How To Pick The Right T-shirt For Your Body Type?

Who hates it when a tee-shirt doesn’t fit right? Most people hate it when their clothing doesn’t fit the body! In fact, Shahrukh Khan once said: “If my Tee shirt and Jeans don’t fit, it is enough to make me angry!”. True enough. But, why doesn’t it fit? Is something wrong with the tee shirts? Or, is it because most of us don’t know how to pick the right t-shirt for our body type?


It’s the second case, always. Because, there are plenty of t-shirt varieties to make them fit on you all, all! You just need to know the tricks and hacks to pick the right t-shirt for you!

How T-shirts Became Popular?


Did you know that how did this versatile piece of clothing came to existence? Well, at the very beginning t-shirts were introduced as an innerwear. Yes, an innerwear. In the late 1800s when the most popular clothing wear was a shirt, tees were used to be an innerwear, only. Later, with the wide popularity, the US Navy adopted this clothing and later mandated this as a uniform.

After the Navy, other major fields of force adapted this piece of clothing too. Then, it became widely popular about 100 years ago, where these T-shirts became a versatile piece of clothing adopted by the mass. That time, Tees used to be only round-necked, and white. Or at least, unicolor.

Later, T-shirts started its journey to revolutionize itself to be what it has become today. It’s the most comfortable and versatile piece of clothing in a wardrobe.

So, you can see, T-shirts have come a long way. And it is staying forever, as it seems. Now, when you know about a brief history of t-shirts, let’s move onto the different types of T-shirts one can wear. T-shirts can be categorized under various subcategories: neck style, sleeve length, and lengths in general.

We are going to have a take on each possible type of T-shirt to provide you a brief idea about different types of Tees so that you can pick the right t-shirt for your body type.

Types Of T-shirts According To The Necklines :

There are different types of T-shirts according to the necklines, let’s have a look at the most famous and widely accepted ones.

 1. Round Neck T-shirts/ Crew Neck Style :

This is the first-ever T-shirt style which was adopted by the US Navy, and later, by the whole world. Here, the Neckline of the T-shirt snugs around your neck, the area where your neck is meeting your torso. The best part about this neckline is they are timeless. They were widely popular 100 years back, they are still so.

People who have long faces can rock this Round neck tees. Also, if you have a not-so-wide shoulder, it’s perfect for you!

2. The V Neck T-shirts :

This type of tees has a neckline which is very appealing to the mass. It creates a V shape around your neck, which goes a little deep from your collar bones. This type of neckline is the best for people who has broad shoulders. V shape provides a slimmer look on your body. Also, one can easily wrap a shirt on top of this and let it be unbuttoned.

If you have a very toned body, and your chest-cuts are on point, wearing a V neck will only enhance the sexiness of your body.

3. Henley T-shirts :


You can call it a hybrid mix of Crew neckline and V neckline, where there is no V formed, but an elongated version of the style shaping a Y. Of course, the lower portion of the Y has a placket of buttons on the right pleat. You can button up the last one or two-button from the bottom, and let the rest be unbuttoned.

It provides a sexy look too on the muscular chests, flaunting the cuts and toned body. If not a toned body too, you can still rock a Henley’s neck.

4. Polo Neck T-shirt :


A Polo Neck T-shirt is ideal to represent your aristocracy. Primordially Polo T-shirts used to represent the Golf players. It is perfect for the formal events you want to attend. Polo neck is also accompanied with a placket of buttons on one side. But it is better buttoned up rather than left open.

Polo Necks are the best for people having a lean body type, any person who has a normal body ‘Not so buffed-not so skinny’ can rock in a polo neck. Also, this Tee carries a different kind of gravity around.

Types Of T-shirts According To The Sleeve Lengths :

So let’s move on to the various types of tees having various sizes of sleeve lengths. Generally, it’s either sleeveless, half sleeve, cup sleeve, three quarter (the length where most of the guys pull their full sleeve shirts), and full sleeves.

1. The Tank Tops :


Generally, these types of Tees are famous for work out sessions. This tee shirt has no sleeves at all and ideal for anyone who is seeking comfort. Also, if you want to flaunt your biceps and triceps, there you go!

Tank tops can have very wide shoulder straps as well as very narrow shoulder straps too.

