How To Take Care Of Beard In Summer 2022

Taking care of your Beard in this summer might sound a hectic job, but count on us, it isn’t. Anyway, you all will face a lot of stupid questions like “Who keeps a beard in this heat?”, and after facing all of them, you need some solution as we know it is tough to maintain a beard in summer. So we have brought 7 hacks or tips and tricks on how to take care of beard in summer.


Also, we will provide you with the benefits of having the beard in summer so that you can tell people who ask you stupid questions. There are actually benefits of keeping a beard if you know how to maintain it, and we have got you all covered.

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Benefits Of Keeping A Beard In Summer :


Yes, as bizarre as it may sound, there are actual benefits of keeping a beard this summer. Not one, but quite a few of them. So educate yourself so that you can educate others.

1. The Beard Makes You Look Hot And Keeps Your Skin Cool :

It is evident that a beard on your face will make you look hot, but it is time we also debunk the myth that beard in summer will make you feel hotter too. Just the opposite. The beard will just act as a bush, which will segregate the temperature inside from the outside.

All the heat will not be able to hit directly on your skin, getting resisted on your beard. So your skin will keep a lot cooler. Also, your skin has a tendency to cool off with sweat when it’s hot outside. And the beard can successfully hold the sweat, and keep cool for longer.

2. UV Ray Protection :

Your Beard will actually act as a shield to the Sun’s most dangerous ray, Ultra Violet. UV Ray can not hit your skin directly, as again it is restricted on the beard first. So it is safeguarding your skin. In the same way, the summertime bacteria in the air can not meet your skin directly, it gets stuck on the ‘bush’, so your skin lives healthy.

3. You Look Hotter :

Technically, it takes a lot of guts to keep up a beard during summer instead of following ‘No shave’ months. You get the respect of your fellow ‘beard-men’ as you guys can feel each other. Also, the ladies are always attracted to beards, always. So you also don’t disappoint them either. It’s a win-win!

4. More Optimized Beard :

Since summer will require you to shed a lot more sweat, and automatically summer will make your body work harder than normal, it will also utilize the vitamins and nutrients of the body which you got from food.

Eventually, those nutrients will be absorbed into your bloodstream and will reach the skin, and beard strands, making it much more nutritious and healthier than normal time. So, technically you can grow a much healthy beard in the summertime. Provided you know exactly how to take care of your Beard in summer.

Once you crack the hacks of maintaining your beard in summer, you are ready to rock. So let’s unveil and understand how to take care of beard in summer 2022.

How To Take Care Of Beard In Summer :

1. Maintain Hygiene :


Maintaining hygiene is the most minimum thing you can do for your beard, and it should become a basic habit. Just like your face, wash your beard every day, twice!

Wake up in the morning, and do give a sweet and gentle wash to your beard. Use any shampoo which suits your beard, provided a sulfate-free shampoo.

Wash it thoroughly, and keep it damp. This will give you the comfort of coolness just on your skin. Your Beard deserves a thorough wash every day as it protects you from the bacteria and so many other harmful things. The wash in the morning and at night before hitting the bed ensures the cleanliness and healthy beard.

2. Condition Your Beard :


You must condition your beard too after washing it with a shampoo. Unlike your hair in the head, your beard is a little fragile so it will require extra pampers. And you will happily provide it.

Conditioning your beard with some beard conditioner will have its own benefit. It will provide the extra layer of beard protection to the beard, also it will add the extra shine to it too. So ultimately, you will be at a benefit after conditioning your beard every now and then.

3. Moisturize :


As we already mentioned, your beard is a little more fragile than the hair on top of your head. That is why you must moisturize your beard too. Use some beard oil to moisturize your beard on a daily basis during summer.

Firstly, the sun heat damages your beard badly, and the strands get weak enough that it gets easily broken. However, if you moisturize and nourish it the right amount of nutrition, it will not break down easily.

Also, applying beard oil makes sure that the skin beneath your beard gets exfoliated too. It improves the blood flow on the skin where the beards are growing from. It strengthens the beard strands too.

4. Apply Sunscreen :


Beard Sunscreen should also be applied to your beard from time to time. The way your skin gets affected in the sunlight, in the same way, your beard also gets affected. They are fragile so they easily get weak and break down. However, applying sunscreen on your beard will provide you with enough strength to the beard. Summer wants your beard to be at the topmost condition so that it stays enable to combat the heat.

Sunscreen doesn’t only screen your face, but the facial hair too.

5. Keep Your Body Hydrated :


Hydration is the most important thing when it comes to winter. You need water for your body as well as your other organs and parts of the body. Since your beard is nothing but the leftover protein of your body, it will require a lot of water to grow a beard properly and you need to keep your body hydrated. Once it has enough water, your beard can take up water from your body and be more healthy. So keep your body hydrated as well as your beard.

6. Trim Your Beard :


The spilled ends are mostly seen in the beard as they are extra vulnerable. So it is extremely important to trim your beard even for a 0.5 or 0.25mm. Trimming your beard will enable you to look good with your one-year-old beard too. So trim your beard a very little even if you are growing a long beard. Trimming makes it easier to maintain your beard and keep it in good quality.

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7. Use Hair Balm To Style :


Even in Summer, to style your beard you will require beard balm. It will help you to maintain your beard just you had styled it into. Using Hair balm is not advisable if your skin is itchy, and the balm has some greasy feel to it. In that case, count in beard oil.

These were the basic ways on how to take care of beard in summer, and you must try each and every one of these to have a profound beard to rock with.

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