if you have the charisma and confidence, any modeling job can be pursued with passion. Wondering why you need this for How to make a male model portfolio?

The reason you need to focus on the type of model you want to be is that it will reflect in your portfolio as well. Once you circulate your portfolio, there’s no looking back. Therefore make an informed decision as to which field you want to put your core focus into. For example, do you want to focus more on runway projects? Or editorial shoots? Or Ad campaigns. Depending on those criteria, you can shape your modeling portfolio.

Here Are Some Of The Most Popular Types Of Modeling Jobs :

  1. Runway Model 
  2. Underwear/Swimsuit Model
  3. Fashion(Editorial) Model
  4. Commercial Model
  5. Fitness Model
  6. Fit Model
  7. Promotional Model
  8. Parts Model

This is a crucial step in building a portfolio, by determining the specific type of modeling that you are best suited for. If you plan to be a freelance model who takes up varied tasks, then we suggest you make a balanced variation to all your shots. From high fashion shoots to typical commercial shots, make a good mix that can get you more projects. This will be step one when it comes down to how to make a male model portfolio, next let’s move on to the photographs.

# Male Model Portfolio: Photography

1. Male Model Portfolio Photography :


When we talk about How to make a male model portfolio, the main feature that will stand out are your photographs. Therefore choosing the right branding agency or photographer can determine the quality of your portfolio. Your photos will reflect the type of modeling tasks you hope to get into, whether it is runway or commercial modeling. 

Do your research, check referrals, and find the right photographer to help you make a male model portfolio. Make sure to choose a photographer whose area of style and expertise matches your own vision and style. The images will demonstrate your personality and versatility you have as a model. 

2. What Types Of Photos You Should Put In A Portfolio?


While we discuss how to make a male model portfolio, let’s keep this point in mind, that Quality is above quantity. That means, don’t stuff too many shoots into one portfolio. Rather only pick good shots of yours and organize it in a professional manner. You can balance your choices based on poses, and different looks so you can bring versatility to it. Ensure that all your chosen shots are high-quality and bring out your best features to make a great first impression. 

3. How To Pose Like A Male Model?


Before you do the photoshoot for your modeling portfolio, we have a few tips that will help you to pose better to make a male model portfolio. This portfolio will determine the modeling projects that you will land. Therefore be prepared before you actually go for your shoot. Practice posing like a professional male model. 

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Even if you are a professional male model, you would know that a photoshoot takes a lot of time. Therefore it’s always a good idea to practice your posing before you go for your shoot. This will make it easy for you and the photographer during your studio shoot. If you have a full-body mirror at home, it will help you practice a variety of poses for your portfolio photoshoot. Don’t forget to practice a wide range of facial expressions as well. This will give you a range of picture options for your portfolio. But this does not stop here for you to look like a male model, you also need to dress right!

4. What Male Models Should Wear For A Portfolio Shoot?


Fashion plays an important role in your shoots. When you dress right, it can give you confidence. When you make a male model portfolio, the confidence in your images will be reflected. Picking the right outfits can impact your shoot greatly. Avoid clothes that are too flashy or oversized. The focus should be on you and not on the clothes. 

When you wear basics, and correct fit clothes, the focus will be on your body, and appearance aligns with your confidence. If you plan to get a good amount of images, pack a couple of looks that can last your whole shoot. How to make a male model portfolio starts and ends with a choice of photos and outfits that will without a doubt impress your clients. 

5. Choose The Best Shots For Your Portfolio :

Once you finished shooting for your Male model Portfolio, now comes the crucial part of choosing the best shots. Before you shoot, communicate with the photographer about your best angles and looks. Try to get a couple of headshots, half-body shots, and whole-body shots. This way any agency or brand will have a versatile range of selection before they pick you for a campaign. 

Make sure to pick a good mix of pictures, of a few indoors as well as outdoors. This way you will have more variety with different locations and lightings. Once you have picked your best shots, get your portfolio professionally bound with an aesthetic layout. Pick a size that complies with the modeling industry standards.

6. Update Your Portfolio : 

This is an essential step most models might often overlook. As you age don’t forget to update your portfolio with your recent work and pictures. If you bring an old portfolio to clients, they might question you otherwise. Updating it will also help you keep up with the latest hair styling and fashion trends. 

A male model portfolio is like a resume for models, therefore there are a few essential details you must include in your information. Those details include:

  • Age
  • Height
  • Body measurements and sizes
  • Eye Color
  • Hair Color
  • Distinguishing Features

By adding these details, you can give your key measurements along with the images. This will give the agency/client a better idea about your appearance. Also include a brief “About Me” page that will have a few other details like hobbies, talents, and other interests. 

How to make a male model portfolio, is a question most budding male models may ask. We hope this guide will help you make the best portfolio that will make you stand out. You can also look up for references for some of the best model portfolios out there for some inspiration. Have an online as well as an offline copy of your portfolio so you can reach more people. This will expand your possibilities furthermore. 

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