Wondering How To Pose Like A Professional Male Model?

Do you want to become a model? Great! With the emergence of social media today, 1 of every 20 men wants to become a model, either as a social media influencer or a professional mainstream model. But is it that simple to pose like a professional male model? No, it’s not as easy as it seems. To be able to pose like a professional male model it needs dedication and hard work and takes a lot of time to master posing like a model.


Now the question is “how to become a professional male model”? There are many ways you can do, like either joins a modeling agency or you can be a self-taught model. If you are planning to make a career with modeling, it would be best to join an agency to get some good projects and contacts within a certain time

If you are a beginner you should first check out our blog post on “Tips to pose like a model for beginners“. Before we give you tips to pose like a male model, here are a few things that you need to know in order to become professional. These are a few basic things that make you a professional model.

Learn The Basics Of Modelling :

In today’s world, anyone can become what they desire as long as they work towards it. It’s not a trade secret or not something that only people with good looks or height can be a part of this fraternity. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t matter how you look, your height, your complexion or etc, what really matters is your attitude, charisma, and skillset. But there are few things that should be taken care of before you pursue this glamour field. Here they are.

Build Confidence To Pose :


Confidence is the most important thing to pose like a professional male model. You may have good looks or a good height but they are pointless if you don’t have that confidence to pose in front of a camera. And it gets worse when people are around and they keep staring at you when you are posing in an open set. When you are uncomfortable it clearly shows in the picture. So your first task is to build confidence to pose comfortably in front of a camera and with people around.

Gain Some Knowledge About The Industry :


Having knowledge about modeling can make your way to become a professional male model a whole lot easier. Talk to those in the industry to get to know about this field in depth and how it works, the struggles, career opportunities and all. Sometimes people just carried away with the glamour quotient without having any knowledge. But there are many ways to gain this knowledge like reading books, blogs, newspaper, meeting models who are already in the industry, etc. This will help you understand the field before you learn to pose like a professional male model

Maintain Yourself :


Want to be a model? Then learn how to look like one. Irrespective of your features, what matters most is personal grooming. Everyone who is interested in modeling must know this fact already. For obvious reasons, you need to maintain yourself. Modeling is all about glamour. So it’s very important to always keep yourself perfect shape and the well-groomed manner in order to get the focus on you. This can also get you noticed more. Here are basic ways to maintain yourself regularly.

  1. Maintain your skin: Use a face cleanser and scrub once a week. Use a toner and moisturizer. Finally, use a tinted sunscreen or concealer to cover up any imperfections.
  2. Stay in a good shape: Hit the gym regularly, whether lean muscle or bulk you need to maintain your body.
  3. Groom yourself regularly: Get a haircut or trim your beard regularly to stay groomed and smart wherever you go. Get strays around your brows plucked.
  4. Maintain a healthy diet: Follow a healthy diet and avoid drinking or smoking too much as it can affect your performance and looks.
  5. Dress up properly: Dressing stylish is very important. How you dress can determine the projects you get and how are going to be seen.

How To Pose Like A Professional Male Model?

Once you get your basic right we can start all about the poses that you should know in order to become a professional model. While posing women tend to try accentuating curves where men should do the opposite. When it comes to how pose like a professional male model, understand that a man’s body is not about curves, it’s about angles and sharp features like the V shape and the jawline. Here are a few postures and angles of your face and body that you should maintain to look photogenic.

The best poses are the ones that connect the model to the background and props; there are lots of article on fashion photography you can read it for the inspiration

1. Half Squint Your Eyes :


When you want to pose like a professional male model, it’s more challenging than you think. Unless the photo particularly calls for direct eye contact with the camera, always choose a point above and beyond the camera. Big gorgeous eyes staring into the camera won’t work at all as they show either you are confused or scared. Instead, try a half squint where you move up your lower eyelids a bit. That makes you look like you are up to something and adds a bit of character to the image.

2. Angle Your Jawline :


As a male model, your jawline should be well defined and as angular and sharp as possible. We totally understand that not everyone has a prominent jawline but you can accentuate your jawline by pushing your chin out and a little bit down. If that does not work then maybe you can make the use of shadow and make sure the jawline doesn’t blend into the neck. And never ever pull your chin back, because that double chin could ruin your photo totally.

3. Tilt Your Head :


Tilting your head also defines your picture. You should never tilt your head forward to the camera. It is considered as an amateur and feminine pose. Either you keep your head neutral or tilt a bit away from the camera. Be aware of tilting too much away from the camera because that might be perceived as being rather arrogant or aggressive. Just the right tilt can make you look charming and handsome in the picture.

4. Broaden Your Shoulder :


The shoulder is one of the most important and prominent features that differentiates a man from a woman. They should look as broad and strong as possible. Keep your chest out a bit and push your shoulders back in order to maintain a V-shaped torso. And if possible lean a bit towards the camera. This will define your picture as strong and with a straight posture. This is the key to pose like a professional male model.

5. Correct Your Body Posture :


Body posture is necessary to pose like a professional male model. If you are not comfortable with your body posture then change it. But make sure you have a comfortable and relaxed body posture every time you pose. If you seem too stiff it can spoil your whole picture and make you appear amateur. Never hunch your back and always keep your core tight. Flex your muscles to add an extra strength feature to the image.

6. Position Of Your Hands :


Amateur Models tend to get confused about what to do with their hands. They don’t do very well with their hands when they have nothing to do with them. But once you master your hand game you can use them as powerful poses in your image. So you need to keep your hands busy while posing. Otherwise, it will look plain and uncomfortable. Here are a few ways to pose with your hands:

  1. You can keep your hands in pockets.
  2. Hands hooked in belt loops or on the belt buckle.
  3. One hand loosely to the side, one hand in pocket.
  4. Put your arms crossed on the chest with shoulders a bit down.
  5. Holding newspaper with one hand.
  6. Fixing your tie with one hand.
  7. Fixing your cufflinks.
  8. One hand in pocket, the other hooked on a jacket thrown over the shoulder.
  9. When standing, rest You hands on a tall chair, desk, etc.
  10. For a serious pose, cross your arms as you normally would.

7. Position Of Your Legs :


Just as the position of your hands’ matter, so do the position of your legs. Legs position also counts when it comes to posing like a professional male model. So below here are some suggestions to help you pose better.

How To Pose While standing :

  1. Cross your legs with weight on the back leg.
  2. When leaning against a wall, put one leg higher on the wall and the knee gets bent.
  3. While standing place your feet in such a way that makes ‘V’ instead of keeping them parallelly.

How To Pose While sitting :

  1. Cross your ankle onto the other ankle or thigh.
  2. While leaning against something forward your feet a bit and cross your arms.
  3. Never sit square with the camera.

Few Poses That Every Professional Model Should Know :


Here are some basic poses that are the base of any other poses. So in order to experiment with your poses, you should have an idea of the basic poses. These poses will help you pose like a professional male model :

  1. The walk pose.
  2. The action pose.
  3. The laid back pose.
  4. The gazing pose for a portrait shot.
  5. The sexy pose.
  6. The couple pose.

That’s everything you need to know about how to pose like a professional male model. Now you see that many little things matter, like your posture, face angle, the position of your shoulders, your legs, and hands. And most importantly how you carry yourself with confidence plays an important role. With these things in mind, you have to worry about competing with tall or broad models. Your confidence and perfection of technique can bag you better modeling projects and get you better pictures than those typical good looking models.

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