2. Cap Sleeve :

If you add a two inches sleeve on a tank top, it will become a Cap sleeve. Technically cap sleeves because they seem like a baggy cap on both the shoulders. It only covers until the underarms. It’s also a cool style to wear. Cap sleeves are also ideal if you want to flaunt your body.

3. Half Sleeves :


Half sleeve tees are the ones that cover a half portion of your upper arm. They are the ones which are in vogue and heavy popularity. A proper half sleeve t-shirt should snug around your biceps and give it a perfect look. Not too loose, not too tight.

4. Three Quarter :


Three-quarter sleeves are also very much in fashion. It covers until the half portion of your forearm. They provide a cool look to your style. Normally, it looks a little more stylish if one pulls the full sleeves to this length.

5. Full Sleeves :


There’s no description required for full-sleeve tees. They are the ones who replaced full sleeve shirts once upon a time. Most of the guys prefer full sleeve tees because once they pull the sleeves to the three-quarter length, it becomes the epitome of sexiness. They are extremely fashionable, indeed.

Types Of T-shirts According To Body Type :

There can also be a segmentation of T-shirts according to body type. Generally, there are only two types of it- Slim fit & Baggy.

  • Slim Fit: Here, your T-shirt doesn’t hang on you like it doesn’t belong to you, instead, it wraps your body snugly. The sleeves should snug around your biceps. It should not look at all loose. But also, not too tight. It should stick to your body instead of just hanging around your neck.
  • Baggy fit: Baggy fit t-shirts are just the opposite of the slim fit t-shirts. It actually kind of hangs around your body only, but, in a stylish way. The sleeves are usually extremely loose. Also the side portion of your torso. But it ends near your hip only, not knees! Remember, Baggy fits are never oversized!

So, these were all the probable t-shirt types. There are many more, but not as widely famous as these are. Now, when you know about the different t-shirts and how they are different, let’s find out how to pick the right t-shirt for your body type.

How To Pick The Right T-shirt For Your Body Type :


By now, you have already an idea about how to pick the right t-shirt for your body type, while going through all the different types of tees on the basis of sleeves, necklines, and fittings.

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Now before you move on, let’s understand what are the basic body types available.

  • Oval-shaped body.
  • Rectangle-shaped body (Most common)
  • V-shaped body.
  • Plus-sized body.

All the other body types revolve around these types only. They fall somewhere in the middle.


Q. How To Pick A T-shirt If Your Body Is Oval-shaped?

Well, if your body is oval-shaped, you should always go for t-shirts that have a crew neck or polo neckline. They will support the upper torso. As well as the lower torso.

Q. How To Pick A T-shirt If You Have A Rectangle Body?

If you have a rectangle body, you should always go for a slim-fit t-shirt. You can also opt for V neck tees if you feel like. They will bring a nice contrast.

Q. How To Pick A T-shirt If Your Body Is V-shaped?

Pick any t-shirt. Most of them will anyway suit you. Just make sure you get the perfect fit for you. If you personally don’t like slim fits, then it okay. But usually, tees should be slim fitted only. Especially to a V-shaped body where the tee can hug the body so well, that the toned muscles are noticeable.

Q. How To Pick Your T-shirts If you Are Oversized?

Simply go for oversized t-shirts. Avoid any length over half sleeve. Full sleeves will not look that good on you, but if you feel like wearing, always do!

Oversized t-shirts are meant for you. You can rock those.

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Q. How To Pick Up T-shirts If you Have A Toned Body?

Muscle fit t-shirts are meant for you. Also, V necks will comply with the deep chest cuts. If you have worked hard enough in the gym to make such a body, you should flaunt! We understand. Muscle fit t-shirts hug your body tightly.

Q. How To Pick Up Your T-shirt If You Are Skinny?

You must have thought that baggy t-shirts are for bulky people, but no. If a bulky person wears a baggy tee, he will look even more oversized than he is.

Instead, if a skinny person wears a baggy t-shirt, he can completely pull it off. Try!

So, here you go. You have got all the answers where you have a question ‘How to pick up the right t-shirt for your body type’! But remember, fashion is created only with experiments. So there are no boundaries that you should only wear this or that! Wear whatever you want to, at the end of the day it’s your confidence which you wear around!



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