How These 5 Famous Actors Looked Before They Decided To Go Bald

Baldness is a great problem in this generation for several reasons. It can be genetics, hormonal imbalance, hair thinning, lack of keratin, etc. But, it can be really really challenging for celebrities to tackle baldness, since they need to carry their face-value! Still, there are some sporty actors who have sported the bald look like a badass! Here are 5 actors and how they looked before going bald. Tighten your seat belts, you are going to be astonished!

1. Dwayne Johnson

Famously known as ‘The Rock’. People would never imagine him with hair but when he had hair, he looked as dashing as now. Although it will be an unfamiliar picture to many, Dwayne looked extremely handsome with sideburns and goofy bouffant. Soon he switched to the bald look and the rest is history.

2. Jason Statham

This Fast & Furious Star has done loads of movies in his career. And one of such movies is Revolver, where the actor had sported a long mane black and looked dashing! Nevertheless, when he switched to the bald look he only turned hotter. 

3. Vin Diesel 

Again, the Fast & Furious Cast who aces the bald look. Here’s an old picture of Vin Diesel smiling with a head full of hair and he would be completely wooing you. Vin Diesel looked as handsome as now with the hair on his head. Undoubtedly, he is one of the most handsome actors in Hollywood. 

4. Bruce Willis

Pulp Fiction demanded his character to be bald, and he didn’t shy away to Chop off all his hair. But, before that he sported the dashing hair over his head for many films. He is also one of the most dashing actors in the world who have given us so many memorable films. 

5. Billy Zane

It is a less known fact about Billy Zane that he started to lose all his hair slowly, and he started to wear a toupe for many movies. Later, he decided to embrace his baldness in front of the camera, and it has been beautiful and confident. 

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